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  1. 2017 Centurion Ri217

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Equipped with everything you need and want and nothing you don't - Priced to sell, under 100K! Options include luxury carpet kit, full ballast (Ram, PNP, Bow), CATS, Quicksurf Pro, swivel MAG racks, cover, bimini, ice breaker package, limo lights, Extreme trailer with spare, etc. Ready to go and priced to sell!


  2. Holy cow it has been a busy summer . . . . . Work and Surf what else is there?

  3. Our New Location

    Outside for the most part, but there is a lot of room in our service dept to show during the wet months and we are planning another expansion in the relatively near future that will either include a separate 100x100 boat showroom on the property, or we are going to bring out the taller portion of the building 30 feet to add boats. Time will tell . . . . .
  4. Our New Location

    We are not, and haven't been for over 20 years, but when we started 55 years ago we were so the name will always be Hillside. Like Bongo said we are on 5 acres now too, so makes towing in and out very easy.
  5. Our New Location

    2575 South Main Street in Lakeport! Just a couple quick photos of our 1st day open. Its been crazy busy and we still have a lot of setting up to do, but for those in Northern California your dealer now has a much better location to serve you!
  6. To Supreme boat dealers-interior vinyl availability

    You can ask your local dealer to try and get it from Fineline for you (or I am happy to inquire for you), but I found that our local upholstery shop could get the same style material. It may not be the same "brand" but we had a customer who wanted the lime green carbon fiber on the chin pad of a stand up jetski and our vinyl shop had it.
  7. I agree 100% . . . . I have been begging for a V246 with 2K+ per side long before Fineline even got involved with Supreme, let along C.C. I really thought with Fineline eliminating the "bag" option in the Centurion's (mistake in my opinion as well) that we would have that moving into Supreme now. WHY NOT??? Yeah, keeps the cost down, but then the end buyer has to do it anyway. I'll keep my hopes up and knowing they are reading this they can add that option to the build sheet really really easy . . . . Just like the Enzo's used to be, Quick fill + PNP + PRO + Bow - BAMMMMMMMMMM, now you have a 238 the RIGHT WAY!
  8. Get some weight in it . . . just like the 226 the stock ballast is no where near enough, I've heard wakemakers already has measured it and I can only assume Fly High is right there as well. The wakemakers kit in my 15' 226 takes it from ehhhh to ohhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh and its a simple install anybody can do. I have heard some amazing things when its got some weight in it!
  9. ANNOUNCEMENT: Centurion Boats updates website

    Go Facebook!

    Venue for Owner's Reunion
  11. misc

  12. ANNOUNCEMENT: Centurion Quick Surf System

    I was curious how long it before the cat came out of the bag. Now hopefully they can come up with a retro-fit kit to add them to existing 2014-2015 models? Funny . . . . this is the 1st year I go against my rule of not ordering any boats until after the Jan. 1st and they come out with this. ^^^ Agreed with SSM NJ - better interior vinyl is what we needed most! At the Polar Bear the FS33 was the most popular boat and wave, however every comment from every rider stated the vinyl was a step below ALL of the other boats at the event.
  13. PICTURES: 2015 Supreme Boats at 2014 Surf Expo

    No 24 footer this year Ahhhhhh - the "S226" is the "new" model for Supreme, I was really hoping for a "S246" or something, I guess FS33 for me next season.
  14. The last few 2014's have gotto go! The deals are now!

  15. SNEAK PEAK: 2015 Centurion Boats Surf Edition

    The issue is, Supreme and Centurion are the same price, however the boats are so different our clients usually know which one they prefer as soon as they sit in them . . . the Supreme is super tall and a pickle-fork and the Centurion is the sportier feel and conventional bow. The S21 and SS210 are about the same cost as well as the V226 and SS230. Supreme and Centurion are so different that I think they will do well marketing them as equals in the lower price market. Both 21 footers are still in the upper 50's moderately equipped, so bring in the Avy for less and own the market - there isn't a new v-drive available for 50K, other than maybe a Sanger so at that Centurion would kill it, hell used 4-5 year old Avy's are on the market for 50K. The reason the Avy went away last year was manly due to the price - as soon as they reduced cost on the SS210 within 1-2K of the Avy away it went - So drop the price on the Avy - the molds have paid for themselves 100 times over!

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