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  1. Mine has done it a couple times if I slam to neutral from While surfing. It feels more like the fuel pump cuts the fuel totally off but it starts right up after that. Doesn’t help but at least you’re not completely alone
  2. Call wake makers and they can walk you through what you need. Basically the bench bags fill first and since they don’t have direct overflow the water then fills up the rear locker bags that have the overflow. I was going to do it myself but ended up just getting wakemaker bags for each bench and manually fill them. It’s quick and honestly I leave them full 98% of the time since we only surf plus the 1100’s take long enough on their own to fill and drain. You could also have one of the guys with wakemaker kit snap shots of the plumbing
  3. Kids wake surf boards

    Phase 5 scamp
  4. Just saw this. Thanks
  5. Darn I was on boat yesterday and we leave it at lake. I need the bow tank times lol because my kid was messing around and I think they messed it up lol
  6. Craig go to settings button than to ballast times
  7. I just changed to 8:00 fill and it’s almost perfect
  8. You could still fill a little more. I’d rather be under than over so I don’t pop the locker
  9. I run my 1100’s for 7:50 fill time and 6:45 drain. What are your stock bow tank fill time? Mine got messed up
  10. S211 or S238(with the 343 or 409)

    S238 for sure but it needs lead and bigger bags. I’ve had an s226 and felt it was too small. Also go with 409 you will love the motor and it’s a silly upgrade not to do since it’s so cheap to upgrade. Huge difference between the motors I feel. 409!
  11. The S238 Feeback thread

    By the way I love the S338 but I change boats ever year. The S238 once it’s bagged out with weight and the owner learns to dial it in is one of the better all round waves out there. I was amazed how big, clean and long we got our wave this summer. The boat does have a learning curve to get it dialed but once you do it’s a beautiful thing.
  12. The S238 Feeback thread

    If you are looking at s238 than I’d highly suggest getting a 2017 or 2018. Well worth the extra money for the touch screen. I’m contemplating selling my loaded 2017 S238 :-) (in Spokane Washington) I’m looking at ordering a G23 or Ri257.
  13. s244

    lol no more having to list and even weighted. Same hull design as s238? Look the same
  14. Not sure why they changed from last years material. My 2016 s226 bolster was ok but my 17 s238 bolster is horrible and heck I even lost weight this year lol
  15. S238 buying advice

    For $10k more you can get the 2017 loaded with basic trailer and upgraded 409 motor. I'm out of Spokane and buy from Extreme Boat sports in BC. i know 10k is a lot but 2017 with computer and other upgrades is worth it

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