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  1. 50lbs bags of lead

    Wakeballast gets it done! Extremely happy with mine . They also ride Centurion which is a bonus!
  2. 2018 ri237/ri257 changes

    That was Darkside , @Bongo Fury.....But I totally agree with you. Now on the 257, yes some of the seats are a bit big and cumbersome, and at first I did miss the hinging, but it doesn't bother me a bit now. I kinda like it for all the same reasons.
  3. 2018 ri237/ri257 changes

    I have a new slogan ... "Get behind one" . If you don't your missing the preverbial "BOAT". Not only is the proof "behind the boat" , the company and the way it operates is also one you can "get behind ".
  4. Ordered an Fi23 !

    Way to step up bud! I dig the colors, but gotta ask.... why the white tower?
  5. Wake plate, stinger

    All kinds of wierd stuff. Sometimes my QS tabs will be mysteriously down... have to cycle quicklaunch off and on and off to get them back up. Center plate will show the yellow bar where it should be and the red bar is in a differnt nieghborhood. Have to go back to the red bar with that adjustment and then it will start moving to where it's supposed to be. Another revision is due out soon .
  6. Fi rumors

    I can attest to this FIRST hand. My local dealer, NWBS has been GREAT to deal with . They have taken very good care of me thus far..and this is my first boat through them. I dunno what would have happened with some recent situations I had occur and they went ABOVE expectations and treated me as priority one. I cant stress enough how valuable a good dealer relationship is. I always laugh seeing guys post ONLY looking for the lowest price EVEN if the boat is 3000 miles away.
  7. Bakes Marine are pretty much rockstars when it comes to almost ANYTHING inboard related. They have good relationships with almost ALL the manufacturers and they typically KNOW how to get whatever you are looking for , sometimes from original OEM suppliers. If you dealer channel fails you, don't hesitate to hit up Andrew or Paul at Bakes for whatever you are looking for Centurion related.
  8. Ri257 gangsta lean

    So wierd... I wanna know what was going on here. I suppose you could unlatch the fill and drain valves and operate them all manually... make sure the fills are closed get up on plane and open the dumps in the back.. close them after a minute or so and then see what happens. That would eliminate any electronic operation possibly causing this.
  9. Hate to tell you this....but that's a lame reason. This is standard practice in just about ALL areas of transportation. You don't call Ford and ask for an alternator...you call a dealer. Same goes for GM, Chrysler, or any other import. Same with appliances. They send you to an authorized repair and parts distributor if need a part for your dishwasher . Every OTHER inboard manufacturer operates in the same manner. Need a Malibu part...call a Malibu dealer.
  10. Ri257 gangsta lean

    Just a thought....there is not an excessive amount of water in the bilge is there?
  11. Ri257 gangsta lean

    Are you sure the valves are closing all the way? You can look at them from the small hatch opening on the back under the slide seat, the drain valves re back behind the engine. If your drain valve is not closing completely, it will allow water in from the rear while sitting also. You can in unlatch the motors and operate the gate valves by hand just to do what happens.
  12. Ri amp rack and sub box

    Agree. The factory enclosure is decent.... just needs a little butyl around the wires and around the subwoofer flange. Its about 1cu.ft and works well for most 12's.
  13. Fi rumors

    Umm.... not sure where you came up with this.. but that ain't gonna happen.
  14. Fi rumors

    The 257 was the first boat with this hull last year. It stays unchanged. The 237 got the rear transition changed a bit and the v angle is slightly agressive at the very back of the hull. I was at the factory when the molds where being changed........ I think they just glued on some "hook"....
  15. Surf tab issue

    I had my left tab stay in stuck down position at one point out of nowhere. Ended up cycling the battery switch and it finally came back up on key up. you can hear the actuators cycle on key up . See is something got out of wack and try that. I only had that problem after the latest update .

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