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    No August or September Pic and Video thread...? Shame on you guys! I just whipped together an edit from my ride last week and wanted to share it with y'all! I know I've been away from here for quite some time, but I still love the Crew! Hope everyone had a great summer!
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    Post up pictures of your finished boat garage!I built my 24ft boat a new detached garage when I built my new home recently. I fully insulated and installed a wall unit so I could heat/cool the space. Its done a great job, only thing I did not realize when I bought it was that the lowest heat setting is 61 degrees and there are times when it would be nice to set it too 50 degrees. But its been very efficient since I was careful to insulate well and use a LOT of spray foam and I cannot complain. Moved in Sept 2018....and FINALLY just got the garage set up like I had been planning, just need to properly organize all my tools and boat stuff now. When I designed the garage, I wanted to be able to maximize the space since the boat is roughly 27ft long on the trailer with the tongue folded and swim platform on (I use it to get into boat) and about 9.5ft wide from fender to fender on width. The garage is 32ft long X 16ft wide with 12x12 garage door (ceiling of garage is 13' tall). Since it has 2x6 walls, inside comes to basically 31ft long X 15ft wide.I wanted to be able to bring the boat home from a day on the lake, and from inside the boat, remove everything if I wanted to without having to climb in/out of the boat. Same for loading up, so I can choose what surf boards, kids toys, etc.....that we want on the lake that day without getting out. I usually remove the seats to make sure the boat dries out and I never get any mildew or wet smell....so I built 3 wood racks on the side for the seat, and 2) 4x8 metal racks that hang down from the ceiling 42". This allows me to reach all the main things for the boat by either standing on the gunnels (I installed decking on gunnels for grip), or standing on the rear walk-thru transom. Then I also added as many metal shelving units at rear that I could (have 3 installed so far) those are for tools, boat supplies, oil change equip and all the other fun stuff....and am putting a "Gladiator" wall system up to hang things like rakes, shovels and other misc. On left wall, I still have 8 of those to install which will finish filling up that wall.I got this all done while boat was at the shop over the last 2 weeks...brought her home last night and backed her in for the first time and am pretty happy with how things turned out, everything fits perfectly, tho just barely in some areas. I planned to epoxy the garage floor in the Spring and think that I will put down something (maybe a colored line in the paint), so when I back in, I know to keep my tire on the line since I only have roughly 6" on each side of wiggle room to keep boat where I want it so I still have access to walk down either side of the boat since there will still be some things on the floor. I need to install some kind of "tire stop" as well so I can keep the depth correct.
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    Last week at the lake, so much fun and the wetsounds cooler bumps for hours on a single charge.
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    What’s up everyone, so it’s been quite a while since I first got my boat and started this old thread but I thought I would just give a little update. Ended up getting the Aviator tower and went a little crazy with the stereo among many many other projects on it haha. I will say that I am very appreciative of this site as there has been a ton of content that I researched and read through that really helped me out along the way!
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    We put together a series of videos on how to best optimize the surf wave on your Centurion boat. The videos are broken down into Wakesurfing 101, 201 and 301. Here are some details on each video: Setting Up Your Wakesurf Wave 101 – This video is for when you are first getting started and goes through the basics of how to create a great surf wave that anyone will be able to jump on and enjoy. Setting Up Your Wakesurf Wave 201 – Once you have the basics down this video will help you take it to the next level. In the 201 video we show you how you can use all of the features on your Centurion boat to customize the surf wave based on the rider size, rider skill level, board they are riding on and more. If you are ready to take your wave from great to amazing this video will help you do that. Setting Up Your Wakesurf Wave 301 – In this video we go the extra step to show you how the professional riders and drivers set their boats up. This gets to a level of customization and intensity that is more than a lot of people want to get into but if you want to see how we set things up for pro riders, check this one out! We hope these videos will be helpful and that you can use them to get the most out of your boat. Happy Surfing!
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    Brought the Fi home today. We did purchase it from Pat and his crew at Northwest Boat Sports in Oregon City. Very attentive hard working team. They are all ready to step up to help their customers. Ian took us for a demo to show how to set it up for wakesurfing awesomeness. Brian was great helping with the details. It has been a pleasure to do business with them. Looks like we might have light wind tomorrow so hopefully will get on the water. Picked up a new Soulcraft with the boat so ready to step up our game. All the best, Hein & Kim
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    We are bringing our Fi25 home on Tuesday. I'll be happy to answer questions as we get to know it. All the best, Hein
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    Been wanting to build some wall racks for my surf boards for about a year, and now that I have a dedicated boat garage I finally got around to making them. Designed it to hold 5 boards. I put together the surf board supports 2 separate nights (top 3 the first night and bottom 2 the second night). It evolved a bit the 2nd night and I am going to revise the top ones to match the bottom sets since it looks a lot cleaner and the racks did not need to be so long. First few I did at 30" long, mostly cause I bough 60" pieces of 1" PVC and just cut them in half, I did the others @ 24" and also did end differently and they turned out a lot better. Pretty simple design, used 2x4 as the base and drilled 3/4" holes into it and used a 45 degree PVC angle fitting on the 1" PVC pipe and then glued/screwed them into 2x4 to hold them in place securely. PVC is then covered in foam pipe insulation and I also put some strips of adhesive foam insulation over the face of the 2x4's to protect the boards since they rest against it due to how I did the angle. I have 13ft ceiling in the boat garage, and placed the wall rack high enough so after I back the boat into garage after surfing, I can just put the boards back into the racks from inside of the boat without having to climb in/out with them. Anyway, figured I would share the pics, I know I like looking at pics when others post DIY stuff, I have gotten a lot of ideas from seeing stuff like that. Just broke out the wet suits, supposed to be in the 20's next week, usually we ride till Thanksgiving just been raining a lot lately in this area making it kindof dreary.
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    My last two fill ups were 5.18 and 5.33 GPH on our fi23 with 409 and 3145 prop. The 5.18 was mostly surfing, 11 hours on the clock and 57 gallons. The second had 2-3 hours of cruising 4-5k rpm the rest surfing and slow speed zup (for my 4 year old) 9 hours on the clock and 48 gallons of fuel. Hours aren't exact but they are close. Im at 5k ft elevation ballast is 75-100% full when surfing + 500 lbs of steel
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    Wakedirt, in my experience, shapers don’t work well on a 226....the wave is really good listed....that being said, I went down the path of a GSA system. It’s pricy, but it’s worth the money......it does require at least 4K in ballast to throw a big wave.
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    Although I didn’t build it, I get to keep my boat in it and can work on it during the winter in Vegas.
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    Originally we added on to the garage to be able to keep the boat at home, only down fall was had to put tower down to put it in the garage but, could stand it back up once in. This last year we finished up the new boat garage with a board walk. This is where she will live unless a hurricane is coming.
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    That’s awesome, glad I could help. Love to see these forums helping fellow boaters.
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    Ride it up. Thank you Belton Brosephers
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    You could probably do all the mods you want to your boat with the money you will spend on sales taxes buying a new boat. I say keep it and make it the best avalanche you can. Why? timeless look. no screens. No problems. additional pumps and setup can be done for not a lot of money. same for stereo. you can add seadek proven hull and layout cost to use ratio seems off. If you used it a lot, newer boat conveniences are nice, but for the number of times you use it, that's a lot of money. I love my 2005 Lightning C4 when I am 225 pounds and have plenty of push on my goofy wave. Spend the time to dial in your wave and you will be thoroughly impressed. You're boat puts out a better wave than mine!
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    One more photo of the rear view camera in use. I'm not sure the image wouldn't be better without the glare film but it's a keeper none-the-less. Driver is totally able to monitor the rider while still looking ahead. You can also see that we don't use cruise control due to the constantly varying magnitude and direction of the current in the Columbia river. GPS based speed control will absolutely not work for us. We ride by the using the tachometer. A smidge over 3600 rpm seems perfect for us. GPS speedometer can be as much as 3mph off depending on whether we are going upstream/downstream or at some angle across the flow. We were seeing 2-3 mph while floating at idle. If anyone else wants to try one then I would be honored to machine some of the brackets I used to install it. They are mounted with 3M VHB tape so should be removable with no damage the dash itself. Below are a couple photos of the bilge alarm install. The float switch is on the ground side of the alarm so just needed one wire going back. The alarm is secured under the dash with VHB and power wire goes forward from there to the positive post where the breakers are. I made an inline fuse holder with two flag style crimp terminals and stuck a 3A ATC fuse in. I ran the switch wire to the rear from the dash via the space behind the panel next to the driver (where throttle is located) until it emerged under the seats in back. Then just ran it along the back of the under seat storage towards the rear and then down into the bilge near the V-drive. Other lead from switch is grounded to the engine. I used the same wire routing for the rear view camera cable. Below. Fuse holder behind dash. Next couple photos. Buzzer is up under here: I like to keep the bilge ventilated with a box fan when the boat is in storage so moisture can dry out. I open up a seat back in front and also the fuel tank sender hatch. Flow-thru air comes out in those locations. The 18x18 furnace filter on top of the fan keeps dust from being blown in. Fan runs 24/7. All the best, Hein
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    Calling all Fi23 owners! With it being such a new boat, how about we get a discussion going to share all mods, tips & tricks related to the Fi23. Here’s some of our fun mods so far to get things started. Cheers!
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    I’ve been out on my 2019 Fi21 twice now. Once surfing and once wakeboarding. Water here is still 50F so we didn’t stay out too long! Surfing we just did everything full (pnp and ramfill), surf tab 70, stinger 40 and 11.8 mph. No lead yet. With 4 in the boat and 1 surfer, this wave was amazing! Not sure I need to carry the lead around all the time. Wakeboarding we went twice, once no weight, once with just ramfill full. This is the nicest, easy to balance side to side wakeboard wake that I have had (and I’ve had a 2017 G23 and a 2018 Xstar). I realy couldn’t believe how not finicky it was to balance side to side. Also very adjustable with the stinger plate from peaky to rampy. Super impressed. Our boat came with the 16x15 prop stock. We are not at elevation (about 1000’), and it performs great. Did not struggle surfing and cruising 25-28mph is a breeze, still below 4000rpm. I cannot be happier with this boat!
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    Finally got the time to sit down and do a more detailed write up. Myself and a friend installed the SV version of these InfinityWave surf tabs on my 2014 Centurion SV244, we installed the tabs one evening and then I ran and finished the wiring a couple nights later on 04/13. Since the weather was crappy that weekend, my first LAKE TEST was on the evening of 04/17/2019. I can honestly say that my expectations were exceeded and after only 2-3mins, I had found the right deployment angle to make an excellent surf wave on the regular side. We only had a couple hours and myself and 2 buddies spent it surfing. I totally forgot to see what goofy wave looked like or get any pics or video without a surfer on the wave. I will do that next time out and post up more information. Initial reaction when getting the InfinityWave tab system….they look and feel very well made, its a beefy system and the finish is very nice. I love the fins on the bottom of the tabs since one thing that concerned me putting tabs on an SV244, is I knew that the factory Quicksurf tabs that were installed on the 2015/2016 models where not up to par and most owners I talked to or heard about preferred to still list the boat for the surf wave since they did not feel like the wave using the tabs had enough push/power. I believe with a deep V boat, the hull wants to direct the water outwards, not back toward the surf wave, so without the fins on the bottom of the tab which help direct the water coming off the bottom of the hull toward the surf wave, you don’t get surf wave that feels like it has power. I have Ramfill on my boat and since its important for the tabs to be up as far as possible under swim platform when retracted, the best position I found puts the actuator bracket mount behind the Ramfill tanks….so rather than run the actuator wire thru the hole in the bracket, I drilled/chamfered a hole for the wire approx. 3.5” toward the center of the boat & 3.5” higher than the bracket position so I could avoid the Ramfill tanks and get access to the wire. Actuator wire is 5/16” diameter, so I drilled a 3/8” hole (starting with smaller bit and running in reverse till well thru gelcoat), after the 3/8” hole was drilled I then got another drill bit slightly larger and ran it in reverse to chamfer the hole so I could avoid spider cracking and remove sharp edges due to wire running thru that (most people will not run into this and can run the wire thru the extra hole in the actuator bracket). Then I ran the wires thru hull and sealed the holes on both inside/outside of the hull. I then ran and zip tied all the electrical up to the bottom of the top deck along the outer perimeter and ran everything up to the drivers helm carefully concealing the wires and securing them with zip ties. For now, I am just fabricating a temp bracket to mount the switches below the steering wheel for easy access. My Ballast setup on this boat: Ramfill = 1,250 each side for total of 2500lbs. PnP bags in each rear locker at 700lbs each for total of 1400lbs. PnP bag under bow seats is 500lbs. Then I also have 500lbs of lead bags, I place 300lbs under the bow filler cushion and the other 200 lbs to the left of drivers feet on the floor against the built-in cooler. I fill the Ramfill tanks to 100% on both sides and then I DRAIN off the non-surf side Ramfill to 80% to give a slight list to boat. So basically 1250 Ramfill on surf side and 1000 Ramfill on non-surf side which gives a total of 4,650lbs of ballast. In video’s I posted links too above were taken on 04/17, total of 3 guys on boat including the surfer. Speed is 11mph and center trim tab is at 40%. PCM ZR409 engine at 800ft elevation and my rpm was at 3,150. Previously I ran the same ballast set up but used Nauticurl suck gate and with all things the same, my rpm was at 3,400, so using these InfinityWave surf tabs brought the rpm’s down for sure. Love that since its easier on the engine and I will save a little gas money to boot. Extremely happy with my purchase and wanted to post my experience since I know others are looking at these tabs and probably have similar initial hesitation like I did since these tabs are fairly new to market. Combine the performance of these tabs which I can now experience behind my boat with the great price and customer service and you have a winner!
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    It's great that you are happy with your tabs. I worked hard on the design with a lot of prototypes.
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    Couple pics surfing the wave yesterday evening....more pics and details to come as soon as I have time to put it all together. Also gonna get pics/video of only the wave next time to show the shape/form. If you are on the fence about getting these surf tabs from InfinityWave @Shaka, its a no brainer at the price they are selling them for. Results could not be better in my opinion and I have high expectations when it comes to anything on my boat! Honestly, I was nervous about this initially since I knew the factory QS tabs where not too great on the 2015/2016 SV models. The shape of these tabs along with the fins under them to "direct" the water coming off bottom of the boat toward the wave to give you maximm push....works perfect and it seems that the lack of fins properly directing the water flow toward the surf wave was the flaw in the factory tabs. A deep-V hull is directing the water out, not at the wave and my best guess is that was why the factory tabs did not deliver results that owners were expecting and why many of the SV owners with the factory tabs list boat instead of using the tabs. These InfinityWave surf tabs certainly addressed tho issues.
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    Took delivery of our ZS232 a couple weeks ago.
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    These are the 3 final after pictures of how the new 19mm Stainless buttons look. 1st 2 pics I had the navigation lights on so the button would all light up (otherwise only the ignition button stays lite when its clicked to the "ON" position to provide power to the boat. This ignition button is the one that I have had trouble with in past with it always working. Starting late 2017, the ignition button would occasionally decide to randomly not work after I had been on lake for a while. I would shut down and then when ready to go, it would not work. Then typically about 15-20mins later, it would start working again for not apparent reason. Annoying since it would leave me stranded. I got it replaced under warranty and it worked good all last year (tho when on water I rarely turned it off), when surfer's where switching out, I would just hit "engine stop" to shut down the boat but leave ignition button active.....then when ready to go, just hit the "engine start" button. What made me decide to replace was the first time I went to start the boat this Spring, the ignition button did not want to work for about 5 mins (panic mode since ready to leave for the lake and all packed up with people waiting, lol). Luckily it ended up working, but was tired of dealing with this issue.
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    Don’t forget the loud mic..... who doesn’t love that when the lake lice come to close to your rider.
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    Yes, the knob alone is $40, but you need three 2-chnl RCA cables to make it work. If these end up being long runs, quality RCAs are not cheap. if you use the Roswell 5m 6-chnl RCA, you are creeping into the $100 range. The other down side is, you are taking a single pre-amp head unit output, and cutting it in half through the switch out to each amp. Depending on the system amp goals, this can reduce output or result in high gain levels at the amps. Adding a line driver absolutely addresses this, but add another $100. At this point, you are now getting close to the price range of a WS-420SQ. Now you get master volume and a dual 4-band EQ PLUS sub level volume.
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    So i bought the avalanche.. Lots of research now for getting it set up a bit better :-)
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    I recently purchased a 4" seat riser from WakeBallast.com. Customer Service was impressive and delivery was very fast! (Just an FYI....they have a 15% discount code for Centurion guys, the code is "centurion-crew"). Listed price on the website is $269 with free shipping (then deduct the 15% discount). Obviously I am not affiliated with them, just impressed with everything about this seat riser and think this is gonna make an already enjoyable experience even better. I like to be aware at all times on the lake cause so many people out there that are not paying attention and have almost been run into several times over the years, so I always use my bolster so that I am looking over the windshield. Its not bad, but sitting on the bolster is not as comfortable as using the actual seat and I also thot this would make my wife happier. Considering she is willing to drive for me when we go out so I get to surf, making her happy and keeping her comfortable is a priority! Not only does the 4" seat riser raise the drivers seat to the perfect level for me without using the bolster...but a nice side perk I discovered today after installing it, is if I want to stand while driving, I can raise the bolster and while standing, comfortably lean back against the seat/bolster without the seat hitting me in the back of the knees and making it uncomfortable to stand for a while. I am attaching pics below of parts of my install as well as the finished product. The website says these 4" seat risers work for all the RI/FI models as well as 2013-2015 SV233/SV244 models with the Springfield Seat Mounts (My boat is a 2014 SV244 and has the Springfield seat mount). They also said on the FB page that this riser will fit the Supreme 238....but verify that as the website has a typo. Added bonus, this seat riser doubles as a strongbox. The front panel is keyed so you can put valuables in there and lock them up. FYI...these sell out FAST! They just got new stock in 5 days ago and have already sold 13. The website shows that there is only 1 left right now but if it shows them out of stock, Shane said to call them since sometimes they have them in stock and the website does not show it correctly. 2 things I personally did at the install. The 1st, I needed to do to complete the install....and the other was just my OCD kicking in. *I don't know if the hole pattern is slightly different on my boat compared to the new RI/FI boats, or if they are all slightly different due to these boats being handmade, but the 4 hole pre-drilled pattern at the bottom of the seat riser was a little bit off compared to the factory bolt holes, off roughly an 1/8th inch front to back....and then side to side. I just drilled the existing 4 holes at bottom of seat riser to a slightly larger diameter of 1/2" each (they came pre-driled at roughly 3/8" dia). Took me 15mins and once bolted down to the factory base, the riser was perfectly stable with zero movement. I also added a very thin piece of rubber backing between the top of the actual Seat platform that is part of the boat and the bottom of the seat riser where bolts go in.....and also at the top of the seat riser and the bottom of the metal seat base that is part of the Springfield seat mount. Not necessary, but figured it keeps the metal on the seat riser from rubbing directly on either one of them and keep it looking perfect that much longer, also figured that rubber helps to hold it down tight without any squeaks or rubs down the road. (To clarify, I added 2 - 3" wide strips at bottom/top of the seat riser). *I Included 1 picture showing the added strips of rubber, its the 6th picture attached below and you can see the grey colored strips adhered to the bottom of the metal seat base laying on the floor of boat (7th picture is close up showing the slight spacing that the padding adds between the top of the seat base and the bottom of the metal seat base). The rubber padding is only about 1/16" thick, adhesive on 1 side and a rubber "grid" pattern on the other. (Its actually sold to put on the floor of house in areas where you have a small rug and don't want it too move, sticks to the floor and the rubber helps to keep the rug in place). Something I had laying around and thot it would be useful for this install. Attaching link below as well as the pictures I took today as I installed this. https://www.wakeballast.com/centurion-boat-for-ri-and-fi-model-4-inches-seat-glove-box-riser-lift-free-shipping/
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    Water resistant connectors for the speakers and the hinge point at the tower. Rough placement of the speakers before I modified the brackets for the speakers to face aft over point to the side some.
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    The problem with above statement is that only informed/educated buyers think like you/us (the 1%'ers). Most people are sheep and like BoardCo said, if the "perceived discount" is way higher on a Malibu....the majority of people are not smart enough to realize that Centurion is a better boat, nor will they do the research. In their heads, the vast majority of people will think that Malibu MUST be a better boat for no other reason that its priced higher and because of the "big discount", the dealer must think they are special and they would be stupid not to get the "best boat on the market for such a great price", there is already that perception since Malibu sells the most boats due to the corporate spin and marketing gimmicks they started years ago (clearly it worked). Believe me, the banks know exactly what is going on, they are the ones who started most of these games, they HAVE to lend money to stay in business. You are not "convincing" them to do anything, they just want you to fall within the parameters that they set in place and if you do so then its all good. If it didn't work for the banks, they would change it. All they want is for their numbers to look good on their filings to their investors. Believe me, I know exactly what you are saying and where you are coming from and in many ways at the core, agree with how you feel. Just not the way the real world works anymore cause there are not enough honorable/informed people to keep an honorable business, in business. So if Centurion does not "play the game", they could easily go under for that reason alone.
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    I use sewlong covers I liked the quality and fit of my boat cover they did and customer service is amazing. When I get my new board racks and contacted them they didn’t hesitate to make me covers. He gave me a few different options and I chose to send them a rack for a perfect tight fit. (They didn’t have a template for my racks) As he was working on them I asked for a swim deck cover and he already had the patern for it. Total turn around time from shipping my racks to getting everything back was only a week and a half! Big shout-out to sewlong there awesome!
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    We are the largest Centurion dealership in the world and haven't had a single customer of ours hydrolock a boat. I have heard it is possible to hydrolock one if you are just running stock ballast, but I imagine we would have seen it if that were the case. Every hydrolock issue I have heard of is from guys running additional weight AND having people sitting at the transom which sinks it even deeper in the water. If you aren't running additional lead you shouldn't have a problem, though I wouldn't let the boat sit for a couple hours fully ballasted. If you are running lead it's simple - just dump Ramfill or PNP at the rear before going swimming and you will be fine. Welcome to the only downside to a boat that can pack 5,000+ lbs of ballast.
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    Have this boat. Ripped out the hard tanks and replaced with sacks. If you surf goofy do the Asymmetrical wakeplate mod. The SV230 is the original surf boat and still hangs with the new boats.
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    Moved into my new home about a month ago and built a detached garage for my baby so she now has her own home. Most exciting part....I no longer have to fold the tower! Stays much cleaner now too being fully enclosed since before the front and back has ghetto tarps to keep out the rain, but did not keep out dust, etc. 32ft long X 16ft wide detached (also made entire roof truss system into a 12ft wide X 32ft long storage area). 14ft high ceilings with 12x12 garage door and at last minute, I decided to insulate, finish with drywall/paint....and installed a wall unit that has Heat & A/C. Got this picture yesterday when I came back from surfing. Bought a new Ram 1500 about 2 weeks ago too with 3.92 gears, 5.7 Hemi and the tow package, rated for 11,340lbs towing and 1840 payload (total 17,000 GVWR....so realistically 9k is the most you can "legally tow". Handles my SV244 with easy and is much better feeling than the Chevy I have been using for the last 2 years. Even tho the tow ratings are similar on both trucks, the Ram is more powerful and just handles better and brakes are WAY better when backing down a steeper ramp.
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    I guess I can add some pictures to this thread.
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    Little shout out to my slalom skiers.
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    I really can't believe all this stuff people go through and it makes me want to open a dealership or just a boat shop as well. I don't own a real new boat like some of you guys and I realize there may be some proprietary electronics up in the dash but honestly I doubt it. When I bought my wife a new Benz a bunch of years ago (different car now) everyone I know was saying "what are you going to do for service?" my answer for that and for everything really is, they hold it together with nuts and bolts and I have wrenches. Boats are really more of the same. A big hunk of fiberglass, a Ford or Chevy motor with a marine cam and marine gaskets, electrical, and controls....they are all the same. If you can work on one you can work on all, at least that's been my experience. I have Harley's, Vespa's Honda's Yamaha's, Suzuki's, Internationals, Dodges, Chevy's, Ford's...and a Centurion ranging from 2018 to 1930, They are all same, nuts and bolts. When I have access to google I'm the smartest guy in the world and havn't taken anything to a repair shop ever in my entire life. I'm not lipping on the guys who take their stuff to the shop. I get it, working on things myself is my curse. I AM lipping on these shops. I understand if you have a boat shop and someone brings you a washing machine that's not your cup of tea even though if you call yourself a mechanic you should be able to fix the dryer, but when a guy brings you a boat....man if I owned a boat shop I would fix it. I'd be trying to get you in on my program...I'd probably try to couple it with a storage facility that I would try to own. Get you in there at the end of the season to winterize and do maintenance, either hand it back or store it for you, then activate it for you in the spring. Deal with any issues that arise and keep you on the water turn key and maintenance free...just write the check and I'll keep you tip top. I'd have a nice Universal trailer for hauling any type of boat from the Marina to my facility/storage nice clean truck with the logo...and fat insurance in case something goes wrong. Customer service is dead In answer to the original question...If I wanted the Centurion I would get it, but it really depends on what kind of guy you are. Infinity answered the question well.
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    I think there’s more to this story than we are getting. There’s always 2 sides to a story.
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    Let's open a dealership. Doc, Reese, Nate? What kind of backing do we need?
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    IMO, this is a good way to post something like this, calmly and without potentially burning bridges with a bunch of ranting. All brands have issues like this occasionally and since I frequent the forums and keep up on things, from what I have seen Centurion is certainly not the worst BUT there are always things like this that can happen with hand built boat since you have the human error factor. Seems like you are one of the unlucky ones that got a few things that should not have happened. I wont put names out there, but 1 of the "top brands" who sells the most boats, seems to have stuff come up pretty frequently. I will say that in my experience, Fineline has been very easy to work with on all warranty issues and always stepped up to the plate. I am sure you are talking to them about your options and hope they handle it properly. As far as your question...there is no doubt that stuff like that would cause doubt for anyone. Seems you got the 1 out of 1000 boat. The chances of it happening on next boat are pretty slim, but it CAN happen and can happen no matter what brand you choose. I have had great experiences with mine, hard to say what I would feel if I had been thru what you had, I would like to think that I would be open to another Centurion since its not something that happens often (as far as I know) and this is a "one off". Hopefully they will be taking these issues into consideration when making a deal on a new boat and making you a deal that takes all things into account. Good luck with a resolution
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    Im out on cedar creek in my Fi23 most weekends. have not seen you on your Ri. Wonder where you are surfing at? I've put 100 hours on it since March and have had an issue with Freedom service but they have made it right and Jayson is great. I'd say if you are putting those kind of hours on the boat you are not doing too bad. Buxton and the long cove guys are anything but perfect and you are going to be paying a premium on that boat for what they say will be premium service but you'll just have to see how that plays out over time. If you like the centurion brand i wouldnt be leaving. Dallas has got to be one of their fastest growing markets if not the fastest growing market, and would have the potential to be the biggest market for them id imagine. No chance Freedom does not get their act together on the service side. Too much money on the table to be lost if they do not. Centurions are putting the best waves out right now and that isnt looking like its changing here anytime soon. Boating can be frustrating at times and nobody wants their 100k plus toys to be sitting still when finding the time to use them can be so difficult as is. Hope it works out for you and hope you are talking this through with Jayson. I've found him to be super helpful when Freedom's service let me down.
  42. 2 points
    Love it! I honestly love everything about the boat. We first road the boat with 250 pounds of lead in each rear locker under the pnps. The wave was good with that: really tall, but kind of short, which it probably should have then. Then we went back to the slip and also added 200 pounds in the side lockers, going from the rear pnp bags and forward. (This was all of the lead I had onhand.). The wave with this is just about spot on. The wave is still super tall, but much, much longer, and as clean as can be. The biggest difference in this wave and the Malibu wave is the firmness. My wife was able to get baby airs on the M235, but she, just after two days on the Centurion, is getting about 1-1.5 feet in the air on her frontside airs! In addition, I can literally ride this wave way back at the curl, with plenty of push. I am going to order some more lead just to see what else can be done to this wave, but I don't think 26 bags are needed. I am thinking like 50 more in each side locker, maybe 100 lbs under the driver's seat and passengers seat, and 200 pounds under the rear transom bag. If it's too much, I can always take it out. My wife and I generally ride with just the two of us on the boat, so I want all the weight I can have. This is honestly the first boat I have ever bought that I am completely happy with. Really, the other boat manufacturers aren't even close! I guess if I could say there was one thing I missed from the other boats I've owned, it's the dang hinges on the lockers. That's it!
  43. 2 points
    Just got this today, perfect timing for our week long lake trip!
  44. 2 points
    Hmmm, maybe I was just unlucky and received a defective part then. I can now say with certainty that the issue was in fact the idle air valve. I installed the new OEM Mercruiser part last night, and it completely resolved the idle issue. Boat runs great now! As a note for anyone else that goes to change their air idle valve, removing the air intake plenum (black cover with the scorpion logo on it) requires you to remove 2 nuts that are hidden beneath towards the rear of the engine. I had figured just the 6 torx bolts on top would do it, and it took me a while to find the other two nuts. They are a pain to get at!
  45. 2 points
    Thanks for passing on the boat...I love it!
  46. 2 points
    Bought the Fi23 after demo yesterday. I’m speechless. The boat is simple to operate, stunning to look at and a smooth operator in every way. Gone are the days of taking 1/2 day to dial in a wave and 10 minutes to get the Bimini top up. I can’t say enough about this boat. Thanks for all the advice.
  47. 2 points
    Of course I can’t leave well enough alone and found another boat that’s closer to me and almost half the price. This one is a 2006 avy c4 with the storm 3 package and 430 hours that the guy is asking $24,000 for. Hoping to go check it out sometime this week. From the pictures I’ve seen the interior looks to be in great shape for a 13 year old boat and appears to be pretty well taken care of. Although I’d like the Enzo I’m not sure I can pass this one up. With trailer the thing is booking out at over 32k. If I were to get this one the first thing I’d do is remove the hard tanks and upgrade to bags that will give me the maximum amount of ballast that’s hidden.
  48. 2 points
    Had the carpet before and this is so much nicer and easier to clean. We did have to get permission from Centurion to use the logo but that was just an easy phone call. We got it through Gator Step direct.
  49. 2 points
    So not so quick update. Moved all my lead to the back and filled rear lockers and quickfills on both sides. All together 1860# on each side. Synergytogo walked me through his set up and I realized his 233 with the cab forward design does carry bigger bags in the middle seats. At this point I am not filling my pro bags just running all my weight in the rear. He also checked his tab deployment angles for me and it appears that his were running significantly less than mine. My full deployment was anywhere between 11 and 12 degrees his seem closer to 6 and 10 degrees between surf and skim modes. He had his system installed by Ryan. So I told Ryan I was going to move the lower mounting bracket out away from the boat to the next set of holes towards the end of the tab. Pulled the boat out of the water because it was almost impossible to do the work in the water with the boat on the lift. It became apparent that I could get the angle I was looking for in full deployment, but when the tabs retracted they contacted the swim platform pretty firmly. I couldn’t find another hole setting to attach the actuator that would give me what I wanted. I decided to try the system despite the retracted tabs contacting the swim platform. When I put the boat back in the water to try it out I blew the fuse on the controller. Didn’t have time to work on the system so I spent the weekend surfing with the suck gate using my set up from last summer. Ryan spent a bunch of time with me today walking me through what he wanted me to do. I pulled the boat again and retracted both tabs to within a quarter inch of the swim platform. I then used the unscrewed lower mounting bracket per his recommendations to trace an outline where new holes will be drilled into the tab. When the lower mounting bracket was screwed back in this gave me a deployment angle of about 3 1/2° on the starboard side and 2 1/2° on the port side. Took her for a test drive tonight with really good results. Regular wave was long with nice shape and good push even at the rear. I would rate it better than my typical suckgate wave. The goofy wave was an absolute monster. On the regular side I had to run my speed a little slower like around 10.6 mph. We only had one rider on the goofy side and had to speed up to about 11.4 to lengthen it out. Will play around with this but overall really stoked with these results. Definitely a journey but looking forward to taking her out over the next few days. Can’t say enough about Ryan’s help today, too! I’ll try and get some pictures up the next few days. Oh yeah, I have yet to change my prop. Still running the 1847. Tonight the engine seem to be working at a little less RPMs than it had before. I still may look at another prop but will play around with the settings a bit before I do so. Shout out to synergytogo also for all his help! It's so awesome to have the support of this community online. It is greatly appreciated
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    Timr71- I have to say, your boat is absolutely gorgeous. Great colors, beautifully restored, also made the same year I was born! Also, I've been following Austin's build for a while now. Great boat as well.

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