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  1. New RI237 owner

    I find running Cats can really help with beginner and skim riders. For the surf riders I only use cats just to clean up the rooster if there is a fully loaded boat and I don't want to ask people to move around. You could go without it...but I would prefer to have the choice.
  2. New RI237 owner

    You need to ride a 257....
  3. Setting Up Centurion Surf Waves

    Yeah, Thanks for the information. Will you be highlighting the CATS system ?
  4. RI257 Ballast/Lead placement

    Thanks for the insight man.
  5. Boat shipping/transporting

    I used uship.com to ship a couple boat to the PNW, it worked out quite well. The local dealers wont be as accommodating as purchasing directly from them. When I bought a boat from out of area I contacted the Factory Warranty department directly and they were pretty easy to work with.
  6. Fi 25 on the way

    So someone who: Adds to the traffic of the site helps others promotes the Centurion brand is forced to commit money or he cannot post pictures? I get that site and hosting aren't free but doesn't that seems backwards...
  7. Fi 25 on the way

    A little ridiculous...
  8. Hey guys, I have been reading the forum articles and found that most people with a Ri257 use between 500-1000 lbs of lead in the rear lockers, under the center rear locker bag and a bit under the tower. Has anyone upgraded the rear bags from the 550s (please correct me if I am wrong) to 750, 800 or 1100s?
  9. Do you guys stay up all summer or have a place?
  10. Fi 25 on the way

    Do you have any pics of your stereo build?
  11. I have a house up in Osoyoos, were usually in Adams Blue flake Ri237. Yeah, we got it through Wizard, they are the only dealer in BC now.
  12. Fi 25 on the way

    I totally agree for us buyers! It came down to time and availability/cost of parts in canada. The factory system retails for 8k , It works out to be more like 6K ... The Roswell Downfire system has improved and sounds pretty decent, It comes down to time for installing vs surf time... I should have ordered the boat earlier and built the stereo..but its nice to have it all nice and neat with warranty. Do you have anywhere on site where you have your stereo build?
  13. Of course man! I have a feeling there will be a couple more 257s in 2020 after being the only 57 in the surf group... You're always welcome to join! It will split its time between Osoyoos and Lower Mainland.
  14. Fi 25 on the way

    Looking forward to seeing your build! We decided to keep the stereo stock and just try to flip it every year...
  15. They come with 16x15 and 16x13. I am curious to see how my 257 will do with the H6 ...

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