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  1. We gonna see a 257 on the lake next year? That’s gonna have a few guys jealous.
  2. I came from a 15 Malibu lsv and now have a 17 ri237. I could not be happier with the ri. I have found the ri to check every box for my needs and leaves nothing to be desired. Either the ri or fi I believe will blow you away.
  3. What centurion boat are you looking at?
  4. That’s awesome, glad I could help. Love to see these forums helping fellow boaters.
  5. It’s the starter slave Solenoid. You can buy it at any mercruiser dealer or maybe even gm dealer. Sorry can’t remember exactly where it is but right around the red reset button. Was a long time ago. Have had a few guys with same problem and it’s turned out to be that part every time. You can google it and see what it looks like.
  6. There is a starter relay up top on the motor by the red reset button. Had the same problem on my 06 Enzo and that was the issue.
  7. 16x15 i found to be the best for me. I tried the 16x13 and it’s a great prop but more than I needed at 900ft and the h6 motor. 16x13 I was running 3800 to 4000 rpm and 16x15 I’m running 3400. 14.5” prop is way to small for that boat. Mine came stock with 15”x 15.75.
  8. FI25 finally on the water

    Wave looks great, water not so much.
  9. Fi 23 vs xt22

    I run 600lbs of lead in the back of my ri and have never had any issues floating and the kids jumping off the back. Now I don’t float for hours with it full but 30 minute times and I’ve never had a problem. Any longer than that and I would start the boat or dump some ballast.
  10. Winterize-Do I Need To

    Like you said only issue is if power goes out for extended period and you lose heat. I’d drain the water just to be safe, super easy and quick to do.
  11. Ri Series recommendations

    A lot of dealers are not ordering the cats as a lot of buyers are uninformed about cats and it just confuses them. Personally I would never order a centurion without cats and it would stop me from buying a used one without it. Was just reading a thread in another forum about someone complaining of always having to get people to move around to level his boat out while underway. This is one of my favourite features of cats of always having a level boat while cruising and never having to ask people to move. Cleaning up or shaping the wave with it is an added bonus.
  12. No, I run mine with boat off and still never an issue, I do have separate battery banks.
  13. Winterizing RI boats

    Second plug should be right in front of the v drive, should be a t handle. Make sure you get the blue drain plug at the front of the v drive to drain that also. Don’t worry about fogging. I also run antifreeze through a fake a lake after I have drained everything.
  14. Winterizing RI boats

    No need to doing anything to bags and tanks except to drain them. Pointless to dump antifreeze in Hull, and this is one of the funniest things I’ve heard. You only have to worry about freezing when there’s no room for expansion. Remove both your hull drain plugs and get the boat tilted back at an angle and any water will drain out.
  15. Winterizing RI boats

    Just take out all the blue drain plugs. There is even a holder for them On the top of the motor. Couldn’t be simpler. If you have a heater you will need to disconnect that line and blow it out.

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