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  1. Yea that's strange..did you just move a wire or break once? You can jump the w wires and light should come on to verify. Mine actually never came on for previous 4 years of owning boat and just started working. I always thought if light came on then I had an issue. So you can imagine my scare when that light did come on the first time at idle...
  2. I actually just was emailing walter directly. $49 for new sending unit. They also said to make sure oil was atleast to top of full mark if not slightly over and to check when boat was in water. They sent me full service manual if anyone needs one.
  3. Send me your email and I can send you a bunch of pics of mine..3 years old this season and still great! No poles and no need for rope
  4. Codo..did you check out evolutioncovers yet??
  5. I went with an evolution cover for my c4 avy...took a bit but what a great job!!
  6. New owner help 09 sv240

    As far as the speedometer - could be an issue with your paddlewheel. It is located in my 2010 avalanche right in front of the v-drive unit in a thru-hall fitting. It is about an 1.5" round black plastic piece that will unscrew. You can replace that or rebuild it. Last time I looked rebuild kit was about $35 and the new unit was maybe $120ish? Pretty simple plug and play. You may also want to explore the GPS sensor that is plug and play from www.nauticlaugic.com There are some benefits and drawbacks to each that I am not totally familiar with relating to water current based on usage ( river vs. lake or bay ) In my 2010 Avy, I have a right hand rotation prop which throws a great surf wake on the "goofy" or drivers (starboard) side with just ballast, but to get a surfable wave on the "normal" or port side I need to add a wakeshaper device. I use the mission delta device and have had great luck in addition to the ballast tanks. This device goes on the opposite side that you are surfing on just below the water line at the rear of the boat. I have also upgraded to bigger bags in the rear two lockers, which is something you will probably want to do.
  7. Is this the white w black decal boat from a ct dealer? If so, I bought a 2010 avalanche from them a few years back...was a great expierence and boat has been great.
  8. Hello all - Hope your watersports seasons were good. Upstate Ny here so we typically have a few weeks left, however I blew my transmission last week on my 2010 Centurion Avalanche. Sucks, but good timing as it will spend the winter in the shop now. Question that I have, the boat has the PCM 343 with a PCM transmission Right Hand Rotation Prop. The dealer tells me that I can order the new transmission in left hand, and obviously change the prop. I am running the ACME 1234 which is absolutely great with hole shot, good top speed, and incredible on fuel efficiency, so I would switch to the 1235(LH version). My question is this - We mostly wake surf and are mostly all surfing normal side (not goofy) - would this be a good switch for me and does anyone foresee any issues? From all of my research it appears to me that the LH rotation will perform better and clean up my wake lip. Rest of set up - 780 pound bags in both rear lockers, 250 port and starboard under seats and 250 center under floor. Decent crew typically (4-6 minumum). Also I use mission wakeshaper.
  9. Check here - https://www.greatlakesskipper.com/oem-parts-and-accessories/ski-centurion-boats
  10. Troy- i ended up buying them last year and used whole summer w no issues..they kick tush for the price and reliability.
  11. It did take a while..almost 8 months from date ordered, however well worth it if you can wait. Send me your email and i can send pics.
  12. I just received my cover from cory. I have a 10 avy c4...cover fits perfect and looks great. All rain runs off. I can send you pics if you want. Wait was long but worth it if you have time.
  13. Newbie looking for boat advice....

    Came across this yesterday... looks to be a pretty good deal!! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/366529830681084/
  14. Thanks for the heads up on those volume control apps. I was just expressing my frustration that my new wetsounds source unit didnt have any options for that. I just downloaded to try.

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