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  1. did you find any other videos or write ups im going to to be looking at changing mine soon. more info going in the better
  2. Ya true. I’m no sure the pumps are original I think previous owner may have replaced them find out when I pull it out of hibernation soon
  3. I have been reading as much as I can about weight and bags for the avalanche and for now since I’m on somewhat of a budget And think I’m going to go with a 1100# replacing stock tank in rear port locker and 500# under port seats. I want to use existing pumps and hoses for now if I can am I able to fill both new port side sacs with my existing pump on that side somehow? I know they will be slow filling but I also know this isn’t a 100k boat so we can swim or drink sodas while they fill. Does this sound like a decent setup to start with? 1100# rear locker 500# under port side seats stock Center ballast
  4. 06 Avalanche C4 storm

    Thanks. That custom cushion looks great infinity. Had sometime today to look closer at the cables and have them figured out thanks for the advise. Couple more questions The wake plate is it meant to adjust or is it always just left as is? Prop question it has a 537 prop on it in great shape but also came with a new spare that is a 645. What are the differences? Couple more pics
  5. 06 Avalanche C4 storm

    Officially a centurion owner our 1st surf boat and I’m pretty happy. Winter cooperated and I had clean and dry roads all the way home. Couple questions and I’m sure I will have more before I get it out for it’s 1st voyage in the spring. Has the perko dual battery switch the batteries were out I looked quick at the wiring but wanted to check if this is correct. Perko has 2 positives that go out to each battery then there is a negative from boat that connects to one of the batteries and then the negatives are hooked together between batteries? Did not have a bow filler cushion anyone have any suggestions where I could look for one?
  6. 06 Avalanche C4 storm

    Good point on the spare I do have a extra here ill take with me just in case. Im buying without running but I have spoke to the marine shop that has serviced it twice a year for a number of years and they just had it in getting winterized and a inspection so im confident it will be all good since they just recently looked it over in November they helped a lot.
  7. 06 Avalanche C4 storm

    On another note has anyone had any experience towing a boat in winter? I'm hoping the highways are dry the day I go get it but if recent snow there could be sand and salt on the roads. I plan on washing at as soon as i get it back but any ideas on how to keep as much off? Would wrapping it with packaging plastic wrap be something worth trying? Ill have a 7-8 hour trip.
  8. 06 Avalanche C4 storm

    Well finalized the deal on this Avy just need to go pick it up so if everything goes as planned I should be a centurion owner soon. Thanks for the help everyone. Ill post pics when I get it! Would you guys recommend the perfect pass thats sold on this site that is centurion specific or can I find a better price if I look around? Have not decided for sure if I will order pp right away or try without for the 1st part of summer. With exchange rate looks like it will be around 1500 cad for just the wake edition.
  9. Elite c4 surf and value?

    congrats!! I had seen that on only inboards
  10. 06 Avalanche C4 storm

    Ya the dated MB tribal graphics Im not a fan of at all. Hopefully can make a decision soon. Being in Canada what would a great price be for this Avalanche be any thoughts I just want to see other opinions on price..
  11. 06 Avalanche C4 storm

    Well Im going to bring this up again. I haven't really spent a lot of time looking recently but a few options have came up and this 06 centurion avalanche has dropped in price again which is not surprising since its full on winter here. Right now im seriously thinking about making the 7 hour trip to look at this and a 06 mb b-52 that is available at the same price. Im leaning towards the mb it has similar hours but the larger 6.0 engine and has gps perfect pass option that the centurion doesn't have. Interiors are similar condition the mb includes surf boards ropes life jackets and a bunch or other things which really help in the deal. Being a Centurion forum will i be dispointed in a mb over avalanche? I need this for a multi use boat yet want to start to get into the surfing thing which we have never tried.
  12. 06 Avalanche C4 storm

    Yes I’ve bought enough boats never a inboard though but I know what to look for and will not buy without a pre-purchase inspection unless it’s a price that I could take the chance on and in that case I would still do my own compression test and check as much as I could on my own. History usually is one of the best signs of condition. How is difficult is it to self install perfect pass? I’m fairly mechanical and could tackle smaller things is this a diy winter job? Have not looked into what it would take.
  13. 06 Avalanche C4 storm

    Is the gel coat cracking common on centurions of this age? I have now seen 3 with the exact same issue yet the other brands tige, malibu and sanger i have only seen 1 out of around 8 boats with the cracking. Where can I find a list of available options from that year to see what it has and what it does not to help with negotiating. Things I know is side swipe exhaust but not sure on others like if hydraulic wake plate was a option on centurion. Can this surf stock with just the wedge and ballasts it has? I will not be planning on upgrading im just going to be a average surfer and overall it will be a multi purpose boat.
  14. Hi. Looking into a 06 Avalanche c4 storm series. What are some things I need to look for on this boat? I’ve been looking at a lot of v-drives but anything special I need to pay attention to with this boat? From what I’ve read the c4 is the better option for interior room. Has manual wedge no perfect pass. Some Spider cracking around tower. 5.7 black scorpion with really low hours 3 hard ballast tanks thanks

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