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  1. Just a thought, are you checking ramfill by the screen or the gates? maybe your fill gate is popped open. Happened to us last weekend.
  2. s21 info

    I'm with @strev in thinking the S211 is a newer style boat so I'm guessing more popular for the dealers to stock. I'm not completely sure but I'd guess the S21 and S226 weren't at far off in price as the 211 and 238, so more people went with the larger 226. It's true that there isn't much info out there on them. I wonder how many were actually built compared to the other models. Either way, I love mine but I too would have gone for a 226 if I could do it over again. Really for the extra space and longer hull for the surf wave. The 238 never thrilled me visually so if I get a new boat anytime soon (doubtful, but who knows) I'd probably go right to the Fi. Sample of my wave. https://gfycat.com/SnoopyBrightFox
  3. Oh that is sweet. I'm grabbing one tomorrow.
  4. For what it's worth, my S21 with the Clarion head unit also does this with my Pixel 2 XL. Same with my wife's Pixel 1 XL. I got to the point where I took an old beat up Galaxy S6 and made it my 'boat phone' just for bluetooth.
  5. 15 s226 goofy

    I just figured that you could overcome that by adding more weight. My back end is so low to surf side, the water passing by the swim deck usually hits it and sprays. We'll see how the new plate works out. I might need another couple hundred pounds of lead though.
  6. 15 s226 goofy

    My listed regular wave is amazing. Goofy, not so much. I technically list and use the shaper, so to me it's just like I was using quicksurf. I tried to evenly weight the boat and just use the shaper and it was trash.
  7. 15 s226 goofy

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I run 11.2-11.4. So the speed definitely does help the goofy side for me.
  8. 15 s226 goofy

    I have a '15 S21 but I have a similar setup these days. My wife and I are both goofy so it's a big deal for us. 1100lb fly high filled starboard, port bag empty. Both hard tanks full and bleed off port until I like the wave. I only have 200 lbs of lead in the star locker. I don't have QS though so I actually use a shaper in it's place. I still get wash on the lip but there is a ton of push. I have a stinger plate coming to try out to see if it helps with the wash, but for now this is what it generally looks like: https://imgur.com/a/LKnO7Ov
  9. I mount a gopro on my tower as low as I can. This is a clip of me wiping out on my brother's Ri257 which has to have a mount a little higher up than my S21. I run a plugged in cable to the rear locker 12v so I don't have to worry about battery life and just leave my tablet on a window mount ready to start/stop record.
  10. November Picture thread

    Nice. Just want I wanted to hear. Trying to get out Sunday.
  11. Looking good! I'd love to see some wave pics before/after.
  12. Surf Wax Alternative

    Would the hexa with a little wax be an option? I know viskus is inexpensive, but it doesn't seem like it's worth applying new sheets every time it loses its grip versus just using wax.
  13. Surf Wax Alternative

    Great, thanks for the info. I'm ordering some now.
  14. Surf Wax Alternative

    I"m going to try this out. Viskus loses it's grip pretty quickly and I've been applying sticky bumps on top of it. Don't prefer that route but i'm not getting any grip on (attempted) airs otherwise. How long has the hexa grip lasted for you?
  15. Nice. Thanks for the heads up. I was debating this but wasn't sure I'd be able to find a match for my vinyl. I guess it's easier than I thought. I'll probably go this route then.

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