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  1. New RI237 owner

    That was me that replied with that information. I have a 2017 ri237, surf osoyoos has a 257. Honestly the cats won’t make a huge difference and you have the opti v Hull. I came from Malibu’s and couldn’t be happier with my ri. No way I could go back.
  2. New RI237 owner

    Haha, no, that’s why I said best wave I’VE ridden. Don’t want to have to buy a new boat. Haven’t seen a new 257 on the lake yet?
  3. New RI237 owner

    Here is what I run and found to be the best. Ram port 100% ram starboard 90% plug n play rear bags 100% center tank 70% bow bag 0% surf tab 70 stinger plate 50 cats -10 200lbs lead in each rear locker at the very rear 100lbs lead under each corner rear seat speed 11.7 to 12mph beat wave I’ve ridden
  4. That’s weird you guys are getting no gauge at all. The known issue after the newest software update it the gas gauge will drop to empty as soon as you switch something on that creates a big power drawer like center tab or surf tabs moving or any of the ballast pumps running. Stereo does not create the issue. This is what happened to my 17 ri237 as soon as I installed the newest software and dealers and centurion is aware.
  5. 2018 ri237/ri257 changes

    Drive shaft angle was changed in 2017, diameter was changed in 2018. I wouldn’t go buy what wakemakers suggests for the ri specially 2017 model year. You want at least a 15” prop on a 2017 and up to a 16” which is the best.
  6. Centurion comparison

    Not gonna be a whole lot at the boat show this neither Toni or wizard will be there. So probably only Malibu/axis and maybe tige.
  7. We spend about 60 days up there from May long to end of September. We have a place at Casa Del Lago on the water and the boat sits on a lift all season out front.
  8. Nice, I’m sure I’ve seen you with him then. Will keep an eye out for the beast next year. Mines the Canadian blue and black ri237.
  9. Where you stay In Osoyoos? My ri spends the whole season at Casa Del Lago. You buy the new boat from wizard?
  10. We gonna see a 257 on the lake next year? That’s gonna have a few guys jealous.
  11. I came from a 15 Malibu lsv and now have a 17 ri237. I could not be happier with the ri. I have found the ri to check every box for my needs and leaves nothing to be desired. Either the ri or fi I believe will blow you away.
  12. What centurion boat are you looking at?
  13. That’s awesome, glad I could help. Love to see these forums helping fellow boaters.
  14. It’s the starter slave Solenoid. You can buy it at any mercruiser dealer or maybe even gm dealer. Sorry can’t remember exactly where it is but right around the red reset button. Was a long time ago. Have had a few guys with same problem and it’s turned out to be that part every time. You can google it and see what it looks like.
  15. There is a starter relay up top on the motor by the red reset button. Had the same problem on my 06 Enzo and that was the issue.

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