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  1. Elite c4 surf and value?

    The pink dipstick is transmission. The other is the v drive. The transmission fluid is pretty easy to change. I do it most years with winterization. The v drive I haven’t changed, there’s a post in diy section on how to do it. I was going to do it, but looks like a huge PITA. I’ve read to not change it unless it’s milky which means it got water in it. Also may depend on how many hours you’re putting on.
  2. Posting pictures?

    Yes, I agree. Have to find the right balance without being intrusive. Admin would ultimately decide where to place on the site.
  3. Posting pictures?

    I like @wheels idea, but may require more legwork. It may not be everyone's (or anyone's) favorite, but Google Adsense would be more of a set it and forget it way to monetize the site with advertising. I assume there is decent enough traffic to get some bucks, no idea how much. I think you can tailor it a bit so the ads would be more relevant to the content of this site. Maybe put them on the site for non-paying members? I'd be willing to help with it if it's of interest. This is the only site I pay a membership for, and it has definitely paid off over the years.
  4. Elite c4 surf and value?

    The T-valve mentioned in this thread is a nice mod to run on the hose instead of the fake-a-lake. It also makes winterizing a lot easier.
  5. March Video - Picture Thread!

    Got my new board ready to go with some chaos fins and going to try Viskus traction. Now it just needs to be summer.
  6. Removal is easy with a heat gun. It may work with a hair dryer. Just make sure to keep it moving. I didn’t have any fading or color mismatch. There is a little bit of an outline when looking close (and I know it’s there). Probably some wax buildup or something. I plan to get my boat detailed this spring and think it will buff out.
  7. How’d she end up liking it? I just pulled the trigger on the carbon fiber/bamboo 4’6”. It was a good deal through the swell guys. But I’m having a little buyer’s remorse, because I do have a lakewakes hooligan that I really like and feels lighter. Also the fins seem cheap to me, but I’m not an expert in that front.
  8. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    Does the 226 have two exhaust ports? I thought they were single. I have the last one pictured, I didn't notice any changes to wave. I've seen on here that the single exhaust guys were having spray issues, but I think FAE made some design changes to resolve that.
  9. I’ve always left in, and prop open. I’m planning to pull them out this year for better ventilation and hoping better to keep mice out. I’ve had a minor mouse problem past two winters... I also pull the carpet.
  10. Agreed on the Starbrite. I usually dilute with water in bucket and apply with brush, but I just get discoloration from a weekend floating in the water on one of the lakes we stay at. It doesn't take much, and it works like a magic eraser! The spray bottle sounds like a good idea for a thick scum line.
  11. Thanks Nate! Glad I could help Carguy, good luck!
  12. This is the first year that I have pulled more goofy's. Now you've got me thinking that I may have to give heelside a try some time. I've been using the Swell suckgate to help switching sides quicker, but that's a different topic. My mirror is also the same as Nate's. I can get most of the goofy wave, but it doesn't quite turn enough. This has been a good topic! I've seen the mirror placement like Nate - tried it, but didn't like it there. I sit on the bolster and look over the windshield and not through it... I was curious if the tower mounts are better if they give a gap.
  13. Nice, I might have to try that. I should've mentioned I pull very few goofy riders so hasn't been a huge issue.
  14. Not the exact same mirror, but I put mine on left windshield. I put over enough so mirror doesn't hang into walkway. I haven't had issues with people bumping it...
  15. Likely my last ride of the season, but I managed to finally ride out a 360! Started a video with progression, when I was getting close, but not riding out...

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