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    I had a pretty sweet September. Got invited to worlds. Took first place at worlds. (Landed my first heelside air reverse at worlds) I've tried it probably 100 times before that. So that was sweet. Ended up first in points in the CWSA rankings by a hair. It all began seven years ago with Centurioncrew.com Just a handful of dudes giving me pointers before I ever tried to get up on a wakesurf board. I know I haven't spent a lot of time on here lately, but I'm forever thankful for this forum and its members. Keep the stoke alive.
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    Been riding heelside alot lately. Seems to pay off in comps so I'm trying new things. Got a heelside air three down pretty good now and I'm working on heelside air reverses... Damn hard! Here's a screen grab of a nice method I pulled off yesterday.
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    Jeff sent Em a new pro model to try out and sent us a new mini board for our soon to be surfer boy! He knocked it out of the park on these! Hopefully Emily gets bonus point for difficulty while surfing pregnant this year
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    Sooooooo.... I switched brands and just wanted to let everyone know. Dealer support is huge on a expensive boat like these and our Centurion dealer is lacking... So here it is... Supra SE....
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    I find it helps if you roll by fishing from your surfboard. It shows that you are trying to embrace thier sport as well.
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    We have seen a lot of new members in 2017, which is great! For the members that might not know, only two of us run and manage the community. We both have demanding full time jobs. We spend countless hours of our limited free time maintaining the site server, software, support, upgrades in general managing the community and that is just a part of what else goes on in the background. This year was a real under taking with the site upgrade that moved us to a completely new software version. While it may look relatively the same when using the site just about everything changed in the background and we were not expecting the learning curve. While figuring things out we still have a few more major things to do when time permits and we appreciate everyone patience. Not here to complain we do it because, we enjoy it, we get to meet new people that turn into lifelong friends and we always have something in common with everyone, our passion for spending time with family and friends on the water in our boats. We built the CenturionCrew.Com community which was launched over nine years ago. Life and priorities change over 9 years and sometimes managing the site can be a burden. Like the site going down while on a long needed vacation and trying to get it back online with cell phone with limited signal or spending an entire weekend instead of a few hours upgrading the site software because, of some unforeseen issues with incompatible software versions, server upgrades, etc. In nine years the community has grown to over 8,000 members currently, with new members joining on a daily basis. Out of the 8,000 plus members, only 70 of them are currently Supporting Members. Supporting memberships are what support the site/community. Considering the amount of time/hours we spend running and maintaining the site compared to the rate of return, most would wonder why we do it. Since the beginning we have said, as long as the financial burden does not fall solely on us we will continue to run, maintain and grow the community. This year there has been talk about hosting images, bandwidth, file size among other issues. At the end of the day becoming a Supporting Member solves all of the issues. It is $30 a year, $2.50 a month, $.08 a day to have unlimited bandwidth with the only restriction being the size of the image. The images just need to be resized and we believe we have automated the process with the most recent upgrade. The ironic thing is, so many members of this site talk about how much they get from it. Yet it seems they feel it is somehow not their responsibility to help support the very thing that brings them the advice they are looking for, friends from far and near they would have never met otherwise, the sense of pride from ownership of their Centurion/Supreme Boat and the spirit of sharing it with fellow boat owners within the community. Those that have been in the community for a while know we very seldom say anything about memberships or supporting the site. This is a community, we built it, launched it, maintain it, we never wanted to have to ask for members to support it, we just assumed that it would happen. Considering the fact we still put our person funds into the site, plus our free time, it is frustrating having to actually ask members of the community to support it. We need more members supporting the community they enjoy visiting on a reqular basis. Please consider purchasing one of the memberships outlined below. Centurion Boats Supporting Membership - $30.00 Annually - Upgraded to Centurion Forum Group - UpgradedCenturion Supporting Member Icon - Increased Disk space for attachments, pictures and video - Increased bandwidth - Increased User Profile Pic Size - Increased Private Messaging Storage with Attachments in Private Messaging - Personal signature - Private and Public Centurion Crew Picture/Media Gallery Supreme Boats Supporting Membership - $30.00 Annually - Upgraded to Supreme Forum Group - Upgraded Supreme Supporting Member Icon - Increased Disk space for attachments, pictures and video - Increased bandwidth - Increased User Profile Pic Size - Increased Private Messaging Storage with Attachments in Private Messaging - Personal signature - Private and Public Centurion Crew Picture/Media Gallery Centurion Dealer Supporting Membership - $100.00 Annually - Upgraded to Centurion Dealer Forum Group - Upgraded Centurion Dealer Supporting Member Icon - About the Dealer page in the Dealer Classifieds - Unlimited Centurion boat advertising in the Dealer Classifieds - Access to post Centurion Dealer events in News From Centurion Boat and Dealers Sub-Forum - Increased Disk space for attachments, pictures and video - Increased bandwidth - Increased User Profile Pic Size - Increased Private Messaging Storage with Attachments in Private Messaging - Personal signature - Private and Public Centurion Crew Picture/Media Gallery Overall, thanks for all of the support from everyone on the Crew over the past nine years, we truly appreciate everyone of you and are thankful for it. For those members that continue to support the community yearly we could not have done it without you. Thanks for helping to make the community what it is today! Be sure to share your thoughts on supporting the community and how the CenturionCrew.Com and SupremeCrew.Com community has help you through the years. Regards, Ken and Andrea
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    Wow! Great pics and vids everyone!! Holy cow Nate!... That boy of yours has sure grown! Took another second place finish at the Northwest Wakesurf Open. Probably the largest number of competitors in one division in any of the competitions. 17 riders. One of them being a fellow Crew member: Fivebar. Broke into three separate heats. Top two from each heat advanced. Three day event. Day one, I placed first in my heat and second overall. Day two, I placed first overall with my best contest run to date! So I went into the finals against five other amazing riders on day three and kinda crapped the bed. Either way, I had a blast! Got out yesterday for some fun and boosted a couple decent airs. And almost took a fin up the butt! LOL
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    My 9yo went rope less for the first time July 3rd. Me and my 6yo surfing
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    They're usually off our lake by 8 or 9am, it gets crowded in the late morning/afternoon hours, so I think they try to avoid that. Also most of them stick to no-wake zones. We did have a couple of them tie up to our dock to fish under it (apparently our house is a marked stop on the competition maps). So I rigged up bluetooth to my boathouse receiver so I can play music for them from the house... Apparently they don't like gangsta rap at 8am as much as I do.
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    This is amusing, I have had 3 complaints about my wave. 1. Too big, it is intimidating 2. Too Firm 3. Too steep... (skim rider used to super flat BU wave) Which is amusing to me as those are the attributes i was looking for
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    I have to be careful when talking about 2018 stuff but this is an area that I can hopefully provide some helpful info. Ramfill and CATS are options for the 2018 boats and there are a few reasons why they are options instead of standard equipment. CATS - When it comes to this one it is correct that with the recent Correct Craft / Malibu Lawsuit settlement Centurion has to pay a royalty for all CATS systems that are put into a boat. In the past the CATS fin made a huge difference for the quality of the wakeboard and surf wakes, especially in the SV and FS series boats. With what Centurion has coming down the line for 2018 CATS isn't nearly as vital and has only minor benefits. As a dealer trying to explain and demonstrate the benefits of CATS is a very difficult process and 90% of customers rarely use it. CATS has major benefits for boat owners looking for the ultimate in customization, however for the majority of Centurion owners it is a system that adds another level of complication and isn't utilized. By making it an option for 2018 it allows those that want the benefits to get a boat with it but also allows those that don't need it to save some $$$. RAMFILL - Ramfill is the bees knees, that's pretty much it. It is an option for 2018 but the ballast capacity and storage will be identical whether you choose to have Ramfill or not. The primary reason why it is an option is for marketing purposes and I am in favor of this change even though we will probably never sell a boat without Ramfill. By having it as an option Centurion puts themselves in a stronger when going head to head against another boat brand. Here is an example: CURRENT SALES GUY CONVERSATION (Comparing against Brand A) "We do our ballast system differently than Brand A, we offer a system that fills and empties faster and is superior to Brand A's System" 2018 SALES GUY CONVERSATION "We offer the same ballast configuration as Brand A in our boats. Beyond that we offer an upgrade that allows you to take your ballast fill time from 18 minutes to 45 seconds. We are the only boat manufacturer that offers this system upgrade and it is amazing." Nobody should ever order a boat without Ramfill but it does put Centurion in a stronger position when showcasing the benefits of Ramfill by making it an option. If someone tries to order a boat without it I will probably slap them and require a 50% down payment on the boat. There have been a few warranty issues with the system but Ramfill is pretty much the best thing ever. Also, with the amount of ballast that the 2018 boats hold the ballast fill or empty time would be around 20 minutes without Ramfill. We took a Supra SE550 on trade for a 257 this year and the time to fill the ballast clocked in at 17 minutes and 40 seconds (we timed it). After having Ramfill that seemed like the longest 18 minutes of my life.
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    No August or September Pic and Video thread...? Shame on you guys! I just whipped together an edit from my ride last week and wanted to share it with y'all! I know I've been away from here for quite some time, but I still love the Crew! Hope everyone had a great summer!
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    H's new Fi...... Good looking boat Herald!
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    Just giving a shout out to Enovation Controls! Towards the end of the season my display went belly up. Got pricing on a new one and you would think it was an engine. So I reached out to EnovationControls who made the display. They said send it to us and we will take a look. Repaired it, replaced the rubber overlay, and provided me all the software files. Great group of people. They bent over backwards and didn’t charge me a dime or as they said when I asked “ you owe us exactly zero dollars and zero cents, thank you for sending it to us” so before you fork over cash to replace, give them a shout! Saved me a few thousand dollars!
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    Good to see you enjoying your new ride Nick! A quick edit from last week. Working on holding my revert/switch riding longer. Hard to keep the fins from grabbing and forcing you to spin around. But I'm getting it. Had to don a shorty. Water temps at 65-68.
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    Likely my last ride of the season, but I managed to finally ride out a 360! Started a video with progression, when I was getting close, but not riding out...
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    went out a few nights ago and got some great shots with my drone hope you guys like
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    4th of July parade on the San Bernard River in Texas
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    Was looking for a 1ton diesel forever. Trying to find a good used one for a fair price is next to impossible right now in Canada because they're all being sold to Americans for more money. So I gave up and bought myself a 2017 F150 twin turboed ecobeast. It gets the job done with plenty to spare.
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    Member since Sept. 2011 and it's been an interesting trip over here. Go to the crew meet see where you membership fees go, meet the admins and ride the glass on the Trinity or hang out under the bridge during a rainstorm. Thanks K & A for all y'all do and keeping our boats running and our bones surfing.
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    From what I understand , it has a very similar running surface closest to the RI257. The hull and top deck are COMPLETLY differnt looking than the RI series though. I never asked price. I imagine they will be close to the comparible RI. They don't seem to have any corners cut to trim down price, but we can be optimistic I guess..... When you say battleship.... you mean like this
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    Here is my April pic, Im getting super excited.
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    Calling all Fi23 owners! With it being such a new boat, how about we get a discussion going to share all mods, tips & tricks related to the Fi23. Here’s some of our fun mods so far to get things started. Cheers!
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    Post up pictures of your finished boat garage!I built my 24ft boat a new detached garage when I built my new home recently. I fully insulated and installed a wall unit so I could heat/cool the space. Its done a great job, only thing I did not realize when I bought it was that the lowest heat setting is 61 degrees and there are times when it would be nice to set it too 50 degrees. But its been very efficient since I was careful to insulate well and use a LOT of spray foam and I cannot complain. Moved in Sept 2018....and FINALLY just got the garage set up like I had been planning, just need to properly organize all my tools and boat stuff now. When I designed the garage, I wanted to be able to maximize the space since the boat is roughly 27ft long on the trailer with the tongue folded and swim platform on (I use it to get into boat) and about 9.5ft wide from fender to fender on width. The garage is 32ft long X 16ft wide with 12x12 garage door (ceiling of garage is 13' tall). Since it has 2x6 walls, inside comes to basically 31ft long X 15ft wide.I wanted to be able to bring the boat home from a day on the lake, and from inside the boat, remove everything if I wanted to without having to climb in/out of the boat. Same for loading up, so I can choose what surf boards, kids toys, etc.....that we want on the lake that day without getting out. I usually remove the seats to make sure the boat dries out and I never get any mildew or wet smell....so I built 3 wood racks on the side for the seat, and 2) 4x8 metal racks that hang down from the ceiling 42". This allows me to reach all the main things for the boat by either standing on the gunnels (I installed decking on gunnels for grip), or standing on the rear walk-thru transom. Then I also added as many metal shelving units at rear that I could (have 3 installed so far) those are for tools, boat supplies, oil change equip and all the other fun stuff....and am putting a "Gladiator" wall system up to hang things like rakes, shovels and other misc. On left wall, I still have 8 of those to install which will finish filling up that wall.I got this all done while boat was at the shop over the last 2 weeks...brought her home last night and backed her in for the first time and am pretty happy with how things turned out, everything fits perfectly, tho just barely in some areas. I planned to epoxy the garage floor in the Spring and think that I will put down something (maybe a colored line in the paint), so when I back in, I know to keep my tire on the line since I only have roughly 6" on each side of wiggle room to keep boat where I want it so I still have access to walk down either side of the boat since there will still be some things on the floor. I need to install some kind of "tire stop" as well so I can keep the depth correct.
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    Last week at the lake, so much fun and the wetsounds cooler bumps for hours on a single charge.
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    Took the new to me 244 out this weekend and had an amazing time! Chowder2016 brought down his friends and 257 so we kinda demolished a cove for anyone else lol.
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    One of our carbon skimboards on a customers Harley... doesn't get much cooler.
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    In for the win 94 with 3493 hours on original power.
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    Mrs Stoked decided to step her game up this morning https://vimeo.com/226358329
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    Mrs Stoked rocking the night surfing last night
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    My son just got a new board, the Phase 5 Race. I just posted about it in the equipment section, but had to post it up here. This video was early on when he was just learning it but it was fun to see him progress so fast! I think he's officially better than me. He needs sponsors
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    Just purchased my "supporting member" upgrade. Now, somebody find me a bow filler cushion for my 2005 Elite C4!!! Ha, jk, well kinda! I am still looking but thank you to the admin for your hard work, dedication and selfless time. We all appreciate it! Also, to the many members that have helped me out, thank you!
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    Been on here for a couple years and thought I had signed up. Evidently not!...signed up yesterday!
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    Been on here since December ... became a supporting member today. Great wealth of info!
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    been on here for about a year. just became a supporting member now.
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    Finally gor the boat wrapped!!!! Some stuff I'll change down the road but all and all it definitely made it look better then that old decal all scratched up and half off. What do you all think? Before and after photo
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    I really wanted to ride today but it turned out to be solid labor getting this boat road ready. Were on the move to Powell.
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    Picked this up last week, brand new left over 2014 SV 233 with only 10 hours because I wanted it broken in so we could surf it the day we picked it up!
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    Had a little getaway for the guys' last weekend. Snapped this sunset picture and had to share
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    Decided to upgrade the sub/enclosure in my Ri237 to a ported system with WS REVO 12HP, what a difference! No longer does it sound like a speaker slapping in a panel. Note the vertical port to the left of the woofer. Before After Combined with the six 8" in-boat speakers and four REV10s on the tower (powered by a WS SYN-DX6 and SYN DX2.3HP), it sounds great!
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    Thanks for all the discussion guys. We placed an order yesterday for a FI23. Sounds like it should be delivered early April.
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    Whoop whoop. Yes I pulled the trigger. Joined the forum. And drooled all night thinking about my new boat. You know the monkey said when he got his tail chopped off? It won’t be long now. Whoop whoop
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    After being a member of the site for almost 6 years, I finally took the plunge and bought a 2018 Centurion Fi23. I'm really stoked! I've mostly been surfing behind a supreme s211 in my boat club in Austin, TX and friends boats including an Ri 237 and another friend's Moomba. I skipped most of the options, but did get all of the surf oriented ones (All PnP except bow bag, Quicksurf, RamFill Pro, CATs, Silent Stinger). I've lurked around all of the boat forums and I can say, hands down, I enjoy the Centurioncrew.com the most which was definitely a factor. So many people on this site were helpful including @BoardCo @Lak3surf3r @Bawshogg and many others. Here she is... (should be here in about a month and living at my dock on lake austin which is almost complete)
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