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  1. October 2017 Pics n video thread

  2. I was originally going to do this and I may still pull the downfire off and do 4 rev 10's like I did on my FS33. The reason I ordered the boat this way is because you have to get downfire to get the 8" in boat speakers with LED's and the 12" sub with the centurion cover. If you order the base stereo you get 6.5" boat speakers and it would be a pain trying to cut the interior for the 8" ones, plus it doesn't come wired for LED speaker lights.
  3. October 2017 Pics n video thread

    Evan's a great dude, I took him out surfing with me a bunch during worlds
  4. I was planning on running them on their own amp with their own gain knob so I could turn down the downfire and crank the Rev10's when I'm at the party beach. I guess I should have been more specific, I was asking if anyone had done this so I could see where and how they fit.
  5. Has anyone added a pair of wetsounds rev10's to their tower along with the downfire. I'll be picking up my 2018 Ri237 next week and I was curious if anyone had tried this?
  6. Has anyone added a pair of wetsounds rev10's to their tower along with the downfire. I'll be picking up my 2018 Ri237 next week and I was curious if anyone had tried this?
  7. 2015 Centurion FS33


    • FOR SALE
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    Anyone looking for a killer wakesurf boat, I'm selling my 2015 Centurion FS33. This is hands down the best boat I've ever owned and has made some lifelong memories. Boat is fully loaded with Ramfill, Plug and play and CATS (makes a killer wave on both sides with no extra weight). Has LED interior, speaker, tower speaker and under water lighting as well as upgraded Wetsounds REV 10's on the tower, the stereo rocks! PCM 409 engine has had its oil changed every 50 hours since new, currently just over 600 hours. This boat has been cared for meticulously since new, always stored indoors and cleaned after every use. Still has just under 3 years of warranty remaining, can help with shipping.


  8. I have 4 Rev 10's on my FS33, best decision I ever made. They're insanely loud, great for surfing and partying at the beach.
  9. Downfailure's absolutely suck tush, I couldn't believe how terrible they are. They only lasted one outing in my boat before they got ripped out and upgraded to wetsounds
  10. ri 217 409 hp

    I would actually prefer the 409 over the H5 or H6 as the direct injection engines have issues with excessive heat on the intake valves because they are not being cooled by fuel as the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. This leads to premature valve seal and guide failures and can lead to complete engine failure.
  11. Surfing the Okanagan

    I have a summer house in Osoyoos and live in the lower mainland (vancouver area) the rest of the year. Osoyoos is incredible, it has a desert like climate and is very warm during the summer 90-110 degrees during the summer. The lake gets very warm in the summer, I've seen 92 degrees. We usually start surfing in the beginning of may but have started in april, usually out of wet suits by the end of may or beginning of june and don't have to start wearing them again until well into september. We usually wrap up our season sometime in october although we have surfed into november before. I also spend a fair bit of time in the Kelowna/ Vernon area. Wood and Kalamalka lake are beautiful and being closer to a reasonable sized city has it's benefits. That said the it's usually 5-10 degrees cooler in Kelowna compared to Osoyoos and often when it rains in the rest of the Okanagan it misses Osoyoos. For a place to live year round however I would consider somewhere closer to Kelowna as most other areas in the Okanagan turn into ghost towns in the off season.
  12. How Many Hours This Season?

    I only did 240 hours this year but surfed quite a bit on various friend's Centurion's aswell
  13. I'm a bit upset with Centurion's current lineup as I was prepared to upgrade my '15 FS33 next season but I'm just totally disappointed in the Ri237 wave, seems inconsistent and finicky compared to my current FS. If the FS line was still running I would have put in an order for a 2017 FS33 or FS44 but it looks like I'll be keeping my 2015 for another season.
  14. 1996 Malibu Response LX, awesome boat, purchased with 300 hrs for $12k sold with 1200 hrs for $12,500, nothing ever went wrong with it just basic maintenance 2005 Tige 22V, great both with a pretty good goofy side wave but not a great regular wave, used for 200 hours and made almost $10k on it 2006 Mastercraft X Star, terrible surf wave on either side, great wakeboarding wake, all around not a great boat with lots of annoying problems 2007 Malibu 23 LSV, awesome boat, very well built and held up incredibly well over the 500 hours I owned it for, goofy surf wave was long and clean but lacked the push of a deep v boat, owned for 5 years and sold for $6k more than I paid for it 2014 Supreme 226, first new boat I ever bought, great surf wave on both sides, well built boat with only a few minor issues, sold after one year for exactly what I paid for it 2015 Centurion FS33, hands down best boat I've owned, a few minor warranty issues including failing older design ramfill valves but everything was resolved and works perfectly now, absolute stomper of a wave with a ton of adjustability on both sides, 472 hours in two seasons and this boat has never let me down. I was planning on buying a new centurion for next year but this boat is so good I think I'm gunna keep it until something I feel is better comes along
  15. Thanks for the video Steve. You're killin it buddy, can't wait for surfin Sunday!

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