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  1. Gel Coat Mismatch?

    what color is it?
  2. How about I send you mine? Great job.
  3. Good to see Trey and crew are still doing outstanding work.
  4. Was originally using an RAM X-Grip in our SxS, now using it with a suction cup in the boat. Great option, has never come loose, never dropped the phone and I can pop it off and use it somewhere else if needed.
  5. Spent so time on it myself
  6. Budget stereo build 2008 Avy

    Great Job!
  7. what lake you on?
  8. Purchase Maximus Tower

    Depends on which tower and boat you have. Most will not fit in a standard garage height.
  9. I have not had any issues with it, we drive/float the boat in place and lift the boat out of the water. Have not noticed any issues.
  10. Built a new boat house for our 2010 SV240 awhile back. Used a set of aluminum v-cradles and bunks from Lunmar Boat Lifts HERE. Our trailer has a main set of bunks, plus a small set on the inside at the bow and a set outside at the stern. Went with a center to center measurement of the main bunks for the spacing of the bunks. Since the main bunks kept the same width spacing the length of the trailer, did the same on the cradle. Not sure on the width but, will measure. Below are a few angles of the assembled cradle. The v-cradles are about 10 feet apart, if your boats sits on the cradle like ours you should have nothing to worry about. The following pic is the best angle I have of the boat shaft compared to the bunks and cradle. Twelve feet apart might be a little to far apart, be sure not to lift it up sitting on the shaft the first time or two.
  11. Videos are great thanks for taking the time to make them.
  12. I have always run the drain and overflows to the opposite side of the boat and have never had a siphon issue since.

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