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  1. Thanks for all the advice! I currently have a deep cycle and a cranking battery with a dual battery switch so I think I will start with my current battery setup and add another battery if needed down the road.
  2. This exactly what I was thinking of doing, thanks for the suggestions. I have two 12V batteries in my boat wired in parallel, with a second amp is there a need two expand the battery bank with an additional deep cycle battery?
  3. Thanks for the advice! I finally had a chance to get back out to the boat today and did some experiments. Here is what I have found. The 2 tower speakers play off of AMP 1 and are wired two the two channels of amp 1. The interior speakers are wired to AMP 2 in bridged mode AND the head unit. I verified this by disconnecting amp 1 and both tower speakers stopped playing, however playing with the gain on AMP 2 I was definitely controlling the interior speaker. Next I disconnected AMP 2 and both the tower speaker and the interior speakers played however the interior speakers were much more quite. Is this a normal configuration to have for a sound system? I also spent a bunch of time playing with the gain and bass boost settings on the amp but was unable to really make it much loader when all the speakers were on and connected. Thoughts?
  4. I purchased a used Enzo SV240 at the beginning of last summer and couldn't be more happy with the wake I was able to achieve after upgrading many of the ballasts. The sound system on the boat is next up to be upgraded, currently the tower speakers can barely be heard when wakesurfing. After some inspection to the system I believe the issue is due to under sized amplifier for the number of speakers on board. Currently the boat has a Kicker MX350.4 channel amplifier which can put out 60 watts RMS x 4 or 175 watts RMS x 2. This amplifier is rigged such that the tower speakers (Skylon 8" pair https://www.the-house.com/wbskrub325utsp8zz-skylon-tower-sepakers.html) are operating in bridged mode while the in boat speakers (6 Skylon 6" in boat speaker) are powered together in the four channel mode. I would like to get a better sound experience in my boat and I am thinking upgrading the amp is the perfect place to start. My question is should I simply try to find an amp big enough to power all these speakers or should I add an additional amp to power the tower speakers and then use this one to only power the onboard speakers. Thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks for the help guys, I ended up purchasing the 2010 240 and couldn't be more happy. Already had it out for the Fourth of July and love everything about it.
  6. As the title says I have the option to purchase one of the two boats, both have similar hours but the 2010 is 8k cheaper. My priorities are 1) wakesurfing 2) wakeboarding. Is there anything in the 2012 model that the 2010 wouldn't have? From my research it seems like they would have very similar wake.

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