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2014 SV233 rear locker panel

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Hokiebob    0

I have a newbie question for you guys.  I just purchased a 2014 Enzo SV233 w/the PCM 409 engine--absolutely love it.  One thing I note is the rear locker/engine panels are a pain when lowering the engine hatch--basically they must be manually located left/right so the tabs fit on either side of the hatch--does this sound correct?  Sorry, I don't have pics, but when the rear hatch is up (both lockers and engine lid raised), the upper part of the locker panels is unsupported.  It seems like there should be a bar mounted front-to-back so it doesn't require two folks to lower the lid and ensure both sides are properly located??  Also, when filling the rear bags, the starboard side panels blew inboard and pulled the bottom stainless channel from the boat (pulled the screws out).  I'm guessing the rear panels need more support, ala some c-channel/angle/square tube screwed vertically to it?

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