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  1. As I flew over Texas this morning on the way back from Georgia, I kinda started to get teary eyed thinking of all the fun I was missing down below! It wasn't in the cards for me either this year! Be safe my friends! Maybe sometime!!!
  2. Well Done!!! Love the crew flag flying!
  3. New Member Intro!

    Exactly what Cdifranc and Stoked said! Read up on the mods and problems that the group is having since you have three locations you will be a great influence to our community. Welcome to the site!
  4. Need to get another crew deal going on them vests again so we can think about buying this boat!!! BABY STEPS!!! BABY STEPS!!!
  5. I kind of feel like the air was let out of my balloon!!!! PSSSSSSSSssssss......
  6. Waiting for Nate to pipe in on the analysis with video and surf wave Pics!

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