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  1. 2006 Avalanche

    I don’t have a heater, but believe they are almost all made by heatercraft. Could find your model here and looks like they have install guides online. https://heatercraft.com/collections/heaters-1 I know they use the engine block water to get the heat, may not be circulating the water?
  2. 2013 v227 hour meter question

    If my key is on acc, the hour meter will tick. I don’t need it on for any of the accessories, so hasn’t been an issue. I’m guessing they leave it on, but would depend how it’s wired. As stated, there’s an easy way to find out. Good luck!
  3. Welcome, this is the correct spot. What questions do you have and someone will help answer. Also the search may help in finding answers too.
  4. 2004 Typhoon 2nd plug

    It should be up by/in front of your v drive. Does your middle seat in back flip up? That is where mine is. I assume typhoon is similar.
  5. Air warrior is the trim package. It’s hard to read the black writing on the back side, but I think it says it is a Typhoon. I believe that is a shorter version of an Avalanche - 22ft vs 23ft. I’m not as familiar with those models, I know many surf the Avalanche. The walkthrough is in reference to the rear lockers. Some of the Avalanches have a walkthrough in the rear. This is less desirable for the goofy footed surfers, because you can’t fit larger ballast in it versus a locker. This boat does not have that issue... It looks like a clean boat!
  6. Hour meter

    Not sure how the newer boats are, but the hour meter typically will run if the key is on. I’ve been working on mine and heard the hour meter tick with the key in the on position. I don’t typically leave key on as I can listen to stereo without key on when floating. If it is a concern, a dealer can hook up to motor and get actual engine hours.
  7. Panel savers

    Here are mine. I didn’t use c channel, but the concept is the same.
  8. New Fi25

    I agree, I don’t actively check fb. I did join the groups this week, but I prefer the forum format vs endlessly scrolling.
  9. Belts and Pulleys

    Reviving this thread. I just ordered the dayco parts for 5.7 Black Scorpion. Interested how everything went with the folks on this thread if still active on here? Here’s what I ordered from Amazon: Dayco belt: 5060878 Dayco Pulley: 89009 Dayco Pulley: 89014 I’ll post up results of fitment after install. Thanks for the part number info!
  10. I cross vented, but I mostly list. Not sure how much that matters if your running level. I placed mine with the existing vents/drains. I think newer boat's have the vents further forward to eliminate draining when underway. Basically you want them placed so they won't drain when you're underway. With a blank slate it's up to you on what route you want to go.
  11. New Fi25

    I saw this pic on Instagram: It's also up on the centurion site now: https://centurionboats.com/boats/fi25/
  12. I like the visual of emptying out the side, however, I think the check valves may be giving me problems with getting the pumps to prime. I bought some rubber stoppers to test that theory. Less holes on the side of your boat too. Definitely easier to go out the bottom. I'm interested to know how it goes with the one pump filling/emptying two bags at the same time.
  13. I would start with checking all the wiring connections, if you’ve already tried putting a working fuse in. Make sure all the connections are tight.
  14. Seems like you’re missing another T or Y and a check valve for the other bag’s vent if you want to dump above water. May also need more thru-hull fittings? If you dump out the bottom, you have what you need. Are you going to control which bag fills separately? Because you’d need some shut-off valves to do that.
  15. New Fi25

    I was thinking the same thing! Big difference is the tower, I thought there would for sure be debate on that - looks, racks, speakers. I see the garage specs have it at 29.5 feet long!

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