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  1. I've have the boat for 8 yrs and started conducting my own maintenance 3 yrs ago prior to that dealer maintained. complete most maintenance in the fall when winterizing, (oil change, new filters, grease all points, check impeller, Trans and Vdrive oil every other year) I've added seafoam, replaced the fuel filter/water separator, new alternator and will be checking cap in the morning and replacing if needed. How can i check the fuel pressure for high and low fuel pumps? Boat is 09 SV230 with Black Scorpion 350 5.7L.
  2. I have a 09 SV230 that just started surging in RPM's while going down lake. From 1k to 2k RPM it is rough and feels like it's slipping. boat has extremely hard time getting to speed and if it does get to 4k rpm and running smooth it starts hesitating and surging the RPM's from 4K to 3K back to 4K with out touching throttle. I replaced Alternator and going to change Fuel filter and put in some seafood later today is there something else i should be checking? How hard is it to change v-drive fluid and trans fluid?
  3. I have not checked but i will definitely check this weekend it took 15 minutes to dump the Enzo sack last weekend with only one pump.
  4. The two black pieces are angle brackets attached to the sides, I have change to an aluminum mount, black felt, now with a lip on the bottom holding 5 blacklight led's. I just started changing out the tower speakers LED's for blacklight LED's so once I'm done i will update all the photos and post.
  5. Thats where i got the original idea from, but since have changed it to Aluminum with a lip and added 5 Blacklight LEDs to bring out the seadeck camo pattern.
  6. I have since upgraded to an adjustable trim tab so ill update the photo and get some pics this weekend at Wakeboard speeds.
  7. Ok so I added 2 Johnson Ultra Ballast Pumps to rocker switches for my Enzo sacks and installed a manifold so I can have both pumps filling either port or starboard as needed along with the factory Jabsco pump. One pump works flawless and the other is hit or miss, some times it pumps, and it drains for about 30 sec before shutting off. I have new impellers (Orange) in the pumps and for the life of me can't seem to get them to fill and drain as designed. I believe I may need to re-wire the PWR to the switches but wanted to see if anyone else has seen similar results. Plan is to put in new fuse block and run Ballast pumps off new fuse block since the factory wiring is a rats nest under the dash. https://www.bluesea.com/products/5025/ST_Blade_Fuse_Block_-_6_Circuits_with_Negative_Bus_and_Cover
  8. Enzo sacs

    i got a 09 230 and with bow bag full and dual enzo sacks. We surf with one of the enzo sacks filled and adjust bow ballast as needed we get plenty of push, looking to add a suck gate this weekend and play with a few pop bags for placement to see if we can improve the dark side a bit.
  9. search winterize in the forum as there is a great write up on all service parts and fluids.
  10. Raw water pump seal was leaking, replaced pump and problem solved. I do still need to check the seal type after this season and replace all the pulleys.
  11. I thought while winterizing last winter i had a pulley bearing going out, after inspection it seems the seal lip and TOLERANCE RING is loose on the water pump. Guess it's time to replace the impeller as well. Can I just purchase a rebuilt kit for the tolerance ring and seal? Sea Water Pump Assembly for Mercruiser (Scorpion 350 / 377) Engine
  12. I don't think this is the problem, however I will check as those plugs are super fragile. I would much rather replace a plug than PSS Shaft seal or re-packing the stuffing box.
  13. I do have carbon fiber vents and i get water in boat not surfing with no ballast.

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