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  1. the WALKER PROJECT Double Fish Board Build

    Having a custom board built to the exact shape and specifications you determine is something every surfer should do once in their life. Once the design of the board is done the graphic choice can begin and be from mild to wild. From standard glassing over the blank to wild graphics glassed into the board and everything in between. The biggest thing I would suggest when it comes to graphics is give the board builder as much information as possible. The final board is literally a piece of art and if you want it to look exactly like you envision, then spare no details. The images below are what I sent to convey how I wanted the board to look after the shape had been designed and agreed on between both of us. Laminate to be used on know of board. Placement of laminate on board. Exact color for top of board. Artwork to be digitally printed on 4 ounce fiberglass. how artwork will fit on board. Final mock-up top and bottom of board.
  2. the WALKER PROJECT Double Fish Board Build

    The bottom started with several layers of standard fiberglass. The final 4 ounce layer of digitally printed fiberglass is laminated to the bottom leaving vivid graphics that structurally enhance the board. This is the final layer of fiberglass cloth. The graphics are colorful as well as vivid and will look even better in the final processes of the board build. Sanding stage of the board, next process will be hot coat and polish. Fin box profiles are cut and Future fin boxes are set into the board. The final board after hot coat and polish.
  3. Ok, issue has been resolved, who is planning to attend.
  4. the WALKER PROJECT Double Fish Board Build

    Through the years we have built our own custom boards, had boards custom built for others, own limited edition boards, seen hundreds of boards in person and this board is the baddest of the baddest in our opinion. After receiving the final board we felt it did not do the board justice to reveal the bottom during the build process. It needed that finished WOW factor, so here it is. Build pictures of the bottom will follow. Believe me, the pictures do not come close to during either side of the board justice. More on the build below.
  5. the WALKER PROJECT Double Fish Board Build

    Fallen behind on build updates due to it being a super busy summer for us. The build process with Mike Walker has been great. The final foam blank shaped, painted and ready for glassing to begin. Board is sitting in front of a ocean blank that required the same color pink. First layer of glass has been laid, flame lamination laying on top waiting for second layer of glass. Second layer of glass finished and trimmed ready for bottom glass. After second layer of glass, a few imperfections that will be taken care of during the next stage. Board in the rack waiting on hot coat and final polish. Board after hot coat and polish. Might be wondering what the bottom looks like and why it has not been shown? Is it also black rails with pink? Check out the next post for the reveal.
  6. the WALKER PROJECT Double Fish Board Build

    Well due to my lack of being able to make up my mind on the artwork, colors, etc. for my board and being busy beyond normal this project fell behind. It is now back on track and moving forward very quickly. Below is a teaser Mike Walker posted on Facebook of my board. More to come next week.
  7. Rubber Duck - Test


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    yellow rubber duck slightly used - test


  8. This is a Test for new classifieds


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    Testing all ads are free for 3 days until configuration has been colpleted.


  9. Just climbing into bed after a great weekend with two 8 hour plus non-stop days of riding. Weather held out, took a 30 minute break each day under the highway 19 bridge letting the rain pass and had a little rain tonight which didn't slow the evening down. Overall great weekend spending time with old friends and hanging out with new ones! Can't wait to do it again, just not next weekend we are worn out.
  10. Lake Livingston / Trinity River is 131 at full pool, currently 131.14 and we are getting light rain for the next couple of days. Water level should be great for the event and everyone should be able to launch from Bethy Creek.
  11. Best location/orientation we have found is with the sub behind the kick plate facing the walk through, resonates through the whole boat.

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