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  1. Hey thank you for the response I haven't been in any cell or internet range since I posted that forum... So I called my local stereo shop and their just going to handle everything since I don't want to screw anything up after reading your response! However I am looking for any recommendation for a high amp multiple bank charger since you said would require 30 to 40 amps.... I run a Genius smart charger 4 bank which is 4.4 amps... 1.1 amps per bank which tops off my 2 batteries overnight... but their running off the alternator when the boat is on so they have some juice when I pull the boat out for the night so I understand that I need a lot stronger charger if i'm running those batteries all the way down and unable to rely on the alternator and expecting them to be fully charged for the next day... I'll have a total of 4 batteries Thank You
  2. Hey guys, I am not knowledgeable when it comes to stereo systems or what batteries to run. I currently run 6 Wetsounds SW-65 Interior Speakers, 4 Rev 10 Tower speakers off of a single amp (possibly going to split the pair and add a second amp to the tower speakers), i run a Wetsounds 12" Sub with its separate amp and I currently run 2 batteries in the boat. Over memorial day I am now jealous of the boats that don't have to shut their system off after draining their stereo battery fairly early in the day. My question to you guys is how many additional batteries do you feel I should run along with what brand and model? Thank you in advance
  3. S238 tow vehicles

    I tow my S238 with a 2015 Ford F-150 3.0L V6 Ecoboost. It pulls it surprisingly really well for a large boat. I have put in some long hauls of 5-6 hours one way with some steep grades and I was absolutely impressed
  4. Thank you @Cwazy1 I forgot that you had mentioned actual products in my last thread. Much appreciated!
  5. Hey guys recently wrote a post asking ideas for California Winterization tips for an S238 and got incredible feedback which I thank everyone of you! Found a good solution for a cover and dehumidifier bags to keep it nice and dry/protected. Also temperatures may creep down just under 32 degrees for no more than a few hours maybe a couple times, so i'm taking the advice on just putting a heater inside the engine compartment to just keep the mind at peace without the hassle of full winterization when it may not be needed. Also will fill the tanks and add fuel Stabilizer. Does anyone have any good recommendations through personal experience or experience of others who use this technique and what good heaters are recommended out there? If anyone has a strong feelings as to this not being a good technique for this winter I am always open for suggestions. Thank You!
  6. YeH that’s really about all Hollister has to offer people who don’t reside here ha... but the weather is absolutely the best and it’s centrally located to a lot of places... Hollister Hills wa any life haha moto’ing all day everyday until all the injuries ha now I slowed it down a bit.. Thank you guys for all your responses! I was fortunate to find that Nick is from this area and has some solid advice on how he winterizes/stores his boat for winter, I like his shipping cover idea with dehumidifier bags and since his shop is 30 minutes from me I figured that is my best bet if I have to keep it outdoors this winter... luckily this is the only winter that I have to worry about keeping it outdoors
  7. Yes Nick that is exactly where I am! You close by? @Nick213
  8. @InfinitySurfthank you very much that’s a good idea with the engine heater, I’ll have to start taking a look at those online... and yes I think I can get a nice big tarp from Costco for around 100 bucks, had a buddy say he buys one of those every 2 years depending how bad it was damaged through any (if any) storms... I am planning on getting a custom cover that goes over tower/speakers all the way down to the trailer and then tarping on top of that... so sounds like disconnect batteries, fuel stabilizer, and investing in a tarp and engine heater in the worst case scenario of not having the shop built up by then... thank you guys
  9. Perfect, what about mechanically... fuel stabilizer? I read up and heard about fogging cylinders, that kind of thing in temperamental weather... I haven’t tried your setup yet! Have a heat wave and some time off work this week so I’m going to be playing with your setup along with a lot of others I wrote down from the setup thread @MFaso I’ll get some pics this week and throw them up when I feel like I got the wake setup
  10. Hope you all are doing well, I am a new Supreme S238 owner and although i've been around boats my entire life and the lake I haven't had to deal with maintenance or anything. I live in a pretty temperamental part of California where winters, if we even get any rain, are pretty mellow and not harsh. We do dip down into 32 degrees maybe once in a long while and maybe one early morning might hit 28 on rare occasion. I want to make this boat last so I am turning to you guys for some great input and advice and I appreciate all your guys time! Hopefully it will be stored indoors this winter but with winter approaching a few of our indoor options are family and friends racing to build up a shop in time for the rain. If not we will keep it outdoors under a custom cover. This area it isn't uncommon to still take the boat out during winter for some shred sessions, but I want to do enough winterization that protects this thing keeping it like new for many years to come. Thank You!

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