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  1. ok wife ruled blue... so there you have it. going to put a boatplugguy.com 16000 lumen boat plug light with no drilling required. Ordered a Matrix for me a Scamp for my son and I cant remember what the wife's board is called. See everyone on the forum. Added interior pic. its ALL hex vinyl
  2. Boom! So just locked it down. Pulled the trigger on a new VI22 fully loaded! Thank you for helping guys. look forward to posting more down the road. I did have one question: It has all blue led lighting (boat interior, speakers, sub) however the downfire have red led. They gave me a 500 dollar credit to change these to blue. Would you keep or change and spend the money on the one upgrade it didnt have but I want which is LED Transom lights. Would it look out of place to have the Red led? They use BlastLED.com for the transom light. I thought I saw a wetsounds transom light that looked cool. not sure if anyone can chime in here. I dig the orange!
  3. Ok, first, thank you for the replies and help. I am going to try and nail down a boat over the weekend and have it narrowed down to the... 2014 SV233 with 125 hours and the Tige 2017 Z3 150 hours which is about 12k more money. Any last thoughts are welcome to help get me over the hump. both boats are close to 4500 lbs and can safely be towed. I really didnt hear any thoughts on going with a heavier boat pushing my 7000 lbs tow capabilities to the max.
  4. That wake looks pretty darn good!
  5. Wow! thank you Dreamer... that means the 244 is probably out. I have to throw something else out there. I am talking with a private seller about a 2017 Tige Z3 taps 3 that the wife absolutely loves the looks and styling of. I know that Tige might be off topic but can anyone chime in on this one... Its somehow is the lightest boat of all choices at 4500lbs and would be right in my tow range. and the wife is saying yes to a more expensive boat. yay. Ive read and seen videos of the wake and it looks incredible.
  6. It has the AHC which is air ride suspension which does an incredible job leveling out. The dealer did mention the trailer brakes are pretty effective. Edit: it is the 233 that has the "crazy low hours" and the lowest price and lowest weight . The SV233 would be around 6400/6500 lbs all in (gas, trailer, boat, gear). So I am leaning that way.
  7. Hello everyone... my first post but Ive been trolling for months. I have decided to make the plunge (both a move and a boat) moving to Lake Community in SC. Want a boat day one of my move in March 1st! I have a very cool dealer that has 3 nice low hours pre-owned boats I am considering pulling the trigger on. A few things to know. 1. We will surf 90% of the time! 2. We will have four adults and four kids most of the time so 22-24 ft. 3. This is the big one, I have a LX570 that has max towing load of 7000lbs. Boat 1 is 2014 Centurion SV233 crazy low hours (ramfill and cats) , Boat 2 2015 Centurion FS44 220 hours ramfill and cats but no surf tabs. 3. Supreme 2020 s238 no ramfil but has the surftabs. 4. 2014 Centurion sv244 200 hours ram/cats. My biggest issue is the FS244 is 5300lbs add gas and trailer and your slightly over 7000lbs. Not sure if anyone has thoughts on that... I live close to the ramp. and the other issue is the SV244 is the lowest price and crazy low hours 100+ your thoughts. I appreciate the input. We really want a bigger boat i.e. the FS44 but I think the towing weight is a real factor... the sv233 is 4600lbs, Supreme is 4700lbs, SV244 is 5000, FS44 is 5400lbs. They also have an amazing looking crazy low hours 2015 Supra SA 450 but its 5600lbs. Any other boat Im overlooking in the sub 5000lbs that can surf ?

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