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  1. Anyone have any advice for the removal of the driver's side trim panel? I've removed the screws and all the left is presumably where it lifts up out of the bracket right next to the throttle control. Does the dash need to come out? How do you remove the throttle control - It seems to what is anchoring that portion of the dash? Appreciate any insight from you guys that have been through it before!!
  2. This is awesome - this project will come right after I get the tower mounted in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!!
  3. Thank you! This is great info. Already looked at how to get through to the bottom bolt for when it fails. It has to be the original actuator and can't believe it hasn't had issues yet. How did you install the the pull release? I was thinking it need to be latched, but hadn't totally worked that part out yet. Any pics of your set up? Thanks!
  4. Awesome great info! Thank you!! Anyone ever change out the rear hatch actuator for gas shocks? Seems like it would be more convenient.
  5. Hello! New owner of a 2000 Elite V and have a few questions. I've searched the forums and didn't come up with exactly what I'm looking for. 1. What are the 2 knobs on the dash just below and each side of the center gauge? Pic attached. 2. Directly under the middle rear seat where you gain access to the v drive, there's a drain plug. Assuming this turns counter clockwise? Mine doesn't turn easily and don't want to put too much pressure on it in the wrong direction. Sorry no pic handy. 3. Lastly, what other models and years share this same hull? I see lots of people sharing their setup for surfing, but it's hard to compare apple to apples. Anything else I need to know about this boat? So far pretty happy with it. Adding a Roswell tower similar to the newer ones that just arrived. Thanks!!! Tom

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