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2015 FS33 Software Issues - Boat is new to me

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stgranger    0

I bought a 2015 FS33 last month and got to use it a few times before fall weather hit this year.  I am seeing a few strange issues with the touch screen control systems.  I'm guessing a firmware update might fix it, but haven't figured out if that is possible yet.  I have seen a bunch of people post that they "received new firmware from their dealer" but I can't find anywhere to check for updates or any instructions on how to do the update.  I bought used from a private seller, so I won't be getting anything from any dealer.  So my questions: 

1 - Is there a place to download software or firmware updates for the touchscreens?  And are their instructions for how to do this?  

2 - One of the issues is that when I first turn the ignition on and the screens boot, it immediately starts trying to fill the PnP ballasts and sets the ZeroOff system to 11mph.  It seems like it is defaulting to a strange preset when I first power on.  This is strange behavior right?  

Thanks in advance for any help on this.  I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions in the first year.  This boat is way more complex than my first Centurion, which was a 2006 SV230.  That one was easy :)

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