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  1. New 2011 avalanche c4

    Also about fill times. I’m not familiar with the 2011 but if it has 3/4” hoses and if you want faster fill times you will want to go up to 1” lines and you will have to increase thru hull size also to 1”. The 1100 with reversible pump fills and drains in around 5-6 mins with 1”. Head over to Centurion owner Facebook group it has a lot of info on it
  2. New 2011 avalanche c4

    Mission delta. Leave your center and replace all your other hard tanks with sacs. Enzo sacs would be best. If you plan to surf you won’t be disappointed with adding the bigger bags.
  3. New 2011 avalanche c4

    I never liked listing my avalanche. Tried a few times looked stupid and wave was around the same as running with a shaper. The only good thing was used less fuel listed. Put 1100s in rear lockers or Enzo sacs if you don’t need the storage under seats. My best set up is 1100 rear surf side. 750ish none surf side. 400 under surf side seats. Center full. 200-400 in bow. Shaper as far down and back.
  4. Which Enzo for Tahoe??

    Go over to Centurion group on Facebook they will help you it more active
  5. Ditch those rear locker hard tanks if your plan is to surf. Use existing plumbing for new bags is the simplest.
  6. What is your ballast setup? Best I found without going to a custom sac or the Enzo sac is this. 1100 port locker 750 starboard locker 3-400 under or on port bench stock center ballast full 3-400 in bow shaper
  7. '09 Elite V C4: Best surf setup

    Take the 2 hard tanks out of the rear lockers. Replace them with 750 or 1100# bags. Use a shaper and fill both but leave a little out on the non surf side so it’s slightly listed. 250-400# up front will lengthen it. Fill your center.
  8. Hi there. I have a 07 Avalanche with side swipe. Like the sound of it but gets really annoying and most of the time going to be out with my family not just myself. Looking at getting these. Just wanted to make sure you never had any issues with them? I’d like to put them on both sides and quite everything done which I hope these will do. Also do they need screwed in or can they just sit in the exhaust pipes. Thanks
  9. Looking to buy

    I think it’s priced pretty decent but could probably offer even lower if the condition and history is good if it’s the black boat I’ve seen.
  10. I was going to put this in the bow https://www.wakemakers.com/fly-high-integrated-bow-sac.html and this under port side bench https://www.wakemakers.com/fly-high-tube-sac.html not sure if they would fill completely but when we put a 750 up front along with 400 on top of port seat that was the best wave we found with 2- 3 people on board More people less ballast. Really miss the avy ):
  11. That’s some low hours. Nice find. Pull the hard tanks and fill those lockers with ballast bags. As far as the 2nd door I’m assuming that’s so you open the top one then people can walk on the hard plastic staying off your vinyl while going in and out to the platform
  12. You can upgrade your pumps but would also need to increase your thru hull sizes to make them useful. As far as your steep wake I found with my old avy with just the rears full and center it was good but yes steep. Best we found was 1100 surf side rear. 750 non surf side rear. 400 under surf side bench and 400 in bow and center full with shaper non surf side. This was with 3-5 people. Maybe give wakemakers a call. I’ve browsed around on their site never ordered anything but they should have a idea of what all you would need to uograde your ballast.
  13. Upgrade the avy would be my vote. But all comes down to personal situation. If money wasn’t a issue I would be going new. For 10 tines a year the upgraded avy should do the trick for you. You won’t get all the money back that you put into in upgrades at the time you go to sell but the avy won’t depreciate much more if any. Not sure on a new boat some will hold their values ok but definitely not like the older deep v boats. But then again going new that isn’t a concern because money shouldn’t be the issue. Interested to see what you do.
  14. Buying first surf/board boat

    Did you buy the avy. Great boat and the wave will be nice once weighted
  15. Wakesurf Edge Pro vs Ronix Eight.3

    Has anyone compared the nauticurl to the homemade ones out there? Im using the standard homemade and i cant get it very far back on my avalanche the design of the nauticurl looks lie it would sit further back? Any thoughts?
  16. I have been reading as much as I can about weight and bags for the avalanche and for now since I’m on somewhat of a budget And think I’m going to go with a 1100# replacing stock tank in rear port locker and 500# under port seats. I want to use existing pumps and hoses for now if I can am I able to fill both new port side sacs with my existing pump on that side somehow? I know they will be slow filling but I also know this isn’t a 100k boat so we can swim or drink sodas while they fill. Does this sound like a decent setup to start with? 1100# rear locker 500# under port side seats stock Center ballast
  17. Nice. Appreciate the help. Yes the drain pump at rear makes a lot more sense since when full the boat will be sunk down at the back. Hope to get it all plumbed and put together right away and get this out on the lake to test it this week. Picked up wake shaper today I know a lot recommend going fully listed on Avalanche but wouldn’t mind both options so I can try different configurations.
  18. Yes it’s at bottom maybe 3/4” up from bottom seam. Think going to switch it around and put drain at stern and the pump can sit in engine bay.
  19. Question about where to mount or leave the stock drain pump? When the bag fills up if left on floor like it was I’m assuming it will push the valve in and cause unnecessary stress on that joint on the bag? Thanks for any advice.
  20. thanks. is it possible to use 2 pumps to fill and drain the 1100#. the bag i have has the quick connect on 1 of the top ports and i have the 1200 pump for it. but the bag only has 2 other ports 1 on top and 1 on bottom.
  21. nice ok i can live with 15mins for now. im going to install the bag tomorrow. does the bag need to be vented like the hard tank
  22. Looking for a little help on how the stock ballast system is set up. Is this correct. How long will the 800 stock pumps take to fill 1100# bag? I have 1 1200 pump should i just get 3 more and upgrade. 2 800gpm tsunami pumps mounted behind engine fill rear ballasts? 2 800gpm tsunami pumps front of rear lockers empty ballast 1 water puppy infront of v drive fills center? 1 1000gpm yellow pump mounted to center ballast empties it?
  23. did you find any other videos or write ups im going to to be looking at changing mine soon. more info going in the better

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