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  1. @centuryride, Its best to drain the water from the engine system prior to the introduction of antifreeze. If not, you run the risk of no to highly diluted AF in the system. Marine RV antifreeze is best when used at 100%. With that said, AF is not actually needed, if the system is just simply drained of water, for freeze protection. No water.............nothing to freeze!. Your fake a lake issue sounds like a poor seal and air leak. May be too late now to investigate further/confirm. So when you next launch the boat in the lake, pay close attention to the engine temp upon startup, just incase its not a fake a lake air leak issue.
  2. Something like the Wet Sounds WS-220BT would allow for mechanical master volume and 4 zone independent volume control.
  3. This REALLY begs the question, if the supreme media has no inputs, then to what "input" is the BT-RS supplying a signal into? The BT-RS HAS to connect to an input. if its not an input to the main media unit, then it has to be the inputs to the amp(s). It would not be feasible, or advisable, to splice into the amps' pre-amp signal cables. It would bad enough with just one amp. Multiple amps would be a scary mess of cables with all the RCA Y cabled and gender-bender adapters needed.
  4. I do not believe your phone can stream to 2 sources simultaneously. Also, if the Supreme's media unit is in BT mode, it will ignore all other modes and inputs, and only play what it is receiving through its integrated BT.
  5. This is a little contradictive. if the main Supreme media is in BT mode, then any music sent over from the BT-RS, would not play. here is why. The proper way to have the BT-RS connected to the system, would be to have it plugged into the main unit's AUX-In, which is what you have been looking for. You may not have found it, because its already occupied by the BT-RS. So, check to make sure you phone is actually connected to the BT-RS and not whatever the Supreme's media unit is called. If the BT-RS IS connected correctly, then the only way for it to play music, would be for the Supreme's unit to be in AUX mode.
  6. The volume issue is an Apple issue. Its common with iphones and MANY other media units. As expected. The BT-RS is a bluetooth receiver, not a transmitter. It is to connect your phone to via bluetooth, then send the audio to the media unit or amp(s) directly, depending on the setup. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm. If you answer these questions, I might be able to help further answer your questions regarding an AUX-IN on the Supreme media unit.
  7. Does "device" = the BT-RS? When you connect the iphone to the BT-RS, doea music play? If so, what mode is the main head unit in? Tuner, AUX, USB, SAT?
  8. Is that the BT-RS? If so, it it between the head unit and amps, or is it your BT receiver into the head unit? Is your BT phone source an IPhone?
  9. You need to move away from speculation and deal in absolutes. Did you place a meter across the amp's main power cable terminals and measure battery voltage? If so, then you ruled out a ground cable as well. Voltage more then .5V less then battery voltage, could be an issue. You need to then determine if the drop is happening on the B+ or B- cable. Next, did you measure for voltage on the small turn-on terminal and power cable ground? Did the shop test the amp for output on all chnls, or just that it powered up? This kind of leaves you hanging.
  10. 1) yes 2) How many wires come off the pump? Some have an internal float or water sensor. So if it is an auto-bilge pump, it will have 3 wires. If its only got 2 wires, upgrade it to a 3 wire pump. Only requires a fused wire direct from the battery B+
  11. Just a shot here. i just worked on a 2020 Supreme that had a stereo rocker. However, the stereo rocker only had 12V when the key switch was in ACC or RUN. Solved this real quick. Wired the stereo rocker's 12V input to a constant 12V under the helm. Took the key switch out of the loop. Stereo stays on regardless of key switch.
  12. X-Mount is a direct bolt up mount to a 2.5" bolt spread with a wire hole in the center. The full TC3-S swivel is for a tube tower. The TC3-SXM is a direct mount like the X, but can swivel disconnect. Not sure which is best for the evolution.
  13. Why not consider the 8" Icon-8 over the 8" Rev-8? Volume can be controlled by the volume dial, but the larger speaker will deliver better sound quality.
  14. Just an FYI, boats do not use OBD2, so dont be looking for a port that looks like the one under the dash of your car. MEFI has a different connector, and it has changed over the years as well.
  15. There is no one-size-fits-all fuse (or circuit breaker) answer. The capacity of any circuit protection is needs to match the expected load but not exceed the capacity of the cable gauge and its length. I cant say on an 01, but on an 04 or 05, I found the helm BUS supply was terminated to the main starter post.

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