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  1. I have an 07 avy C4. Bought new and to this date, no regrets. I’ll answer a few of your questions. Other folks will chime in and after a few days of good banter, you’ll have a good feel whether this boat should be in your driveway or not. This boat, like mine, has a deep V hull. Smooth ride in chop not to mention one of the best boats to surf behind. Walk thru cooler is an engineering mess. The cooler is actually part of the boat, which means it warms up pretty quick. What I did to keep the space functional is install 2 gas struts to the cover/lid. Lost track of how many times that cover was abused. I also bought a decent cooler that sits nicely in the walk-thru. Really, the only issues I’ve had with our boat is two head gaskets giving out (both repairs were covered by warranty). That was 10+ year’s ago. A common issue with the older Centurions is gauges crapping out (tach #1 with Perfect Pass a close second). Stay true to the recommended service work and you and your family will create memories for many years on your 06 avy.

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