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2014 Centurion Avalanche clicking noise from throttle assembly

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A friends boat, annoying clicking/ticking noise coming from the throttle assembly when in reverse and forward, but it doesn't make this noise when in neutral, or in neutral when revving the engine? Any thoughts, i'm stumped on this one. This is a video for noise it's making.


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InfinitySurf    299

Wow, that noise is crazy sounding, almost like the throttle gets stuck between neutral and fully engaged... which of course is not possible with that type of throttle. I have the same Livorsi Throttle on my 2014 SV244. I do know that a few of those throttle assemblies have had to be replaced due to internal issues that cannot be fixed dont think I have heard of this being an issue tho. How does the noise start, as soon as you shift the throttle into forward or reverse, it immediately starts that racket? Will it go into gear and drive normally except for that noise?

Looking closely, you can see a good deal of damage on the rear edge of the throttle stick, about half way up. The aluminum has multiple gouges, gotta wonder if that damaged something (hard to really tell but it looks like something was smacking into the throttle stick! I think if it were me, I would carefully remove the entire assembly (Just a plug connection into the back as well as some screws to remove) then open as much of the assembly as is accessible to see if the retaining clip fell out or something else. There is a clip in there that can come off and cause it to not work properly.

Only other option is to buy a new one and replace it. Its almost certain the the issue is inside the throttle, question would be if its repairable. At least swapping the assembly does not require a dealer and you could probably buy it online somewhere. I think Great Lakes Skipper used to have a couple?

I just checked and dont see one for Centurion (it would be worth calling them to see if they do have any), but here is similar Livorsi assembly... its for a Gekko Boats: https://www.greatlakesskipper.com/catalog/product/view/id/153740/s/gekko-boat-throttle-control-4301-8121-strprt-00-electric-side-mount/

Side note... if your friend is not into DIY and decides to buy a new replacement one, I would love to have the non-working one to tinker with and see if I can get it working. I think I read about the Livorsi throttle issues on the Malibu crew forum.

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