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    If you are going to list it, you need the rub rail close to the water sitting still. Here is my 08 Avy. Little exaggerated, the run tail is usually just at the water level. Then here is my buddy at 6’7” surfing with his 8yo daughter. I would call up wakemakers and have them build you custom sacs that fill the locker and go up under the seats also. Have each bag it’s own reversible pump to fill and empty. It takes about 8min to fill/empty my custom sac. If you want to list it, you can. If you want to use the suck gate you can. Best of both worlds and just buying bags once. I started out with the 1100’s and then bought the custom. I bought bags twice. lol.
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    Pull 6 plugs on the engine/manifold to drain. Pull heater hose on one end of engine and blow to clear hose and radiator. Remove intake strainer and dump out water Pull v drive plug Turn on ballast pumps to ensure no water between ballast pump impeller veins Open and close QF valves to ensure no water Extra pooh: top off gas tank, pour appropriate stabil oil change oil filter change replace impeller every other year quick inspection of all hoses/wires/belt/lines
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    Call Great Lakes Skipper. They have this Centurion ski pylon holder in stock. Ask them to grab it and then ask them if they have any pylons that will fit in that holder. I'm assuming that you have the 2.5 inch holder in your bilge? Centurion Pylon Holder Here's one that's 2 and 3/8ths. You might have to get creative with your mounting in the floor. I think you can find what you need to make it all work. I've seen used ones come up for sale including on this board. Get good at eBay searching for them too. gekko pylon available  
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    Yep I have tried something very similar to yours but I was very uneasy about it being over so Far. May just load up with ballast and possibly a infinity wave in the future.
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    Right... Keep weighting that thing until you and 3 of your buddies all look at each other and say dude we have too much weight.
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    Also about fill times. I’m not familiar with the 2011 but if it has 3/4” hoses and if you want faster fill times you will want to go up to 1” lines and you will have to increase thru hull size also to 1”. The 1100 with reversible pump fills and drains in around 5-6 mins with 1”. Head over to Centurion owner Facebook group it has a lot of info on it
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    Mission delta. Leave your center and replace all your other hard tanks with sacs. Enzo sacs would be best. If you plan to surf you won’t be disappointed with adding the bigger bags.
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    got the cover in about a week or so ago. Took about a week to come in. It’s nice quality for sure. We cleaned the boat up again and put it on today. I’m def pleased. Glad I found the deal. Is 9.5 oz sunbrella material so it should hold up well but time will tell. Cant post pics but it’s a nice tight fit.
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    Thanks for all the advice guys! Troy, The boat is a couple hours away so I haven’t seen it in person yet. I will definitely look those items over closely if we make the trip. It’s always great to have another set of eyes to catch that kind of stuff h2o, I Wasn’t trying to be nosy at all. Thanks for giving me an idea on price. Hopefully they have some negotiating room, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.
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    I have a 98 elite direct drive. It has been a great boat for me I have 1300 hours on it now. I feel like its a great family boat that has lots of room and you can still ski and wakeboard behind.
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    The cable is an Utraflex CPTOX10. They custom build only 3 or so per year. They can be ordered at boatingsolutions.com. Many calls to figure this one out.
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    Thought I would add an update to this post in case others have issues with the CATS fin. After the first time the CATS fin skewed sideways for no reason, and I'm not sure I hit anything, I would have to re-center it. I would loosen the nut a little, swim under the boat and center the fin then tighten the nut. This would seem to happen at least once a year for the last couple of years. So after happening again last weekend we decided to take it apart and see if we could find a permanent fix. It turns out the shear key had sheared off and the CATS shaft was only being held by the clamping force since the first failure. Brass has a shear strength of 34,000psi and the key is 1/4"x1" so it took 8500#'s of shear to fail? Crazy!
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    I have a 2014 SV244 that I do all my own maintenance, mine is still under warranty till March 2020 and I have done all my own work since 2016. You can do you own work when under warranty without risking issues, the key is to let the dealer do the 25hr service since that is required by PCM on engine warranty and they check a lot of misc things like alignment, etc. After that when you do work, you want to keep a detailed log as well as any receipts for oil, filters, etc. In your manual there is a log that you can write down everything and I have a file folder that I keep all receipts as well as scan them in so I also have a digital file. This will help you if anything comes up on warranty as well as help resale since you will have proof that boat was properly maintained. Winterizing is not that hard, just follow the steps in the right order and make sure you find all the drain plugs (there is one below the v-drive that can be hard to see). Personally after draining all the water from my engine, I then pump 5-6 gallons of the pink RV anti-freeze into the system (Lowes or Wal-Mart carry it). I use a transfer pump cause once the system is drained of water it does not always like to prime itself and start pulling fluid back thru it unless there is some pressure to start the fluid between the intake and the impeller, mine will suck air so the pump just makes it simple for me. Some people then drain the AF too, personally I leave it in the system since its supposed to help prevent corrosion but a lot of that depends on where you live and if you have high humidity. You don't have to put the AF thru the engine (many don't even in really cold environments like MN and Canada) but if you will not be doing that, I recommend that after you remove all the drain plugs you hook up the boat and tow it around for 10mins to shake any residual water looks from the nooks/crannies...also remove the impeller since it can trap water in the impeller housing. I also use a shop vac and as I remove each drain plug I put the nozzle against the hole to remove as much water as possible but main reason is that I figure that suction will remove any misc buildup or debris that may have been sucked up from the lake. (I have heard of people getting freeze damage after removing drain plugs cause one of the holes was blocked with debris and didn't allow all the water to drain out). Especially your first year you may wanna check your insurance policy and verify if you have freeze coverage or not, most insurance companies provide that as optional rider to your policy, I am with SkiSafe. Its worth also verifying what their process is IF you have to use it (some only cover if you took the boat to a "pro" to have it winterized, mainly cause they can then subrogate against the pro's insurance policy)....but this again is why you want to keep receipts/records of everything you buy and do. Since I live in NC and we ride till Thanksgiving each year.... then from Dec to March we usually get out once a month with wet-suits, I don't change my impeller or fuel filters till around April when the new season is about to start. You want to do the oil/filter change for sure tho to have fresh oil in there for the layup, newer engines don't need to have the cylinders fogged. Here is a good thread on winterizing....
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    Some of this conversation got thrown over to my other thread about wake shaping devices. Latest picture from a post work surf session: Back lockers: 750# fat sac in each (last night was first night out swapping out 250's in back for 750's: MAGICAL!) Center built-in: 250# Bow: 250# sand that was too volatile to move to back of the boat (normally would not use this bow weight unless the boat was full of people Human weight: 1 driver: 145#; 1 passenger sitting surf side: 145# I am using a DIY wave shaper that works incredibly. As a point of reference for wave height and length. I am 6'1'' and this wave was a solid waste high. The rope length was about 18-20'. When holding on to the handle I was not at the back of the wave yet and there was still plenty of push!
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    third season in an SV 230+ same year. Coming from '03 Avy. Ran my Avy listed old school and had great years surfing on it. Enzo wave way meatier and more push. I've run it listed and suck gate with great results. Put GSA on it and after a few initial hiccups got it dailed in and absolutely love it. I love the full rear sunpad and I don't mind the generous bow area which others seem to dislike. It is a sleek low profile back end but going from a slammed listed Avy it is easy to drive even for my wife and kids. 343 PCM has been solid with over 500 hours. I have FAE and A plate. Goofy wave is killer. Drainmaster vs Valterra valves are your biggest headache most likely but there are solutions. It wouldn't discourage me from purchasing it again. We only surf no wakeboard. I punctured all the tubes when my kids hit their teens.
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    I bought an Ri237 from Jason at Freedom and so far I love the boat and the service is great. Mark is the service manager and Weston is the boat mechanic. So far the boat and the service are great. My experience is totally different from Texifornian. I have Marks cell number and he responds even on his day off. The only service I’ve had is the regular service, but it was all performed dockside by Weston who is awesome. Hope the boat and the service both hold up.
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    @Troy I’m in Fort Worth! Lake worth is my go to lake at the moment. I would definitely like to join you guys sometime!
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    Sounds like Fineline is not the issue here. Fineline was beyond awesome when I needed some warranty stuff done and I had a horrible local dealer when that was happening. The factory actually went out of their way and approved me working thru another dealer due to that (I did not bash the dealer either, just explained everything and asked if possible to go to someone else....to their credit they read between the lines and approved it). Dealer gets paid for warranty repairs and if you bought the boat from them new they have no excuse to not make you a priority and get you back on water asap. Course whether they can give you a loaner boat while yours is being fixed depends on dealer size and their motivation to KEEP you as a customer. I now have a great local Centurion dealer and my boat has been great (2014 SV244). Thankfully my warranty issues were mostly cosmetic and I arranged to have my stuff addressed during layup. I think once you get these issues taken care of you are likely to have a great boat tho I know there is little comfort hearing that while weather is still nice and you should be using the boat. Nicole Turpin is super nice, she is who I dealt with at the Fineline factory when I was getting my issues ironed out in 2017, I recently spoke to her so know she is still there. Very responsive by phone and email, she would be a good person to speak to if you have not already started talks with someone else. Nicole Turpin ..... NTurpin@centurion-supreme.com For what its worth, I was careful to be very nice and explain the issues knowing my problem was the dealer and not the factory as well as the fact that the issues I was having were things that Fineline buys from 3rd parties. So it comes down to, how does Fineline handle the warranty process. For me, they have been top of the line and I am a Fineline customer for life. Most new boats have some issues to work thru tho you seem to be getting more than your share.
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    This will be my first time setting up a boat for surfing. I was thinking suck gate To start and add ballast somewhere down the road. Here’s a link to the boat: https://www.waterskiamerica.com/default.asp?page=xPreOwnedInventoryDetail&id=7679385&p=1&s=Year&d=A&t=preowned&fr=xPreOwnedInventory
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    Yes, you can check out Lake Mead, Lake Powell, and Havasu too.
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    Its likely a 3/4" outlet. Id go at least a 750 or 1000 gph as long as its the same outlet size. Good chance its also an external float. If so, id upgrade to a internal float/water sensor 3-wire pump.
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    I love these old boats. My classic boat is a Ski Nautique (1980), but God, I love these old boats.
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    @1jeffgignac hey! I actually misspoke. My boat is a 2009 elite C4. Same as yours. I plumbed in 2 750s in the rear lockers. They fit perfectly! I used the factory pump that fills the center tank, I put a “cross” and ball valves on each line. I can fill everything in about 12-15min or so. Not super great but a super cheap way to not have to mess with throw over pumps.
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    Bought my 08 Avy New in 2010. Wave is still awesome. I have 9 years of playing with my wave, every year I try something else to improve the wave and it usually does. My buddy just purchased a 2016 SV233 (ram, cats and quicksurf tabs). His wave is good and we are still trying to find the perfect setup for his boat, but I think my wave is taller, longer and more push. Again mine has been tinkered with for 9 years and his just a hand full of times out. Listed wave is much better than the tab wave on his and mine is always listed. If you need to swap back and forth quickly, get a new Centurion (Ri, Fi or Vi). If your family all rides goofy or regular then get an older boat, list it and run it and save a bunch of cash.
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    I believe they are stainless
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    I have received my new stainless brackets and I'm happy to agree! The transom mounts are remove and replace, with the holes lining up. The old mounts had countersunk screws, but the new mounts are not countersunk. So, I'm going to see if there is enough clearance between the transom mounts and the brackets to use stainless hex head bolts (hardware was not included). The new platform bracket holes are the same pattern as the old, but the new bracket is wider so the holes are relocated barely 3/8" from the original. Troy answered my question as to the composition of the plate (aluminum). I may try to capture one side of the original holes with the new bracket, and redrill/tap the other. However, I don't think the geometry from the mount will work. Troy, how close were you new holes to the old, and did you have any problems? J
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    Here’s a 19! Love it! Would definitely recommend a Centurion!
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    Will not be back to boat until next weekend can get what you need then. I would consider making them yourself, not much to them, checkout Sailrite.com they carry everything including tubing. Thinking about it I am actually shocked that you lost a front leg, they are connected to the frame. You need the two pointed at by red arrows and the one the arrow is point to on the right in the second picture? Topic I did on taking one down/putting it up if needed.
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    I decided to just do the upgrade/conversion over to the Valterra valves since I have the Ramfill. The kit I got from Fineline for the conversion had zero instructions, after about 6hrs of cussing and busting my knuckles cause I could not see anyway that the pieces when together perfectly..... I figured out a way to do it. I decided to just replace the 1) Ramfill valve on the fill gate so I could test before doing the rest of them. Good news is that after a 3hr surf session things were all good. The day after converting that fill valve to Valterra, Labrandon (who is the admin for the Centurion FB page) was able to track down and get me the factory instructions for the conversion. Funny cause the way they said to do it was impossible so I felt better about all the time I spent cussing when I tried to figure it out with no instructions or pics. The reason the factory instructions did not work exactly for me boiled down to all these boats being slightly different so the way the instructions read were impossible on my boat because one of the fittings for the vdrive was in the way by about 1/2". I was able to further confirm the difference when @JJOcean sent me pics of his Valterra conversion today that a dealer did for him (he has identical boat to me) and I could see from his pics that his fill gates had more clearance than my boat, between the hull scoop and the vdrive so factory instructions worked for his. Weird how identical year and model boat with basically all the same options were that different (by several inches at least). Stoked I got it figured out and working tho! Was also nice to see his pics and confirm I did it all correctly. I documented my conversion from the Ramfill to Valterra so I could post up the pics/info after I get time to finish the full conversion, still need to do the other fill gate and then the 2 drain gates (drain gates are easy, just need to tilt them so they clear the engine dividers....it was the fill side that had me stumped for a while since its definitely NOT plug and play). Figure that way in future if someone else wants to DIY this conversion at least there will be some searchable instructions and installation pictures. Appreciate everyone that tried to help me figure this out
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    I think there’s more to this story than we are getting. There’s always 2 sides to a story.
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    Exact opposite experience. I tow 4000 miles AZ to TN and back. No issues, fits like a glove, no poles, etc. Ri257, template was off slightly on first revision, sent back, had it back within a week. Awesome customer service, product works as advertised. Not a single chaffe in the gel, after literally thousands of miles towing, through torrential rains, etc. Evo covers are fantastic, read any forum, malibu, Nautique doesn't matter, evo covers are awesome! Not surprised a dealer recommends OEM though....
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    Try this.... 100% PNP both sides, 100% RamFill Starboard side no RamFill on the port side. if you have only 3-4 people no bow filled is key. 30 cats and 40 trim. Ill upload photos later of my wave at 11.2 it is stunning and has stupid push all the way from the white wash. If you have more than 2 people in the back you can fill the bow up.
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    Now why would you do that? You've got a 40 foot wave!!!! Maybe you can get a 60 foot wave outta that FS
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    the IAC muffler/filter goes inside the manifold. In this picture right at the 6 O'clock position in that little square box. Hopefully you can see the red writing on the picture with the arrow.

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