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    There are actually 4 of them in your boat. 2 large and 2 smaller forward. You can try calling centurion. They might be able to point you to a vendor. Otherwise, you’ll have to make them. I’d use plastic as thick as the U-channel on the floor will hold. I’d also reinforce them with U-channel aluminum on the engine side. 209-384-0255
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    I haven’t heard much in terms using a wake shaper on an Enzo. My opinion is that you probably don’t need it. That Enzo hull likes to lean. Start by filling your Enzo sac on the port side, keeping the starboard empty, and running at 10.5 mph. You’ll probably end up needing more weight, but that will give you a good baseline to start from. Adding weight to the rear/under the port side seats will make the wave bigger. You can play with the speed too (I wouldn’t recommend over about 11), but if I recall correctly, 10.5 is what most of us were running with Avys/Enzos back in the day.
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    I took it by the dealer and they immediately said the hull failed. The boats headed back to the factory.
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    My local dealer didn’t have much to say besides “it’s safe to use” so I called Centurion. They acknowledged there was an issue (obviously) and said they would contact the dealer. I totally get problems can happen during manufacturing so I’m not mad about the defect. Just want it fixed…. Will update this thread as this progresses.

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