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  1. I mount a gopro on my tower as low as I can. This is a clip of me wiping out on my brother's Ri257 which has to have a mount a little higher up than my S21. I run a plugged in cable to the rear locker 12v so I don't have to worry about battery life and just leave my tablet on a window mount ready to start/stop record.
  2. November Picture thread

    Nice. Just want I wanted to hear. Trying to get out Sunday.
  3. Looking good! I'd love to see some wave pics before/after.
  4. Surf Wax Alternative

    Would the hexa with a little wax be an option? I know viskus is inexpensive, but it doesn't seem like it's worth applying new sheets every time it loses its grip versus just using wax.
  5. Surf Wax Alternative

    Great, thanks for the info. I'm ordering some now.
  6. Surf Wax Alternative

    I"m going to try this out. Viskus loses it's grip pretty quickly and I've been applying sticky bumps on top of it. Don't prefer that route but i'm not getting any grip on (attempted) airs otherwise. How long has the hexa grip lasted for you?
  7. Nice. Thanks for the heads up. I was debating this but wasn't sure I'd be able to find a match for my vinyl. I guess it's easier than I thought. I'll probably go this route then.
  8. That's my concern as well. I keep 400 pounds in the boat now and 150 generally stays up front. If I'm running a full crew, I've had as much as 300 up there. It's fine while surfing but when you come to a stop it gets a little sketch. I priced out a bow filler cushion because I figured I could line up the lead bags under there and have them be out of sight. Fineline wants 650 for one though, so that's going to have to wait.
  9. I do the same on my 21, but our coolers might be a little smaller because I throw a 50# bag in each side and dont have much space left. What is the total surf weight ballast of your 226? I'm not really sure what the threshold for weight is on my boat and don't want to push it past the breaking point.
  10. I'm sure there is a breaking point with safety, but did you let any air out of the trailer tires to see if you could move it in and out with enough clearance?
  11. Wow, is it that clean on the lip the whole time? Do you have quick surf? Looks like I'm going to have to go this route.
  12. Did you try listed with or without the wake shaper? I'm curious how the listed wave looks on both sides with just the stinger plate added versus the a-plate. I really need to clean up my goofy wave, but I'd love to get the bow down at the same time.
  13. New member '15 S226

    When you get your Valterra's, you'll see that there is an opportunity to do that. You just have to notch the engine divider so the handle has room to travel for opening. Good luck!
  14. New member '15 S226

    That is true. You have to open the QF before you fill the bag. I read an old post on here once that said the QF tanks don't actually fill all the way until the bags weight the rear down. So I was opening the valves and then started to fill the bags. When the bag water got to the level where I couldn't easily move it, I closed the valve. Definitely do surf side QF. Right now on my 21 I fill both and then while we're at surf speed I start to feather the opposite side switch to let a little water out. I just help shape the wave this way.

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