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  1. I have the Wakemakers1100 in my 2011 AVY. Mine will fill 100% however you have to have the bag layiung perfect before you start filling it. I also had to put metal braces on the sideengine panel as I kept popping it in against the engine. I also put a diverter on the startboard pump so when I fill port bag I untilize both pumps
  2. Stabil in fuel?

    If you buy Premium fuel...you dont need Stabil or other additives.It wont hurt but its not required
  3. I would also buy your down fires.......have family in Langley. Pick up next day.
  4. 2005 Enzo Gel Coat

    Very good possiblity somewhere in the last 12 years some clown used a silicone sealant on it. Looks great when you use it but nothing will ever set on it. I saw it once on a car . Thats my bet.
  5. Hull Blisters on fs33

    My Avy had minor blisters first year, never got any worse. My boat floats 2 months a year
  6. Hi All Looking to build a garage soon. 30'L X 16'W X 14'H with 12' door. I am going to use Catherdal Trusses so I have room for a Mezanin up near the cieling for storage at the back of the garage. My boat is currently in another town in storage so I cant measure it. What I am wondering is...... does anyone have the measurement from the rear of the swim grid to the ski pole by the back seat? (picture backing the boat in under a ledge) I tried the googles with little sucess. Thanks
  7. New boats

    Warranty work was a nightmare here with our dealer. Actually chose to just pay someone else and have it done correctly rather than free and crap work. Not a slam on Centurion warranty....slam on bozo down the road
  8. Buy Premium....ethanol and stabil is a non factor
  9. Boat Security

    I just insured all my crap in the boat and ignore it. My boat sits on a buoy 40 minutes from my house. Never had problem.
  10. 06 Sv230 or 06 Avy C4

    The AVY isn't unstable or un comfortable as others have posted. Maybe they were personally uncomfortable, but the boat is not. Throws a HUGE way when sac'd correctly. Has a large bow which is what we wanted ( something a adult can stretch out in). Good all round boat at a fraction of an ENZO. If I ever sell my AVY, it would be FS33 for the sole reason to get the bow up a bit ( live on a windy lake) ....or a Cobalt.
  11. Buy Malibu Silent Exhaust....no spray...nothing hanging down. Works perfect
  12. I should of added , I have a place on the lake, so we dont tend to go out for 8-10 hour outings. We will do water sports, come back eat lunch, maybe after noon cruise. Evening cruise / water sports. Even when we go out on the lake, we can pass a fuel spot every 40 minutes. Maybe I am spoiled, but that is the world I live in.....
  13. I top up every outing, I never go far enough to burn a full tank, so I dont really concern myself.....and it usually pops back on before the days out. It has never gone off and stayed off.
  14. My fuel gauge goes dead at least twice a season.......then pops back to life so I ignore it.

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