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  1. If you want cheap entertainment, take a lawn chair to a boat ramp
  2. Boat Upgrade

    p5Cent; I'm just curious is something steering you away from the RI, I am leaning to the RI but having a hard time finding a used one?
  3. Boat Upgrade

    Thanks Troy; All the info from your boat search experience is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for your time and input.
  4. Boat Upgrade

    Thanks for your info. Its so confusing with all the choices a lot to take in and consider. The hull design change in 2018 apperantely increased fuel economy by 50% improved the wakeboard wave and maybe downgraded the surf wave a tiny bit.
  5. I'm sure this is going to have lots of opinions . It is time to upgrade from my 2005 Avalanche. I am leaning to a newer RI237. Centurion did a hull design change/upgrade? in 2018 so not sure if I should be looking for a 2018 or newer or if a 2016/2017 would be fine? Not sure if I should be concentrating on the RI or look for other models as well, all we do now is surf , the body can't handle wakeboarding anymore . Any and all input will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. This might be a little obvious but the hoses will only go back on the correct spots cause they are different sizes.
  7. That should work. You could avoid theshut off valves and just put a 1 way check valve in the vent line between your T from the bilge pump and whatever tank is being vented, So it is a straight shot from your bilge pump to the thru hull. The fewer fitting and valves you have the better in my opinion.
  8. The starter issue could be caused by trying to crank with liquid(water or fuel) in one or more cylinders. Liquid doesn't compress and with any luck instead of bending a rod or valve the starter is taking the brunt of it. I'd be checking heads for cracks or head gasket. You should't have any liquid in your cylinder. Start with a compression test and go from there. Hopefully it is something easy. Good Luck
  9. Its probably shorted out . Not sure exactly where it is on your boat. On mine you lift the carpet and unscrew the panel and the fuel tank is right under the panel. The sending unit for the guage I think is on top of the tank. Make sure you disconnect your batteries first so there is no chance of spark. Don't just turn off your night switch actually disconnect them totally.
  10. The main things I would do are: engine oil oil filter fuel filter fuel separator check/change impellor check serp belt grease rudder shaft & prop shaft if required wash/wax boat go have fun There is lots more you can do depending on how far you want to go
  11. Thanks for the info. I guess I lucked out and it was upgraded before I got it, unless it was a option when it was new.
  12. I doubt its the rotor or cap, that will make it knock but not quit. Mine used to do the same thing when I first got it and I cleaned the throttle body with throttle body cleaner and its never done it since. Remove your air cleaner/spark arrestor and spray and wipe in there. If that doesn't cure it its probably your IAC valve
  13. Just doing my pre season maintenance to my 05 avy and one of the things I wanted to do is grease my prop shaft and after standing on my head and looking with a mirror and flashlight there are no grease fittings on the brass coupler but there is a rubber hose that is connected to it and then runs up to the riser on the exhaust manifold. Is this how it is lubricated??
  14. If you have any really deep ones and your worried about sanding thru the gel coat before you remove the scratch get the colour matched gel coat filler from Spectrum, fill the scratch then sand it all and it will be gone. I did that on mine and it is black.
  15. Last year I wet sanded my hole boat, I had some really deep scratches that were near the transom. I sanded them out with 220 grit then 400/600/800/1000/1200/1500/2000 then compound then finess it then wax. Its actually amazing how far you can go.

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