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  1. I have a Supreme S238 on CDA at black rock marina and upgrading to Fi23 this winter. We have a friend with black and white Ri257 on CDA that is unreal to surf behind.
  2. I run about the same at h20king but I have the 409 motor and high altitude prop. I’ve loaded the boat up with all the ballast and 10+ people and surfing is no problem
  3. S238 bench dimensions

    I’m using both. One is port bench and the other starboard and I fill them and leave them full all season since I’m in a boat slip
  4. S238 bench dimensions

    This is what I ordered and fit perfect WAKEMAKERS UNIVERSALFIT MIDSHIP BALLAST BAGS (MULTIPLE SIZES) Item #: B0203 Quantity: 1 Bag Size 40"L x 20"W x 8"H - 260lbs WAKEMAKERS UNIVERSALFIT MIDSHIP BALLAST BAGS (MULTIPLE SIZES) Item #: B0205 Quantity: 1 Bag Size 60"L x 20"W x 8"H - 390lbs
  5. S238 bench dimensions

    Search and you will find it. I asked a year or so ago too. I went with wake maker bogs but not their kit package because it was much higher
  6. New boat

    On the Facebook page there is. They were shown on the live feed from Ogden where the surf tournament is at. Check out boardco for live feed or Facebook
  7. Mine has done it a couple times if I slam to neutral from While surfing. It feels more like the fuel pump cuts the fuel totally off but it starts right up after that. Doesn’t help but at least you’re not completely alone
  8. Call wake makers and they can walk you through what you need. Basically the bench bags fill first and since they don’t have direct overflow the water then fills up the rear locker bags that have the overflow. I was going to do it myself but ended up just getting wakemaker bags for each bench and manually fill them. It’s quick and honestly I leave them full 98% of the time since we only surf plus the 1100’s take long enough on their own to fill and drain. You could also have one of the guys with wakemaker kit snap shots of the plumbing
  9. Kids wake surf boards

    Phase 5 scamp
  10. Just saw this. Thanks
  11. Darn I was on boat yesterday and we leave it at lake. I need the bow tank times lol because my kid was messing around and I think they messed it up lol
  12. Craig go to settings button than to ballast times
  13. I just changed to 8:00 fill and it’s almost perfect
  14. You could still fill a little more. I’d rather be under than over so I don’t pop the locker
  15. I run my 1100’s for 7:50 fill time and 6:45 drain. What are your stock bow tank fill time? Mine got messed up

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