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    A few things here: The Fi25 and Ri257 ride almost identically in rough water - you will be VERY happy with either one. The Ri257 has a tow point above the swim platform that is ideal for tubes. You can ski from this point but from my experience, the tower is a better spot. As far as this goes, it is one of the common misconceptions I run into when talking to people about skiing. People consider it near blasphemy to talk about water skiing from the tower, but for 90% of people who ski it is actually a better tow point than a pylon. It allows recreational skiers to get up easier and reduces overall drag once they are up. The benefit of having a lower tow point really only matters if you are pulling HARD through the wake and honestly if you are pulling hard enough to justify going to a pylon you aren't going to want to ski behind a Fi25 / Ri257 anyway. To give you some background I am a tournament skier, I own a Carbon Pro boat (along with a Ri257) and spend time in a buoy course regularly. When I ski behind a Fi25 or Ri257 I am barely impacted by skiing from the tower. This point causes me some frustration because for most people skiing from the tower is not just ok, but it is actually BETTER than skiing from a pylon, but when I suggest it I get weird looks like I don't know what I'm doing haha. Jack (one of our guys here) gets the same reactions and he can run into 34 off in a course (which if you aren't familiar is REALLY good). The Ri257 ski wake isn't quite as good as the Fi25, but they are close. Out of the box the Ri257 puts out a slightly better surf wave while the Fi25 has a slightly better ski wake. They have the same running surface and the only reason for the difference is the Ri257 is slightly heavier. That said, most people wouldn't be able to tell a difference between them as far as ski wake goes. As far as stereo control goes, you can have an automatic volume adjustment installed but you can save a lot of cost and actually get better functionality by installing an app on your phone called Volumatic. It is AWESOME and a lot better than the volume controls that are set to RPM in my opinion, plus it only sets you back about $10. The Supra SE550 has some great features and is a really nice boat. There are some nice features on Supra but for me there are at least 2 BIG things you will miss out on vs. a Centurion. The most important factor that can't be overcome with modifications is the rough water ride. If you are using the boat on Tahoe the water can get ugly fast and having a boat that won't beat you up or scare you going through 5-foot waves is a must in my book. The next one is the surf wave on the Centurion is a lot better out of the box. You can get the Supra to throw out a great wave, but if you do much research you will find that pretty much everyone is running 1,000 lbs. of lead to get it to surf on the level of a stock Fi25/Ri257. If you cruise around a lot that is a problem since you can't get rid of it. The other downside that is just speculation from me is that the ski wake on the Supra wouldn't be as good. Supra boats have a very stiff wakeboard wake and from my experience, that translates to a stiff ski wake. I haven't skied behind one, but I have heard the ski wake is actually worse than a Centurion just because of the wake shape. The best thing to do if you are looking at one is taking them both for a drive, the difference will become clear very quickly. Lastly, the H6 engine will work fine for you but you probably wouldn't be disappointed with the 550 (for 2020 it will be the new LSX engine). If you cruise around a bit the added power and reduced RPM on at cruising speed is really nice. As far as reliability goes, its a bit early to tell on the LSX but thus far they have had no problems at all and should be more reliable than the XR7 (550 Supercharger) was. The main benefit is similar power but the engine is naturally aspirated so longevity and reliability should be better. It's a new engine for the boat world but it has been bulletproof in cars for a while so we anticipate really good things. If there is anything we can do to help you out on the boat decision process at all let me know. Thanks!
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    Just picked this up, works quite well. I can grab my drink or put it down without taking my eyes off the lake ahead. Heavy enough it doesn’t move around even over most waves. Called the beverage bandit.
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    The BEST boat is the one that is paid for. I have an 07 Avy and love it. You can do everything with it. Yea, you can spend 3x as much for a new boat with all the bells and whistles, but your money may be better spent else where. Yea, I drool at the new boats, them remember mine is paid for and maintenance costs are not that much. We surf and board just fine behind our boat.
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    I'm pretty sure It's the 90 amp fuse on the starter. I put the tester on the cable side and got 12v. Put the tester on the other side with the nut and got zero's. The stereo not working was throwing me off but that ended up being a 10amp fuse on the back of the deck. Picking up a fuse from the dealer tomorrow and we'll see what happens.
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    Here’s a 19! Love it! Would definitely recommend a Centurion!
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    Hi gang: My wife loves to waterski. So, when I saw an inexpensive, older ski boat for sale locally (in Santa Maria, CA), I jumped on it. We love the boat, but there is precious little information about these older boats in the interwebs. So, I am always looking for history/documentation on Centurion and our boat. Centurion had a history page up for a while, but they seem to have take in down. Ours is a 1983 and has an OMC 350. 425 hours on it when we bought it. We have put another 50 hours on it. The PO had replaced the prop shaft, stuffing box, and propeller. I had to go through the carb, replace a small section of the floor, replace the helm and steering cable, replace the alternator, do a tune up, and mess with the carb (ad nauseum). The carb is a Quadrajet. We finally got it dialed in where it makes good power but does not just guzzle the gas. It has a paint/color scheme that seems like a throwback to everything that was bad about Disco. It is an odd combination of tan, black, burnt orange and brown. It is so dated that it is cool again. My wife loves to ski behind it. We took some other skiers out who also liked skiing behind it. We get comments every time we take it out. Anyway, we have had the boat for a few years now and ski on the Sac River Delta. Just happened to run across this forum and thought I would join and contribute. Having a blast with our "Ski" Centurion... Bill Here are a few pics:
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    I just picked this 82 trutrac up! love the old school boats!
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    If there is one thing I have learned this summer, is that you can still get a hell of a wake/wave out of older boats. I have an 09 Centurion Elite V with no frills but perfect pass and a 250 hard tank ballast in the center of the boat that came stock. There are so many aftermarket upgrades that are available now that were not when I got my boat back in 2010. I have used aftermarket ballast and wakeshapers to get my surf wave dialed in really well. You can replace trim plates with A-plates that do wonders for the goofy surf wave that can either be made r purchased. Trim tabs are also available for level weighted surfing like newer boats. All of this to say, as long as the hull shape is tried and true such as an avy/enzo, much of the technology can be added to your older platform that are reasonably affordable compared to purchasing a 100K plus boat.
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    Solid interior. As long as the floor and stringers are secure, I’d say it’s a solid buy.
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    I'm looking at purchasing this 1986 Ski Centurion Trutrac for $4,000. Any thoughts on the price? I'm thinking it's a fair deal.
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    If it sits level when still and then leans a little when going, I would say its likely the prop spin leaning it over some when in gear, I put more of my gear on Port side to account for that on my boat
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    Well, I found out my electronic prestolite distributor was only advancing 10-12 degrees, bringing in total advance at only 22 degrees! I’ve since ordered the other replacement module I can find made by Pertronix. In the mean time, I advanced the base timing to 15 degrees, which gave me 27 degrees total timing. Sadly I saw no increase in top speed. I was hoping to see a good jump. I guess I will see when the actual part comes in. Guestimating the throttle position, I can get about 32mph out of the boat before the secondaries open up. Does that seem about right? Or am I dragging a big anchor?
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    Thank you. Everything you have heard is true... The Carbon Pro is slalom skiing ninja magic. It is awful at EVERYTHING but skiing, but this thing turns and burns buoys better than any boat ever built.
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    I just did gatorstep in my Avy and the pattern wasn't perfect for my model. I dealt with a guy named Mason Obray and he took great care of me. The way it works is you pay $50 and they send you a precut pattern. I went with the one that was the closest to my boat...same thing it had an extra table cut out. The $50 is applied to your order if you go with Gatorstep so it really isn't a charge. I sent them back my templates with the changes (I covered the hole with tape)and a week or so later they sent me back another set of templates with the modifications I had made to test fit again. This set was perfect so I paid the amount for the pieces I wanted, I picked my pattern and colors and they said it would be a couple weeks for the floor to show....it showed in like 3 days. It looks killer. I did some Chinese copy floor of a gatorstep type flooring last year. I had to router all the edges and it came out looking pretty good, but not even close to the look of gatorstep. The knockoff stuff was slippery and in my opinion dangerous, and it started to de-laminate between layers towards the end of the summer. The Gatorstep is holding up well, was easy to install and looks killer....cool on the feet and all that, I'm sure you have done the homework. Mason Obray | GatorStep LLC Sales & Marketing 2830 Industrial Ave. Hubbard, OR 97032 11270 Threadstone Ln. Knoxville, TN 37932 C: 503-930-4801 | P: 800-603-5246 Call Mason he will take care of you. No I don't work for Gatorstep and I don't get any referral fee...just a happy customer.
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    Funny, they have always been adament about using conventional motor oil, but have obviously changed to synthetic. Its a good thing if they are willing to reassess there recommendations. Infinity, I read the thread you linked from planet natique and it appears they have some recs that I think are a little off. If you want to follow the change in the advisory you need to be aware that there are different dexos formulation. The pennzoil you mention and the Shell Rotella Gas truck (someone mentioned on planet natique) are dexos 1 gen 2 but both are "dexos 1" none-the-less. This formulation has the dexos with a green label and a small number 1 within the green square. It is meant for purely gas powered engines. The "dexos 2" has the label in blue and has a 2 in the square. The dexos 2 can be used in gas AND DIESEL engines. I suspect it may be more tolerant of the engine loads generated by surfing. It`s interesting they chose a lower viscosity oil that flows more freely when hot and cold. I found a link that lists the dexos 2 formulations .... https://www.gmdexos.com/brands/dexos2/index.html You may want to let the bretheren at planetnatique be aware of the different formulations.
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    Dam nick you guys dodged a b........... glad you guys were ok. I hate these “everyone gets a trophy” weak individuals who think their “troubles” are grounds to hurt others. It’s tragic hearing these stories. But back to the regularly scheduled program. If you guys ever come to Berryessa let me know. I rarely go to other lakes nowadays. In case you ever wanna bum it on the poor mans 2000 Elite haha
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    The throttle has a small creep right in the cruise range. If we want to hold at 3800 RPM, it will slowly fall to 4000 RPM. I looked into the Teleflex CH2200ENC throttle manual and it mentions a throttle brake, but I can't find the adjustment screw. Do you remove the chrome bezel and handle? I can't match the location they reference in the diagram on page 2, top right corner. http://www.marineengine.com/products/technical_information/CH200ENC_side_mount.pdf
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    Figured it out, put a 10 amp fuse in just to see, and was able to at least hear where the pump was then. Was by the belt exhaust area, and actually not that hard to get it. Was some junk jamming up the pump. Easy fix in the end!
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    NIck Am glad you and your family were safe
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    I would call it more of bumper or spacer.
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    I've started a new thread that I will be updating regarding the newest version of the shaper that I finished last night.
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    Don't look, just surf. :-)
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    Downside is most people want 23’ if not more. So you will have lower odds of resale compared to the larger boat but that doesn’t mean someone “wont” buy it. I have a 21’ and that’s my issue as well. To me I enjoy the 21’ as it takes less gas, less ballast and is easier to maneuver around tight dock spaces on my lake. Drove a RI257 this weekend and would need practice to master maneuvering that bad boy. All of the boats in the Centurion/Supreme line are mint boats. Just personal preference on size and features. They’ll all throw a money wave if you set them up correctly. H2O is a great resource for the Supreme line
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    As long as it fits, I don't think there's a wrong one. If you don't like it, you can send it back and pick the other. Best of luck. Your boat is sharp. Mine is opposite colored.
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    My cousin purchased the kit that we put on my 1993 Falcon when we were doing the restore a couple of years ago. I sent him a text to see if he could recall which one he purchased. He has not responded yet, but I think I've found the link to one that looks like what we put on my boat. You just need to make sure that the measurements match up. Here's the link: Rub Rail Kit
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    @Dillyrev, the thing that I learned after combing through the forums is that even our older smaller boats can handle SOOO much weight. I was tentative to add but so much at first and now my mentality is that you only know where the line is once you have crossed it. In other words, you will know when you have to much weight because you will start losing maneuverability and increasing the chances of taking waves over the front of the bow. If you get to that point then you dial it back until you are in a comfortable zone with a surfable wave and a comfortable ride. There are so many options between lead bags ($1/lb.), sand bags wrapped in duct tape (CHEAP), and fat sacs that with enough tinkering you will find the sweet spot. I like to leave the lead in the boat at all times and use water weight for side to side weight tinkering by draining and filling certain bags.
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    Took the boat out this weekend after having received my new 750lb fat sac. This took up the entire floor area of the main cabin. Add 250 in each back compartment with another 350 in lead/sand in the bow. We also had 6 adults in the boat with the average weight being 160+. Got a nice curl for the first time with the extra weight and DIY shaper. Port side was EXCELLENT for my boat. It was surfable over 15' back from the platform and had a great sweetspot with the shaper and evenly weighted. Starboard wave really needed the shaper to be at its best but was still doable with listing because of the several thousand pounds of water/people/lead weight. Will check back in as I tweak and get the best wave possible out of my older boat and can include some pictures next time.
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    Found a pic that was recently posted on the Centurion/Supreme FB page, FAE added to a new ZS model where stinger plate was cut
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    I have no opinion on the Go Surf Assist. Never used them. I know that the Infinity Wave is a well engineered system that directs the water where it needs to go. I liked the price point and the fact that they were willing to have the double wing plate made for me. I had wasted far too much time researching design and who could make one for me. Infinity Wave made it easy. The guys that make them are very helpful. I went with the double wing tab as Shaka had the exact same boat and experimented with a-plate and double wing and found the double wing to be better on the SV230. He would probably know which is better on your boat. I put the some of what I saved with Infinity Wave into improved ballast. The two together made switching from regular to goofy a two minute process and a killer wave. My goofy wave is every bit as good as my regular wave and that is not what SV230's are known for. I wish I could figure out how to post a video but the files are quite large.
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    InfinityWave can make you an A-plate or a double wing plate, its one of the options they offer. The a-plate is what I have on my SV244, came from factory with it and goofy side wave is nice and clean.
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    Does not matter how many flees you can stack on the head of a pin, when the plan is to toss the pin anyway. As to 1st ??? No benefit performance or sound quality advantage to having all the components from the same brand. Brands? Kicker, Wet Sounds, Clarion, Fusion, Aquatic AV, Rockford, JL Audio all make solid units with various features. Some are traditional single DIM, some have over sized faces. Some are gauge style and others are more square or rectangle. #2 A 4 chnl will easily drive 3 pair of in-boats. Perfect for one bow pair and 2 main cabin pair. A 6 chnl will also work great. For future additions, I would suggest a 5 or 6 chnl amp and consider a mild woofer to round out the in-boats sound quality. With amplified in-boats and the addition of a 3rd pair, the added bass will be great. As to future tower speakers, I would suggest a separate amp for them, once the time comes. There are some 6 and 8 chnl amps that can work to power in-boats and towers, but you really need to have a very specific plan in place. So if you are not sure about what those future tower speakers will be, leave that for then. #3 proper in-boat? Once that fits, fits the budget, you like the look and sound of. Go with a quality built marine speaker. #4 yes #5 Depending on use, there is certainly going to be an increase in amperage draw. If the boat does not already have a dual bank setup, id factor that into the plan.
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    Just an update, have been out three days in the last week. No problems. Been a blast, dialing in the wake now.
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    That is the pole to hold the tower when folded down.
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    Not normal! Is your warranty intact still? There was a bad batch of glue going around in that time-frame, tho I have not seen it manifest like this before, the bad batch was causing the vinyl to look like it had small divots in it where the thin foam backer was glued to the vinyl. Only option is to send good pictures to Fineline, if potential warranty issue then typically they will ask that a cushion be shipped to them so they can inspect it. Do you have a dealer that will help you? If not, contact Nichole Turpin at Fineline office.
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    I have a 2015 SV233. We bought it in the fall of 2017. This is our first surf boat, so newbies. We are still figuring things out and could use a little help. We have almost everything on it. Quick surf, all ballast, and CATS. It does not have ramfill. I just ordered 500 lbs of lead. Most of the time it is just me, my daughter, and my son going out and he surfs most of the time. We all surf regular. We very seldom have a goofy rider (but would like a good set up for goofy). He is small, about 125 lbs, and pretty good. He can handle any wave but loves lots of push (wave snob). My daughter is small also so they can surf behind just about anything. I am having trouble when I surf when it is just he and I. I can't seem to get the push and it is like I have to stay right behind the boat or I go out the back of the wave. This weekend we were out there with more people and I was able to do better when I got a couple of larger people in the back. Some settings for each of us would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Jonathan Scarborough
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    I just turn the tunes up LOUD
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    Took delivery of our ZS232 a couple weeks ago.
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    Ive noticed the same problem with bumping the Red Button. I ended up 3D printing a thicker lanyard piece to eliminate the little bit of play the stock one has. Problem solved
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    I have the FAE on my 14 SV244 boat, love it. Big difference in sound (you can easily talk in cabin and surfer/boarder can clearly hear the music since exhaust is not pointed at them) and I see/smell zero exhaust now. Important to me since I surf 90% of time and my kids are on boat frequently My friend just bought SV233 (Same year) and he has the factory tips (guess they are called "silencers?). Soon as you are going, they are out of water and they did not seem to make any difference in sound to me (maybe a little in cabin but zero behind the boat)....also does not direct the exhaust into water, so it will still come out in front of surfer. At rest or idle they are mostly in water. Really depends on your end goal tho, IMO its one of the best mods I have done. The ONLY thing that is annoying is that there is some spray with the FAE tho it has to be a windy day to bother surfer and all other sports you are so far back it does not matter, so if you get one be sure that it has the "spray relief plate" built-in. I got mine last Feb so that was not an option then, I believe the deep V hulls on the Centurions make this a bigger issue on our boats than others. Larry is sending me a spray relief plate to ADD to mine, not seen pics so not sure how it will work. They have emailed me back a couple times over last 2 months and told me it would ship to me as soon as available, I hope to get it soon and will provide feedback then tho honestly even if that were not available, I would do it again due to the other benefits. **NOTES** 3m, 5200 silicone/adhesive is REQUIRED for install on the single exhaust outlets to be sure it stays solid....installing it that way I have had ZERO issues with it coming loose, I mention that cause I know others had issues with that and it was a modification that Larry put out there around middle of last summer instead of using the cork gasket (the 4000 & 4200 are not "permanent" enough bond, 5200 is stronger than liquid nails and made for marine use). Larry also has special curved washers so you can thru-bolt the FAE...I plan to do that and have the hardware, but have not done it yet, originally cause I wanted to be sure I had no issues first and I have had the boat up to 38mph and regularly cruise at 25-30mph and have 50+hrs on the FAE install. No issues with the 5200 and screws tho I did NOT use the stainless screws they sent, we replaced them with grade 8 screws since its a harder metal and had heard that some people had issue with the heads of the stainless screws separating from shank and failing (screw held but head popped off causing FAE to come loose). Not worried about rust since I trailer and do not keep boat in water. Hope this info helps if you decide on FAE.
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    1. 2016 S211 2. Regular 3. Bow:0 4. QF port: 100% 5. QF starboard: 100% 6. PnP port stock bag: 100% 7. PnP Starboard: 0% 8. Three people about 180 average pounds no extra ballast or lead. 9. Crew was positioned in center to port side of the boat. 10. Both quicksurf tabs were all the way up. 11. Stinger tab was at 50 Very impressed with the 211 and didn't see much info on here for the boat yet. Also water temp 48 air temp 58 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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