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  1. Videos are great thanks for taking the time to make them.
  2. I have always run the drain and overflows to the opposite side of the boat and have never had a siphon issue since.
  3. Centurion comparison

    Do you have a local nautique dealer? Looking at new or used?
  4. Boat garage...Pics of setup

    Going to try to get out this weekend sunny and high in the upper 60's.
  5. Personally I would go without a logo, looks much cleaner and no edges to kneel on.
  6. Houston Boat Show

    Yes, have not had a dealer in several years. Where do you usually ride?
  7. Send SeaDek the "Terminator" font and ask them to do the same thing as in the picture.
  8. Boat garage...Pics of setup

    Originally we added on to the garage to be able to keep the boat at home, only down fall was had to put tower down to put it in the garage but, could stand it back up once in. This last year we finished up the new boat garage with a board walk. This is where she will live unless a hurricane is coming.
  9. Fi 25 on the way

    Be great to hear some ideas on how to fund the site.
  10. Fi 25 on the way

    Not really, he has 6,000 plus post and used up all his free bandwidth years ago.
  11. Folding tower

    2010 Centurion Enzo SV240 with tower down. Stand to let the tower sit as low as possible with out resting on the seat cushion or anchor light. Tower down with cover on, while sitting on the stand.
  12. Best $$$ spent on upgrading boat.
  13. Dealer service

    Dealership might have to wait until I can retire, not sure where the time would come from...LOL.
  14. Dealer service

    In Houston, same issues but, I own a Centurion and have not had a dealer in years. Last time I paid to have it serviced was at the Tige dealership in Conroe. Talked to Nautique at that time, was told a month out to get serviced. It still burns me that Houston is the 4th biggest city in the nation, has huge boat ownership per capita of population and does not have a dealer for Centurion or Supreme.
  15. The 2010 SV240 Enzo we own has a 409 PCM that is closed cooled. A closed cooled engine is based around a heat exchanger. The is the heart of the closed cooling system. It uses water brought in from the raw water pump to act as coolant for the engines circulating coolant. The circulating coolant runs in a closed loop through the engine and exhaust manifolds. The heat exchanger acts same as a radiator does in an automobile. Rather than air the raw water is used for cooling the circulating coolant. The raw water is brought in an pumped through the heat exchanger, they absorb and exchange the heat from the circulating water surrounding them and will exit the heat exchanger towards the exhaust risers to be dumped overboard. The hot circulating water runs thru the heat exchanger on different lines exchanging its heat thru the cooling tubes and exiting the heat exchanger back towards the circulating pump and the block.

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