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  1. Hello Everyone! I just purchased a 2019 Ri257... picking up next week. I'm looking at boat lifts, and am not sure on sizing... looking for advice. I'm deciding between the Floe VSD-8000 and VSD-10000. The dry weight of the boat is 6150 lbs. I called the maufacturer and they stated that includes everything dry (including tower) except the oil/gas. I'm not sure if ballast bags/stereo equipment, etc is included. This seems to me, final weight might be pushing 7500-8000 lbs with everything, and Floe says to size with 85% capacity on the lift. There's some options on the 8000 lb lift like AC winch and full length bunks (and maybe canopy extensions for 34' canopy?) that I do'n't believe are available on the 10k lift. Dealer says I could get away with a 8000 lb lift. There's > $10,000 difference between the 8 and 10k lb lift. I want it to be reliable enough though, and not have to worry about it. Recommendations from all of you on whether to get a 8000 or 10000 lb lift, (if 8000, whether to get full-length bunks or cradle bunks) and experience with weights of the Ri257? Thanks,

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