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  1. Ok, so I know this is nearly a year early, but does anyone know if and when the 9th annual meet up will be? I have to submit my vacation requests by Nov 30th for next year, and want to make sure I request the right weekend off!
  2. CCC meetup

  3. CCC meetup

    Can anyone else, besides Doc, reply to the official thread?
  4. CCC meetup

    Just curious if the 8th annual CCC meet up was still on. Been kinda quiet on that topic, and it wouldn't let me reply to it. How many people plan on going?
  5. 05 Avy w/ switchblade

    Similar to a wedge but different. The SB only has a few degrees of movement and doesn't fold away like the wedge. That means it has to be removed while on trailer. Also, the SB is mounted on one singular vertical post and can turn like a rudder. that is the full deflection of a SB.
  6. 05 Avy w/ switchblade

    this is is an Enzo sac, switchblade and 3 people in the boat, just for comparison.
  7. 05 Avy w/ switchblade

    I have a SB on my SV230. Overall I love it. It can be a pain though. Can't trailer with it, so takes a few mins to put the blade on. Backing the boat can be a pain, because the SB acts as another rudder that you can't control. I've gotten use to it, just have to be ready for it. I have a port Enzo sack and with the SB, it puts out a massive wake. Without he SB on, I lose a ton of push and have to slow down, even with an Enzo sack.
  8. Window Tint

    I have 5% on mine, can't see a gosh-dern thing through it. Wish I would've gone 20%. On the good side, I can leave my phone on the dash all day and it never overheats...
  9. The ultimate sin would be the tube which on occasion makes its way onto the boat.. with a lot of protest by me!
  10. It will move full range out of water. Full range is only a few degrees though. You don't have to have the blade on, you can look at the small square plate from the side and see it move. My lencos went out this year, new pair will be in Friday. Call Brielle Zsido at Custom Stainless 618-435-2605.
  11. Crazy Surf Trip 2017

    If ya ever come back up to SA, let me know! You can always ride with us if you don't bring the boat!
  12. Crazy Surf Trip 2017

    I'm off on 11th but possibly might have to leave town that evening. Guaranteed I could make it out on the 10th, 50/50 as of now for the 11th. Keep me in the loop!
  13. Crazy Surf Trip 2017

    That's where we always put in and surf. Calmest area I've found on Canyon..,
  14. Crazy Surf Trip 2017

    Well If I'm off when you pass through, we'll pull out the camper and boat! Cranes Mill park has a nice launch, dock and camp sites.

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