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  1. 2017 Centurion Ri217

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Equipped with everything you need and want and nothing you don't - Priced to sell, under 100K! Options include luxury carpet kit, full ballast (Ram, PNP, Bow), CATS, Quicksurf Pro, swivel MAG racks, cover, bimini, ice breaker package, limo lights, Extreme trailer with spare, etc. Ready to go and priced to sell!


  2. New 2017 Boat Videos

    Awesome work guys! Thank You!!
  3. Looking 4 a 2015-16 SV233-244

    That was the boat you demo'd prior to pulling the trigger
  4. Looking 4 a 2015-16 SV233-244

  5. Looking 4 a 2015-16 SV233-244

    It has the H5
  6. Looking 4 a 2015-16 SV233-244

    I have a loaded FS33 that I will take 95 for if you are interested in an FS - the thing has every option damn near. http://hillsidepowersports.com/Power-Boats-Inboard-Centurion-Enzo-FS33-2016-Lakeport-CA-1639379f-f617-4e5f-ae02-a6f80165bbb5
  7. Looking 4 a 2015-16 SV233-244

    I just had to go get one 1500 miles away for a client, found a new 2015 model still at the dealer and I can sell and warranty as new for our client. I have another client that is "off and on" with selling his - watch Sac clist - its a loaded up 2013 blue with tons of stereo, a-plate, etc. I tried buying the one at Mello, but they want too much for it. If I see something I'll let you know.
  8. Kids and surfing/wake boarding

    I would love to sell every boat in Northern California, but honestly its not that big of a deal, we sold over 600 units for 2016 and I don't know if I could handle any more lol!! I would just like to have a 257 customer - its not about the sale, its about the relationship. Chowder is the only 257 owner in Cali and yes I would love for him to say he bought it from me, but other than that its all good. Thanks H! The lake is full buddy, time to order my demo and get busy!
  9. Kids and surfing/wake boarding

    Damn 237, then a 257 here in our backyard, nice! Give your local dealer a shot when it comes time for the next upgrade The easiest for RV and boat is KV Casino, it has fuel, ramp, slips, etc. But if I had an RI and being that short of a drive I would rent a lake house and leave the 5th at home.
  10. Kids and surfing/wake boarding

    It can change every year, but there is usually always good water somewhere. The past few years have been excellent, very clean throughout the season and we are looking at a very wet winter so this year should be another great one! There's a good number of Centurions on the water every weekend and a lot of our customers throughout the Bay Area and Valley come up for weekend trips - its a great place.
  11. Kids and surfing/wake boarding

    What H recommended is great, I actually have his (have been borrowing for an extended period of time lol) Obrien Jimmy Jam and have been working with my now 4 year old. I am confident she will go rope less this year, we have found that allowing her to actually stand on the board between our legs and sort of get the feel works well. I see you in here in Northern Cali as well Chowder - if you get up to the Northbay for a weekend let us know!
  12. 2016 DEMO SV233 - THE END OF AN ERA

    She's not gone yet, deal pending, but nothing in stone. Thanks for the invite, if we were going to be in town I would take you up on it!!!
  13. 2016 DEMO SV233 - THE END OF AN ERA

    I have been wanting to reach out, just been a VERY busy summer. The boat looks amazing, mine and yours! You need to get some Rev's up on that tower.
  14. 2016 DEMO SV233 - THE END OF AN ERA

    Well its time to let her go to a new home. Its kind of bitter sweet this time, beings that the original SV lineup is gone. I am and always will be a HUGE fan of the 233 and its sort of the boat that started it all, maybe it should be in a museum
  15. FS33 in 2017?

    I am glad we were able to secure a 2016 FS33, I will leave it at that. Everyone will know more after next weekend.

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