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  1. 2015 S226 Value?

    We have a '16 with 220 hours that we are considering selling this spring. Thinking mid-high 50's for ours. Dealer offered us 49 last fall.
  2. 2017 S238 Gas Thief

    Was there a boat on either side of you? From one boat to another?
  3. 2015 Supreme S226 seat issues

    Is it still under warranty? To me, it looks like condensation under the vinyl. I have a similar pattern in my boat and that would not make me happy. Could it be the dye from the cover?

    I see this boat on my home lake all the time. I wish I had the cash...seems like a good deal. 2017 Centurion Ri257 - $108000 hide this posting image 1 of 20 length overall (LOA): 25 propulsion type: power 2017 Centurion Ri257 Moving and Need Gone! Priced to Sell! First service complete Opti-V Hull design chosen as the official towboat at the 2017 BoardCo Rocky Mountain Wake Surf Open as well as the Official Pro and Outlaw towboat for the 2017 World Wake Surfing Championship presented by GM Marine exceptional balance for a symmetrical wakeboard wake, but thanks to less resistance on the running surface, offers better fuel economy. 25.7 ' LENGTH 102 "BEAM 36 "DRAFT 6150WEIGHT (lbs) 92FUEL (gals) 18SEATING
  5. Blistering

    Gonna have to wait till the spring
  6. So I pulled up my carpet recently, and I noticed in three different areas that I have some blistering going on. Each area is about 2 x2 and consists of about 20-30 small blisters. We typically pull out the carpet every couple of weeks to clean and to clean the deck and have never noticed this before. Just curious to see if anyone has every seen this before. What was the solution and did you have a problem with Supreme covering this under warranty? BTW, 2016 S226 Thanks
  7. Appreciate it. I'm going to give it a shot.
  8. Unfortunately, I do not have a lift and I keep my boat at a slip during the summer. What products are you guys using to remove scum lines that have also calcified? If I use my fingernail, it comes off fairly easy. Apologize, if this is a common question but I searched and couldn't find any info. Thanks for the help
  9. You can actually feel/hear the air being rushed out of the vents, forward of your windshield when filling your hard tanks. I would agree with Cwazy1 that a minute is right.
  10. I've been experimenting with the swell on my 16' 226 and I have to say that with a small crew it works pretty well. I can easily surf 15ft with a ton of push...the only i don't like is that the lip is a little washed out. Nice to have options...
  11. Don't forget to tighten the tow bar. Mine was pretty loose when it came from the factory.
  12. Just ordered mine. I have heard good things from several people on this site so I decided to order. Mine gets a beat down by the sun. I'll try to post a pick when it comes in.
  13. Evolution covers has a promo deal going on their swim platform covers. These are the RR series covers that repel sun. $110 includes shipping.
  14. New member '15 S226

    I would fill just the side you surf. Maybe throw a couple hundred pounds up front too. I like to run at 10.8 Nice...Are you on the lake? We live across the street from Crystal Bay. If you're ever on Shadywood (cty rd 19) you'll see our Black/silver 226 in the driveway. Most of our lake time is done on the weekends and occasionally in the evenings. We do most of are surfing on North Arm when its not too crowded and hang out at Fletcher's quite a bit. Big Island is a little hit or miss. We look forward to running in to ya to say hello and compare notes.

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