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  1. Fi 23 vs xt22

    I run 600lbs of lead in the back of my ri and have never had any issues floating and the kids jumping off the back. Now I don’t float for hours with it full but 30 minute times and I’ve never had a problem. Any longer than that and I would start the boat or dump some ballast.
  2. Winterize-Do I Need To

    Like you said only issue is if power goes out for extended period and you lose heat. I’d drain the water just to be safe, super easy and quick to do.
  3. Ri Series recommendations

    A lot of dealers are not ordering the cats as a lot of buyers are uninformed about cats and it just confuses them. Personally I would never order a centurion without cats and it would stop me from buying a used one without it. Was just reading a thread in another forum about someone complaining of always having to get people to move around to level his boat out while underway. This is one of my favourite features of cats of always having a level boat while cruising and never having to ask people to move. Cleaning up or shaping the wave with it is an added bonus.
  4. No, I run mine with boat off and still never an issue, I do have separate battery banks.
  5. Winterizing RI boats

    Second plug should be right in front of the v drive, should be a t handle. Make sure you get the blue drain plug at the front of the v drive to drain that also. Don’t worry about fogging. I also run antifreeze through a fake a lake after I have drained everything.
  6. Winterizing RI boats

    No need to doing anything to bags and tanks except to drain them. Pointless to dump antifreeze in Hull, and this is one of the funniest things I’ve heard. You only have to worry about freezing when there’s no room for expansion. Remove both your hull drain plugs and get the boat tilted back at an angle and any water will drain out.
  7. Winterizing RI boats

    Just take out all the blue drain plugs. There is even a holder for them On the top of the motor. Couldn’t be simpler. If you have a heater you will need to disconnect that line and blow it out.
  8. Yeah in hear ya, I talked to my dealer today who has been out in lots of the 18 ri237’s with the 16x13 and he said no growl. The only difference is the prop shaft size, well I guess the hill is a little different at the back corners too but can’t see either of those making a difference. Will post up my findings when I try the 16x15 this weekend.
  9. More cup taken out? That will make it even more aggressive and raise rpm do you need more torque? I must have spent an hour talking to Jim at acme about this and he was amazing. He said we would add 45000 of cup to the 16x13 for my instance which would bring that prop to around a 14” pitch. The 16x13 was more power than I needed and I feel I have room to drop rpm and still have plenty of power. He said the 16x15 with its lower cup than the 16x13 will really be like a 16x14.5. I am eager to see what happens with the 16x15. I have all the stats on rpm and speeds both loaded and unloaded from my 15x15.75, and 16x13 to compare to.
  10. H, did you go back to running your 16x13, read you were getting prop growl from it and not on the 15.5”? I just put a 16x13 on my 17 Ri237 with the h6 and I got prop growl from it. The prop was a little too aggressive also so after spending lots of time talking to Jim from acme, he has no idea why it’s growling, I am going to try the 16x15 this weekend.
  11. Software update is done by loading it on a USB stick and inserting in ports under the dash. It has one for each screen. I just have my dealer email to me and load it on a stick and upgrade it myself. If you can not fill ramfill past 15 mph you have a newer update and your bags should be on the right timers but still not long enough. You still may not have newest software. Lastest update was June 2 2018. Original software let you fill up to 25mph.
  12. You should definitely see water flowing out the ramfull vents on the side of boat.id also check to make sure your gates are opening and closing. Mine will flow out when the gauge reads 65% if I am filling at 15mph. My timers for rear bags are set right around 9 mins to fill them all the way, I think factory was around 4.5 mins. If you have the original software on your boat and not the update your starboard rear pnp and center tank timer are mixed up. Also check that your opposite surf tab is retracting all the way, this was an early issue, this would mess up your wave. The new software fixes this by cycling the tabs up again for a few seconds.
  13. Ri237 definitely likes th rub rail close to the water line while surfing, not sitting still. This is how you judge how much now weight you want. You want the rub rail no more than 4” above the water. Mine sits about an inch above while underway on surf side.
  14. Are you seeing your ramfill overflow out the side vents? And have you changed your timers on your bags and making sure they are full. Your cats should also be in the negative number usually -10 but that would not be creating your issue. I cam from a 15 Malibu 23lsv and it didn’t even come close to my ri. What speed are you going?
  15. New boat

    Yeah I’d love to have the 257 tank. Is see even the 21 ft supreme is getting the 81 gallon tank. Interested to see where they fit it.

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