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  1. First time surfin

    Couple short clips https://youtu.be/umzxOX1Yey https://youtu.be/Y4ZNQtXIE8A
  2. First time surfin

    We have the same hurricane, we do a 750 in port side lock, 750 on the seat port side, 300 in bow, fill centr stock ballast plus crew of 6-8. We run with the rub rail at or under water level. Also run a wakeshaper/wakegate. We had to upgrade to acme 911 to even get the boat moving. It works for now but our hulls won’t produce the ideal wave no matter what you do, to narrow. Trying post a pic but can’t fiqure out how lol
  3. Ok so I took our 03 hurricane out and the bilge light would turn on but no pump. When I hit the switch the same thing light on but no pump. Usually you can hear the pump run. Luckily my boat is pretty good on leakage. Does anyone know what the factory pump is so I can order one? I keep my boat 45 min in a storage so I can’t access it unless I run up there
  4. 03 hurricane wakeshaper

    Any pics I can refrence
  5. 03 hurricane wakeshaper

    That would be cool, we go up a lot, memebers at canyon creek.
  6. 07 Elite V - not enough push to surf

    My acme 911 was a huge improvement while trying to create my wave. Not only did it pull better but seemed to "push more water". I did lose speed though
  7. So my hurricane isn't the best wake surfer but I want to try one of these wakeshaper. Bought a swell wake creator and h added up for a houseboat trip to lake Shasta next week. Anyone have a older elite v and runnin the shaper? Any info or setups would help thanks guys
  8. http://s91.photobucket.com/user/mccraryfloors/media/A665B132-F6D9-4342-A828-FB2EB604FE97_zpsdk8vhbfe.jpg.html
  9. Her is some pics. I just don't see how it mounts in. Can't seem to find any info. http://s91.photobucket.com/user/mccraryfloors/media/A665B132-F6D9-4342-A828-FB2EB604FE97_zpsdk8vhbfe.jpg.html
  10. Ok I'll try and track down the number.im baffled.i don't see how it stays in.the teeth definitely have to be align right or it throws shift engagement off ugh....
  11. Anybody know any one I can call to get a diagram?
  12. Ok so was boat in camping this weekend with my family,went to go for a quick ice run.when I put the boat in reverse the whole throttle slipped out off it's mount.it reads TFT on the black base/cover were it mount to wall.looked all over but don't see how it goes back together. There is gears in side I have to line up or it doesn't seem to work properly. If anyone knows how theses go back together please let me know thanks. I'll get some pcs tommorow
  13. Would the red tide be a 300+lb board? The guy in havasu has his but he wants just over $500 shipped. Just a tad out of my price range. Is there any other boards I should be looking for ?
  14. One in Seattle was sold ? Red tide I don't think is what I'm looking for One last chance at the one in havasu but he wants to much. $500 shipped,ouch Keep em coming if you guys see anymore thanks
  15. Still looking if anyone has a used red woody or red rocket

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