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  1. Is your motor required to have 91 octane? if not, you might actually be hurting performance as that fuel burns cooler and less efficiently than 87 or 89. The only reason to up it to 91 would be if you advanced the timing on the motor
  2. July pic video thread

    yeah I noticed that too after watching the video. I will def get more neutral next time out
  3. July pic video thread

    my first time up on a surf board. I know i need a lot of work. Just stoked to be able to finally surf (i am normally the pilot)
  4. Here is a video of my first time ever surfing behind my boat. I am normally the pilot so I don't get to enjoy the water as much. I finally took my buddy out and had him drive for me. I am still figuring out good settings for the wake but am pleased so far. This was with 1100 pound port, 500 starboard and center full using a wake shaper. It was fun and I am hooked now.
  5. does that bow bag go under the seats or on top?
  6. racks look good but just wondering how you are going to reach them being that high up and that much bimini. Are you going to have to stand on the gunwales?
  7. Thanks Man, Yeah I added the support kit for the dividers. I will be taking the boat out next weekend to test out the new setup. My prop is a custom pitched prop already so I should be good to go there.
  8. So the boat currently has two 750 pound fat sacs and I use a wake shaper for surfing. I pulled the trigger on some 1100 pound bags but am worried that is going to be too much ballast. I have the stock center ballast and nothing in the bow besides passengers and I don't list the boat I am concerned with not being able to get on plane and possibly being too low and swamping the boat over the stern when i stop to pick up a down rider. Thoughts?
  9. What's up yall? After about two months of back and forth getting my template perfect, I finally got my finished product from Seadek installed. It came out better than I could have hoped. I did the install myself and it was rather simple. Cost was $950. It was a bit higher because of the two templates they had to send out and the Centurion logo was extra as well.
  10. it's 1 foot longer in the main area. the bow is the same on both.
  11. Sweet. Looks like I’m gonna step my game up. Is there a used market for 750 lb quick connect fat sacks?
  12. I just measured my rear lockers and it's 20" wide in some spots. I don't think the 1100 pound bags will fit because they are 24" wide. Maybe if you made some type of platform to raise the bags though a few inches higher, the 1100 would fit. not sure how jankey that would be though
  13. I have the same boat and year. The previous owner did exactly what you are suggesting. He removed the stock rear hard tanks and put in 750 lb fat sacks. I use a nauticurl wake shaper and it seems to be a decent surf wave. I might put the bigger bags in though for times i don't have as many passengers. Let me know if you need any pics of how it was all ran in my boat.
  14. I've had 12 people on my 23' typhoon (max capacity according to my placard) and it was too many. 9 max to be comfortable unless there are some smaller children
  15. Hello, I am looking to replace my fixed ski pylon with a pop up type on my 2007 Typhoon. I found a member with one on his Avy but centurion/fineline says they can't order parts for boats this old. I am hoping i can use a pylon from a newer boat and actually be able to order it from the dealer. Please post a pic of how your pop up pylon is mounted and also year/model of your boat. I have included a pic of the Avy mount that is identical to mine Thanks,.

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