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  1. Have you tried to tighten the ram at the point where the top joins the shaft? I have a single shaft hydraulic ram and it was leaking like yours is. I had to tighten mine and it stopped leaking. I also had to check the amount of fluid in the reservoir to make sure it was full afterward from what had leaked out.
  2. Switched Brands

    We rode on a Supra SE a couple of years back and we were pleasantly surprised with the wave, fit and finish, and overall appearance! My son even said when he was old enough to own one, he was buying a Supra! He was 10 so I don't know if I will have one in the garage very soon or not. What does it have under the hood? Raptor 575 hp?
  3. Your Stock tanks (if they are the rectangular tanks like mine were) are only about 225 lbs each. Do as @Rhale stated and trash the whole stock setup and add a ton of weight. You will love it listed! It grows on you! Here is my build!
  4. The only place I could find them was on Bakesonline.com. They are $500 there. http://www.bakesonline.com/detail.aspx?ID=3271
  5. I'm excited for you and @surf moocher to hit Powell together!!! You may move from Texas to Utah once you go there!!! Officially since you are USM certified, you would fit right in!
  6. Daaaaaaaaannnnnnnngggggg!!! Missed out on the get together it looks like!!! Glad you guys got together to hang out without me!!! @Bigcatpt @surf moocher @duramat @RhuntIII
  7. Anything yet Shaka? I took a few pics of what mine are looking like right now. Dark side is definitely worse on my boat because it doesn't get used as much on that side!!!
  8. New kid in town

    Are these DarksideR ridden, test flown and approved?
  9. Before I purchased my Enzo, I was going to pull the trigger on an MB Sport B-52. We actually have two right now in the family and they throw an impressive wave without a lot of tweaking involved. Some people don't like the captains area and I admit that it could be better, but interior and upholstery are holding up well to the rigors of use! I wouldn't count one out if I was looking again.
  10. Like this??? This is on the Black scorpion, but yes, it works and is awesome!
  11. If it hadn't been run then you are probably ok, but I would get a spare and store it in the boat! Or you could replace it and keep the old one as a spare on the boat also.
  12. March pictures and videos

    She could have ripped your shorts off like that!!! That would have been quite the proposal pic!
  13. Here is my post on what I did. http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php?/topic/9914-Ballast-Build---2008-Enzo-SV-240---It-Begins I had 5 tanks and 5 switches along with two ballast puppy pumps. You could modify yours pretty easily though with a little work.
  14. So you only have 2 valves? How are your switches set up?
  15. A lot of it depends on your elevation. If you are at sea level, 857 is probably fine, but those of us that are up a bit higher have gone to the 1579 as Dreamer stated.

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