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  1. Dealer service

    Dealership might have to wait until I can retire, not sure where the time would come from...LOL.
  2. Dealer service

    In Houston, same issues but, I own a Centurion and have not had a dealer in years. Last time I paid to have it serviced was at the Tige dealership in Conroe. Talked to Nautique at that time, was told a month out to get serviced. It still burns me that Houston is the 4th biggest city in the nation, has huge boat ownership per capita of population and does not have a dealer for Centurion or Supreme.
  3. The 2010 SV240 Enzo we own has a 409 PCM that is closed cooled. A closed cooled engine is based around a heat exchanger. The is the heart of the closed cooling system. It uses water brought in from the raw water pump to act as coolant for the engines circulating coolant. The circulating coolant runs in a closed loop through the engine and exhaust manifolds. The heat exchanger acts same as a radiator does in an automobile. Rather than air the raw water is used for cooling the circulating coolant. The raw water is brought in an pumped through the heat exchanger, they absorb and exchange the heat from the circulating water surrounding them and will exit the heat exchanger towards the exhaust risers to be dumped overboard. The hot circulating water runs thru the heat exchanger on different lines exchanging its heat thru the cooling tubes and exiting the heat exchanger back towards the circulating pump and the block.
  4. On a sv240 it will fold back until the anchor light touches the front of the seat cushion. Made a rest out of wood for putting it down to store in the garage. Might not see much detail but, this should give you an idea.
  5. Have a look at the video in this THREAD.
  6. help identify this prop

    Believe the prop would be stainless and made by Cutter?
  7. another idea would be replace them with thin plexi glass and back light with led's
  8. Great write up, I have a couple I need to do, have pictures but, have not had time.
  9. Cut one out yourself or have one cut out by shop and paint them boat an accent color. We have a wrapped boat, covered ours with left over wrap material to match.
  10. Picked up a new to us mooring cover from @Hendo recently. Installed it for the first time yesterday and could not be happier with the fit and coverage. With the bimini up it covers from the swim platform to the bow, down to the running surface. No more putting the bimini up are the end of the weekend! Thanks again.
  11. Why not add pocket to the binimi like the newer boat come with?
  12. In the past we had an issue with one rear hatch cover. Replacing it would look strange since the 3 hatches total and one would be brand new. Ended up getting the manufacture to warranty the problem and talked them into supplying all three skins and we paid for install.
  13. Our boat originally came with a Garelick 75909-30, 9" seat base. After reading this THREAD and determining that the pneumatic version was more than twice as expensive we went with the Garelick 75535 with a 12"-17"adjustable height. Loosen swivel adjustment on the seat, remove original seat, remove teflon spacer from original base, add to new base and add seat to adjustable pedestal. Should take no more than 30 minutes. DIY level is very easy. Should have done it years ago. Funny thing is I used to sit with the heal of my feet where the bolster fit when up so changing the way I have sat in the boat for the last 10 years took a little getting used to. MUCH more comfortable and worth the trade off.

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