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  1. Hello--I'm new here. Just got a 2014 Enzo 233 and love it but am struggling with the stereo. It worked fine first day but second day, it began turning off/on/off/etc--so it would play for several seconds then go blank, followed by the CLARION scrolling, then blank again. After checking connections and fuses, disconnecting the remotes and no luck, I plugged in the battery charger and it behaved--and we ran for an hour or so that way, however it started resetting again. I tried the batter charger again but no luck so not sure if it was coincidence or not. Anyone ever seen a problem like this. The system is Wet Sounds amps, speakers and equalizer, two batteries and the battery selector switch. One thing interesting--beside the battery switch are two breakers, one for bilge and one for stereo. The white reset button on the stereo is a bit loose--not sure what its for though. It also looks like a real bi##$@ to get it out--any insight whether its worth taking apart? thanks

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