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2005 Avalanche Ballast set up

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truekaotik    461

Let's start ballast set ups here since it has to do with wakesurfing tips..


2005 Centurion Avalanche C4 Storm3 bling pkg.

Ballast upgrade from factory

Port surf....

Rear port locker has a 1100 Fly High sac (completely fills locker)

Added a 580 fly high sac under port side seat (400-450 I guess it holds without pushing the seat up)

250 factory center tank

Added a 650 fly high bow sac under seats (will fill full)

Plate just down a hair to clean spray

11.8 to 12 mph

Rope is all the way out to show length of wave with actual push there.

2 -200 pound observers, 175 pound driver.




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h20king    794

Nice the avy wave is one of my favorites.

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marks7    0

05  Avy

Port and starboard lockers both full with 1100# sacks, center filled and 650# front sac, with suction cup surf device on either side 3100# without anyone in boat.  Love this configuration, boat isn't listed so not as steep a wake, but pocket for DAYSSSS :)


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