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  1. Walter V Drive leaking oil

    Good post from almost 10 years ago! I’m headed outside to see if this fixes my leaky v drive on my Enzo?
  2. Thats what i was talking about! And it even had pics! Perfect! thanks for helping out.
  3. Thanks Troy, i was feeling like no one was on the site! i appreciate the help and i will check out that post when i get home from work. thanks again, Ron
  4. new centurian owner as of last week.....can anyone tell me where to get manuals for my 2007 enzo SV23? Ive seen some guys say they had the same problem and guys have suggested sites that want you to download some kind of internet service first. Is there somewhere i could order a service manual or a place that has a parts list for my boat? thanks for any help!

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