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  1. Software update won’t have anything to do with the stereo. I would start looking for loose wires at the stereo under the glove box.
  2. Posting pictures?

    @CrewAdmin if you guys are looking for ways to generate membership do you guys have discounts set up with vendors? ie wake makers, bakes marine, acme props, the list can go on and on. I have been a member of other forums that all these vendors and more offer a 10%, sometime more discount. This easily pays and way more for someone’s membership if they are tying to offset the cost or get something more out of their membership that they do not get for free. How easy is it to spend $1000 at wakemakers? There’s a $100 savings for supporting members right there. I’m sure there’s a line up of vendors that would be willing to offer a discount to your supporting members to increase their business. On other sites there is a section which lists all the vendors and the discount code that only supporting members can access and the code changes from time to time to stop the code being shared.
  3. Posting pictures?

    I can post a picture and I’m not a supporting member. I actually just found this out the other day as a member was was trying to see a Color of a boat and I could post mine. I know before I could not post a pic. Has something changed or have I just screwed myself for posting pics again? I can see both peoples views one this. I have been a supporting member of sites before but find myself not using them as much anymore so I am not currently supporting any sites. Still like to check in from time to time and help a member out if I can. You guys do have a thankless job for the most part but you keep on doing it. Thanks for that
  4. And so it begins!!!

    Yes the lockers where the bags are. 150lbs at the end of the bags right against the transom and 100 in front of the bag just behind the rear seats.
  5. And so it begins!!!

    Yes 237. I run 500lbs of lead, 150lbs in the very back of each v drive locker and 100lbs each at the front of lockers. Best thing is you will not need any bow weight at all like the lsv and no chance of chill dipping the front end
  6. And so it begins!!!

    You will love the boat. What year lsv are you coming from. I had a 15 23lsv and the ri237 is such a better boat in all aspects.
  7. And so it begins!!!

    It’s a great colour. Congrats.
  8. FI 23 Surf settings

    Have you tried a slight list? Ram fill 100% surf side 90% non surf side. That really helps on the ri.
  9. How do you have the outside rev 10’s mounted? what did you do with the factory grill? Any chance you want to sell it?
  10. Purchasing an FI 23

    It’s 1 1/8 or 1 1/4
  11. If you’re gonna replace go with 8” speakers while you’re at it.
  12. CATS on the Fi23?

    Darkside and h20 hit it right on, especially resale. I will add my favourite part about cats is being able to Cruise with a level boat no matter where my crew is sitting, no more driving down the lake leaning to one side or asking people to move.
  13. 2017 Ri 237 vs LSV25

    Darkside pretty much nailed it. I will add that you will never get a wave over the bow on an ri, Malibu, very easy to do even with an experienced driver. Also there is no way to surf without using the wedge on the Malibu and it is by far my least favourite thing to drive with the wedge down on the Malibu. It feels like you are dragging a 2000lb anchor behind you dragging you down and make the motor scream. They are both very nice boats and we are not trying to slag the Malibu but demo both and take notice to what we are saying and decide for yourself. There is a good reason a bunch of us left Malibu behind when the ri and now the fi is out, centurion has upped their game in leaps and bounds in the last few years.
  14. 2017 Ri 237 vs LSV25

    What will your primary use of the boat be?
  15. New FI23 or used RI237

    I have the centurion luxury carpet in mine and love it, I’m still a lover of carpet in the boat find it’s more comfortable and looks more finished. I also do not get any smell and it seems to dry out very nicely even on the back side, my Malibu carpet did not and would smell. I am running an alpine type r dvc at 2 ohms off the factory 800.5 at 2 ohms which gives it 375w. While it’s okay and much better than factory it’s still not a lot of power. I am running 3 12’s in my boat though so it’s really not a good tell. If you’re gonna use it just make sure you get a sub that you can use at 2 ohms to get all the power you can out of it.

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