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  1. Used to have 4SURFN on the boat trailer
  2. Will try to remember to measure it this weekend.
  3. abandoned hull at the old factory in NC

    No telling what hulls are actually there, plant has been shut down for sometime.
  4. Posting pictures?

    HERE...needs to be updated.
  5. Posting pictures?

    How did you post the pictures, browse or drag and drop?
  6. From PCM website... Frequently Asked Questions What kind of coolant should I use? GM tests all their engines using long life DEX-COOL coolant. Therefore, PCM recommends DEX-COOL or any good extended life coolant (pink/orange in color) mixed 50% DEX-COOL to 50% water for engines that have a closed cooling system. More than 50% coolant can contribute to overheating. Do not mix or substitute DEX-COOL with traditional silicated coolant (green in color).
  7. Just the right number of ft. lbs. or call PCM.
  8. Have you checked the transmission cooler to make sure you do not have any impeller pieces?
  9. Sub change looks great, have 4 rev10's so I know what that change is like.
  10. Drag a picture and drop it when in the edit window while making a post or click choose files and select the files you want to add to the post.
  11. Planing to take a few hits this weekend, will post pics if it happens.
  12. Byerly speedster

    Go custom, you can keep the cost down by not adding extras like artwork etc.

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