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  1. Trying to post pics and not having any luck. It says error not enough space.
  2. So I pulled off my prop on my 08 falcon v, it's a acme 857. Does anybody know of a replacement that is better suited for wakesurfing and wakeboarding? I was pretty satisfied but thought I would ask. Better surfing less fuel use??? You know if that exists.
  3. 2007 CENTURION ENZO SV216

    I have an 08 216 falcon v. I love it. It surfs well. You do have to weight it. I took a bit to dial in my wave. But I have it down. I have even dialed in the goofy side. Busting 360s and hanging cheaters 5s on the longboard. It's a lot of fun. It's a multi sport boat for sure. For the money and utility it is serving us well. Wife kids and my surf buddies. My buddy has a Enzo and it surfs. And thats what it does best. The 216 puts out a nice wakeboard wake and if drain everything out and have minimal people you could ski behind it too. Or tube if you have little kids. The length saves you on moorage too and it fits nicely in the rv bay. But if you are spending $$$$$ in a boat moorage $$ is not a big concern.
  4. Make a slap on wedge for your goofy riders. Put it on the right side. I weight the rear 750 in the corner I am surfing. 500 or so on the right when going goofy and then i will put 400 mid boat under the seat and 200 on the opposite side and hundred of lead in the bow. I would put more in the bow. I adjust for passengers. My homemade wedge sunction contraption works great for cleaning up the goofy side. I designed it to have angle adjust forward and side to side. 36$ and two hours of time. It's night and day difference for goofy riders. For the right side I put it on the left. I have determined it is not necessary to use it for the right side. It lengthens the wave a little but it definitely takes some of the height away and push seems to suffer some too. Save your money. Build yourself a wedge. I have no spray. It's never fallen off. Never damaged my boat. My goofy foot friends started calling dr wakenstein after I made this thing.
  5. I made one of these. It definitely cleaned up the goofy side for my wife. For the regular side I feel like you can run less ballast and get similar results to running listed. I defiantly felt like you can place it too far back and low which can result in a table top effect. Like it cleans up the wave at the expense of 6inches of wave.
  6. I believe you have reconnected your panels to battery incorrectly. It's hard to tell without seeing. Trace your wires from the second panel to the battery. You may have cross connected you positive and negative wires.
  7. Just the test beep from start up. I do have a sticky starter solenoid but that was sticking from long before.
  8. I would look into the bolts that fasten the coupling to the transmission. I believe there are four or five that join the two together and one inside the coupling along with a shim/key that fastens the coupling to the shaft. I bet, and I have heard this before, those bolts sheared off and well you know the result. Sorry for your loss. I rook mine apart this winter and reassembled it my self. There are literally six bolts that hold the coupling shaft and prop together as a unit. It is not difficult to to do yourself. The hard part is you are working with limited ability to see the coupling/bolts. Had you done any work to the area or had work done to the area? I think the other area of concern would be drive shaft alignment?
  9. Nothing unusual. Everything is running normal. The hour meter just suddenly went from hours to either ESSC or E55C. Then there are two numbers which seem to be the hours since this code thing popped up. The merc mechanic I talked on the phone was mystified as well then again I think their shop is in it for the money.
  10. Help my hour meter threw this up while I was running today. I even call a merc mechanic shop and they had no idea or wanted me to bring it in without telling me. I have a 2008 falcon v with black scorpion. The code is ESSC or E55C? Thanks.
  11. Thank you for the link. Falcon for life. I love my falcon.
  12. I got a bigger board to acclimate to wake surfing. I am proficient in the ocean but behind a boat is significantly different most of the time. There are similarities. I got a bigger board, hyper lite 5'9" something. Like a longboard. This helped me figure out the sweet spots. Of course different boards will perform differently. Set your weight and trim tab, mine is at 5%???? Don't fret? That boat will surf well. If I could go back I would buy 1100 for the corner and 400 for in front of the hard tank. Do not over look weighting the front and opposite side of the boat. Weighting the front will lengthen your wave.
  13. I have the falcon v which is the same hull. I have 750 in the port corner, 213 in the hard port tank, about 650 in front of the port hard tank fat sac placed in front of the hard tank in the starboard storage area, in will put about hundred lbs in the bow. Sometimes I fill the other hard ballast too. I get a nice wave with great push. All this is adjusted for people in the boat. What board are you using?
  14. I have this boat, And run 750 in port, port hard ballast full, star board hard tank 1/2 to full and about 650 in front of the port hard ballast. I will put 80lbs of lead in the bow. This is my first summer messing with the weight. We get a nice wave. I use one tsunami pump. It's a slow set up. But it works. I have plans to plumb it myself in the future.

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