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  1. The issue with a woofer closed in an insulated locker, is they tend make boat shake, but add little musically. unless you vent the locker. If the existing woofer is just "ok", id put my efforts into improving it first. Is the tuning optimal? Larger woofer? Does it need more wattage? Move from a sealed to ported enclosure?
  2. Engine ECM is the true engine hours. Helm display is separate and independent. Been know to reset to zero on occasions.
  3. Ive towed a lot of trailers behind a variety of trucks and SUVs over the years. If a SV230 is creating a sway issue on a mid to full size SUV, it sounds like a tongue weight issue to me. Too much or too little. Thats a trailer/boat issue, not a truck issue.
  4. Unplug the transom remote and see if the helm remote and main head work normal again.
  5. Fly by wire

    PP would a fraction of a DBW conversion and a tenth of the time involved. It will help with resale as well.
  6. Fly by wire

    Your throttle should have enough tension to hold.
  7. Fly by wire

    Short answer is no, not realistic. You would need an intake with the DBW throttle body that fit that gen Merc. Throttle assembly with the TPS, a DBW generation ECM. Thats all the easy stuff. Next, you would need the wire harness to match all of that. Curious as to why you want DBW?
  8. Sure, can be done on almost any fresh water cooled boat. Can even get one with the flush-pro type hose connection for no more fake-a-lake.
  9. Trailer thud on acceleration normal?

    Low brake fluid/air in lines would be my first guess.
  10. Ive done this on a couple Bu's.
  11. Digital volt meter across the battery posts with engine running. Meter shows what the battery is getting.
  12. Need to test the alternator output while on the boat, all hooked up like normal.
  13. Use the substandard speaker wire to pull in the larger speaker wire.
  14. With that wattage, a single 2-con 18ga is a bit below my comfort zone.
  15. Wire gauge depends on the amp wattage.

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