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  1. I cross vented, but I mostly list. Not sure how much that matters if your running level. I placed mine with the existing vents/drains. I think newer boat's have the vents further forward to eliminate draining when underway. Basically you want them placed so they won't drain when you're underway. With a blank slate it's up to you on what route you want to go.
  2. New Fi25

    I saw this pic on Instagram: It's also up on the centurion site now: https://centurionboats.com/boats/fi25/
  3. I like the visual of emptying out the side, however, I think the check valves may be giving me problems with getting the pumps to prime. I bought some rubber stoppers to test that theory. Less holes on the side of your boat too. Definitely easier to go out the bottom. I'm interested to know how it goes with the one pump filling/emptying two bags at the same time.
  4. I would start with checking all the wiring connections, if you’ve already tried putting a working fuse in. Make sure all the connections are tight.
  5. Seems like you’re missing another T or Y and a check valve for the other bag’s vent if you want to dump above water. May also need more thru-hull fittings? If you dump out the bottom, you have what you need. Are you going to control which bag fills separately? Because you’d need some shut-off valves to do that.
  6. New Fi25

    I was thinking the same thing! Big difference is the tower, I thought there would for sure be debate on that - looks, racks, speakers. I see the garage specs have it at 29.5 feet long!
  7. Thanks Wylie! Worked just as you said in the on position. I do intend to get a dual bank charger.
  8. First post here is how I did mine. But, I have more check valves because I did a single thru-hull with two pumps. Also opted for dumping out the side instead of bottom, which is likely the culprit to my problem. At any rate, I would guess the one check valve on the line is for vent line and loose may be for the other vent line. Assuming you’re going to empty out the bottom? How are you planning to plumb both bags off of the single pump?
  9. I have a dual bank setup with blue sea switch and ACR. I don’t currently have a dual bank smart charger. Can I give both batteries a quick top off with the switch off? Or what is the best route to go without a smart charger? Hoping to not disconnect, but obviously can. Also interested in recommendations for smart charger. Thanks crew!
  10. Kids wake surf boards

    I have the scamp for my nieces and nephews. 10 year old nephew has started to ride it the past two years. I think my 8 year old niece will graduate from riding with me to the scamp. I like the idea of that zup too, nice find H.
  11. Thanks Wylie! I’ll give that a shot the next time I’m out.
  12. I’ve had this continued problem of the Johnson reversible pumps that I installed not getting suction to draw water in. Attached is a diagram of my setup. I have removed the shutoff valves and crossover as I thought that may have been the source of the problem. So pumps are now dedicated to each bag. Not that it matters, but bags are also 1100s. The only way they seem to work is if I get a decent amount of water in the bag using tsunami pump and then reverse a little so it starts to drain and then switch to pump in. I’m wondering if an air leak or faulty check valves would cause this? I have tried changing impellers with no luck, and reason I don’t think it is that is the pumps do work once they get suction. Any ideas? This has been a pain basically since install and yesterday seemed to be worse (took longer than normal to get suction and maintain it). Thanks!
  13. Elite c4 surf and value?

    The pink dipstick is transmission. The other is the v drive. The transmission fluid is pretty easy to change. I do it most years with winterization. The v drive I haven’t changed, there’s a post in diy section on how to do it. I was going to do it, but looks like a huge PITA. I’ve read to not change it unless it’s milky which means it got water in it. Also may depend on how many hours you’re putting on.
  14. Posting pictures?

    Yes, I agree. Have to find the right balance without being intrusive. Admin would ultimately decide where to place on the site.
  15. Posting pictures?

    I like @wheels idea, but may require more legwork. It may not be everyone's (or anyone's) favorite, but Google Adsense would be more of a set it and forget it way to monetize the site with advertising. I assume there is decent enough traffic to get some bucks, no idea how much. I think you can tailor it a bit so the ads would be more relevant to the content of this site. Maybe put them on the site for non-paying members? I'd be willing to help with it if it's of interest. This is the only site I pay a membership for, and it has definitely paid off over the years.

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