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  1. Your boat does not have packing. Sounds like your issue is with your dealer not centurion. Don’t bash the brand for a crappy dealer. I get the frustration but sounds like there’s a simple fix to your issue, just needs to be found. And you need to find someone capable.
  2. Way to stick it to centurion buy buying a nautique! You know they are owned by the same company. Troll much?
  3. RI237 Ramfill

    You can’t change the timer for the ram fill just press fill again and it will override for 15 second you can keep doing that as many times as you want until you see water coming out the side ram fill vent. You should only have to override once and usually don’t even have to do that if you are doing the 15mph max fill speed, older software let you fill up to 20mph
  4. The latest software update does have a fix for the surf tabs not retracting all the way but don’t think it will fix it not engaging. I think you have a bad actuator
  5. The bags are 50lbs each so that would be 26 bags. Seems like a lot of weight all in the rear of the boat. I don’t think you would need that much. Most of us run around 500 to 600 in the rear
  6. Fuel consumption Fi 21/23

    When you refuel are you filling up all 46 gallons? On my ri my gauge can say zero even with bow up and there’s no way I can get the full capacity of 63 gallons back in.
  7. I just updated the newest 2018 software on my 17 ri237 which also came with the newest fi software and when ever I turn on a ballast pump or move center plate or surf tab my gauge goes to empty as soon as I turn them off I get my gauge back. Seems like anything with a big power draw cuts my fuel gauge out.
  8. Don’t have to use lead but like carguy said if you want the best wave you can get the lead will bring it out. The stock ballast wave is still better than anything else on the market imho. I run a lot with just wife and 2 small kids in boat so I like having the lead.
  9. Fi21 vs Fi23

    Nice! Glad to hear, can’t ask for much more that that.
  10. For regular. 200lbs of lead at the very back of each v drive locker, 100lbs at the front of each locker. Port ram 100% , starboard ram 90%, 100% in both rear pnp bags and between 60 to 100 in center tank, you want your rub rail at rear no more than a couple inches out of the water when surfing. Anymore than this and you need to drain some out of Center tank. nothing in bow bag. Surf tab at 70, if you notice a knife edge line in your wave you need more surf tab. center tab between 60 to 40 depending on how steep you like and cats at -10. Speed between 11.2 up to 12.2. All boats are a little different and people’s wave preference different also. If you start with these setting you shouldn’t need to tweet much and will have an amazing wave. Goofy set up just reverse the setting except for just tak a little Cats out, usually run around -5 to -7.
  11. Fi21 vs Fi23

    Did the resale value hold upfor you? I know many of us had discussed concerns about this when we were buying.
  12. Fi21 vs Fi23

    Boat less? And going from 25+ feet to 21 what gives?
  13. 2017 RI217 Prop Options

    H, what prop came with your boat? And what difference do you see when you changed, in rpm at surf speed and the amount of power you have left at surf speed?
  14. 2017 RI217 Prop Options

    They make the 16” in 1 1/8 now
  15. I have 4 of those exact lights on my tower and they work great. 20 degree beem

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