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  1. Toss the sprinkler system and your problems will go away
  2. Trailer thud on acceleration normal?

    Sounds like just the surge brakes to me
  3. What boat ? perfect pass has great customer service and has always been quick at replying to my questions
  4. Saw this one on kijji in Campbell river for a while wondered why it was still for sale seemed like a good deal
  5. I did the rocker thing for a while wasn’t the greatest missed the gauge
  6. I had the same problem when my switchblade quit it ended up being the computer which is discontinued
  7. That’s a good idea thanks for quick response
  8. upgrading the stereo this off season anyone else have issues fitting the ws-650 in the side speaker locations ? is everyone else using spacer rings ? thanks for the help
  9. How does the polly system work ?
  10. 2006 SV230 Ballast Set Up

    I’ve got 2 pumps going to it just replacing the Enzo sac with a custom sac more weight the better just don’t have boar here to measure locker
  11. 2006 SV230 Ballast Set Up

    Anyone have the dimensions for the custom sac i know there was a PDF floating around somewhere wakemakers has a PDF for an 04 enzo 230 our boats a 2008 probably the same just want to make sure thanks
  12. Bunch of threads on wake world about epics. With all the stories of them sinking I think I'd stay away Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Surfing the Okanagan

    I'd suggest osoyoos warmest lake in Canada and little annual precipitation Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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