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  1. @gravity12 yeah im in Spokane,I thought you had your boat for sale,then saw it disappear from Craigslist
  2. Elite c4 surf and value?

    Buy it,or spend twice that to do the same thing in a newer boat..no brainer,that price doesn’t exist anymore for anything decent
  3. Elite c4 surf and value?

    I have an 06 same model and surfs great,wakeboard is good with strategic placed weight.overall I love it so far,had it three seasons now and got mine with 80hrs
  4. Which speedo upgrade did you go with?
  5. 07 Elite V - not enough push to surf

    Same boat 800# rear surf side 250 mid 360 under surf side seat(not all the way full) 200# lead lined under 800 bag 100# lead in surf side bow prob 100-150 opposite surf side rear bag surf all day no rope tons of push
  6. 06 air warrior same tower,it's a swoop
  7. Double beep every two min. Mine was the oil pressure sensor after a oil change,loose wire plugged it back in and good to go
  8. Need Board Help or Advice

    Inland makes a plug block for those holes
  9. More suck gate talk?!?!?

    Buddy with an lsv bought one and had it installed and actually liked the wave better with a $40 suck-gate,not worth it!!
  10. +1 for learning how first,that wave looks great
  11. what am i missing?

    Email any pics,and where are you located
  12. what am i missing?

    What are you asking for it??
  13. 2017 S238 Prices

    Tobler marine in Hayden will be carrying supreme and centurion

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