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Kscott7    0

I'm looking at a 2020 centurion ri237 and I'm seeing some infrequent comments about the draft of the boat being greater than its competition. Does anyone have any experience with a wakeboard boat hanging out in shallow water? The water at my lake is about 3.5 to 4' deep at the shallow areas where we anchor, 200+' in the others, and I'm wondering if that is going to be a problem with 10 people in the boat.

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Troy. R    190

I suspect the Centurion draft will be a little deeper than other boats, though I haven’t looked into it. Centurions vee hull is deeper and runs to the rear of the boat where other manufacturers flatten out more toward the back. So, the draft is probably deeper, but that’s a big part of the reason they throw better surf waves. I don’t like getting shallower than 4’-5’, but the official draft on that boat is 36”.

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