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  1. Deckadence, had it for 10 years and still looks like new, soft on the feet.
  2. Cory makes some of the best covers in the business.
  3. Rings are long gone on mine the, the bar just bottoms out in the tower/hole.
  4. Kevin Google " copycatupholstery.com review" lots of details.
  5. I believe they are stainless
  6. Second this, add a short hose to it and quick connects.
  7. Will not be back to boat until next weekend can get what you need then. I would consider making them yourself, not much to them, checkout Sailrite.com they carry everything including tubing. Thinking about it I am actually shocked that you lost a front leg, they are connected to the frame. You need the two pointed at by red arrows and the one the arrow is point to on the right in the second picture? Topic I did on taking one down/putting it up if needed.
  8. I believe you will have to take the fixture off to access or try to access from behind.
  9. Gel Coat Mismatch?

    what color is it?
  10. How about I send you mine? Great job.
  11. Good to see Trey and crew are still doing outstanding work.
  12. Was originally using an RAM X-Grip in our SxS, now using it with a suction cup in the boat. Great option, has never come loose, never dropped the phone and I can pop it off and use it somewhere else if needed.
  13. Spent so time on it myself

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