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  1. Is that on your FS? Been debating getting one for my 33... did you notice a big difference?
  2. FS44 Fall/winter mod

    Good to hear! u listing, using a suck gate or using QS?
  3. mission delta / FS44

    I run the SWELL wake shaper that's advertised on this site on my 2015 FS33. I still can't believe how good suck gates work on these boats. Don't think I will ever list mine again. Actually sold most of my lead because You don't need it since you can fill both rams (kept 200lbs for the bow). I have a thread on this site w pix.
  4. Swell on a FS33

    Put some time in last weekend w the Swell. Ocassionally i set up for the kids to surf. I always tame down the wave so it's not very intimidating. One time I filled just the rams. NO pnp's, no lead, 3 adults 2 kids. Slapped on the swell and actually had a descent little wave for them. I added a little QS just to try it and was amazed. The pic is of my 13yr old nephew first time surfing. I actually had to ride the wave just to see if it had push. Not as good as with full ballast and the swell but the swell/QS combo was a VERY quick set up with a surfable wave.
  5. Mission wakesurf VS wake shaper

    I use the SWELL and have tested a few of the competition. Honestly they all pretty much do the same thing. Size really didn't matter much. The owner is a local Mn guy that I met this spring and I have seen on the lake a few times. The SWELL works, price is low, it looks good and it floats, can't ask for much better product! Plus he contributes to CCrew. I would highly recommend it. I will post some pix soon
  6. Swell on a FS33

    Agree w stoked, no way I'm drilling holes when I can suction a gate on in 5 seconds. What's funny is it's essentially the surfgate like Malibu but there waves lack push and mine doesn't. It's gotta be the deeper v-hull. I hear the newer Malibu's w there deeper hull surf awesome.
  7. Swell on a FS33

    Also, we recently tested the competition and they all basically worked the same. I really didn't notice a difference with the larger suck gates. He has a SWELL XL we are going to try but after testing some of the larger gates I doubt it will do much better and make it to production. I like how it fits under my seat.
  8. Swell on a FS33

    I honestly think we had it pretty good last season. I ran it for just over 100 hours and probably half of it was w another crew member that has a Ri237. He ran 110 hours on his Ri and I was on it for almost half (yes we had an awesome summer!) we spent a lot of time playing with the waves. I never ran 1000lbs lead but did run some very heavy loads (200 lead, plus 800 between sumo's) & occasionally had 8-10 people on. Sometimes it was better than others but I don't think I could have had it much better.
  9. Swell on a FS33

    Couldn't agree more, I'm sold on the suck gates. We ran 4 hours Monday, myself another CC member with a Ri237 and the SWELL guy (I'm waiting for gorpro and drone footage to post some pix). I have to be honest, I was very apprehensive about the suck gate but since I started using it I have gotten to know Adam (SWELL guy) and ridden with him a few times testing it. I don't want everyone to think I'm just plugging his product because the gates do work. I know what you mean about bow ballast. All that ramfill requires extra otherwise the wave is steep. I ran 200 up front under the bow filler but will try another 100 next time. With me driving 210lbs, one surfer and one guy shooting video (200lbs) we could definitely notice a difference when the guy doing video was on the back corner shooting.
  10. Swell on a FS33

    Wave pix can be so misleading. If you have ever shot them you know what I mean. A GoPro down low can make any wave look descent. An iPhone shot from the drivers seat... terrible! I can say after running my Swell now for 20 hours I will no longer be listing. Yes gas consumption may be up a bit but when u spend this kind of money on a boat what's a little more to get a better wave and the simplicity of flipping side to side. Here is a shot from today. My 12 year old. She is tall for 12 years 5'4". This is shot from rear facing seat port side (not the best angle)
  11. I remember reading your thread last year while shopping for props. I definitely think the extra bow ballast and tab help reaching surf speed and keeping rpm's down. Plus I think it lengthens the wave put.
  12. I'm curious what kind of rpm guys listing with lead are getting. Running rams 20%/100% drops 1280lbs (off full) or even 30%/100% drops 1120lbs. So 1000lbs lead (which I know guys do) brings the total ballast close to what I'm running with the SWELL.
  13. A few days earlier I ran two goofy set ups with nearly full fuel.... FIRST SET UP----- All Pnp overfill, rams- 70% port, 100% starboard, 200 lbs lead (100lbs on each side of engine divider) Plus myself, one guy (400lbs) Total ballast 4770lbs The goofy wave at 11.5mph was 3550rpm. Tab @ 70, cats@-25 SECOND SET UP----- All Pnp overfill, rams- 60% port, 80% starboard, 200 lbs lead (100lbs on each side of engine divider) Plus myself, one guy (400lbs) Total ballast 4290lbs The goofy wave at 11.2mph was 3150rpm, Tab @ 70, cats@-30
  14. I'm currently running the Swell Wakeshaper (advertised on this site) Not sure if my ballast numbers are correct but I'm going off an old post. Here is what I'm basing everything off... Total ballast 4650lbs rams full 3200lbs (1600 ea) Rear pnp 900lbs (450 ea) Bow 550lbs Last time out here was my set up with nearly full fuel.... All Ballast Overfilled (yes, rams and all pnp's overflowing) plus 200 lbs lead. 100lbs in bow @ 100lbs port along engine divider. Plus myself, wife & 3kids (600lbs) Total ballast 5450 I run the zr409 with a acme 1615 prop (14.5"x13.75") at 800' elevation. The regular wave at 11.5mph was 3800rpm. Tab @ 75, cats @ 10 The wave was awesome. I ran 70hours last year (in 3 months) perfecting my listed wave and this is definitely better with a wakeshaper.
  15. Trying to compare some data between listing and using a wakeshaper. Wondering what everyone is running at? Please post critical data. motor, prop, elevation, total ballast, speed and type (listing, QS, wakeshaper-brand also) thanks!

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