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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I have the boat home now so I can investigate further. It would sure be nice if they were a little more specific for each model of engine instead of generic and let you figure it out. My old avalanche I used to just run antifreeze thru the whole system and that was it but this one is a little more complicated. I have a hose connection on the transom, I presume that is a engine flush , I guess I could run antifreeze through there then drain and I would have everything covered. Thanks again for the info.
  2. Have a new 2021 FI23 with 450hp closed cooling system. Can,t find a lot of info on winterizing this model. If anyone has any links or info it would be muchly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. What happens when you try to drain them?. But if the computor thinks they are full, maybe try to trick it by draining an empty bag then fill. I know it sounds stupid but obviously its something simple. I have a FI23 but luckily everything has worked so far.
  4. Is it all your PNP sacs
  5. 2006 Avalanche C4

    Good Job, congrats. I hope it all works out
  6. I am a little surprised that a 06 would have a knock sensor. Its very possible that I am wrong ( I have been before ). I know my 05 didn't.
  7. I realize this topic is pretty old but I have been trying to renew my membership and am having the same problem
  8. 2005 Avy Surf Wake help

    I did fill mine if I didn't have a lot of people. I found with the port sac full and 4 - 5 people your port rail is pretty much under water so be careful, The centre tank and full of fuel you are about 600lbs.
  9. 2005 Avy Surf Wake help

    That is the exact boat I used to have 05 Avy Storm Series. All I used was a 1100lb sac in the rear port locker and we had a great wave , a little short but tons of push. If you add bow weigh it lengthened the wave but lost push. We also had a wake shaper, but never used it. For our goofy friends that I couldn't convert to surf on the " proper side" I had two 400lb sacs that we put in the walk thru.That boat has one of the best waves going in my opinion . Good Luck
  10. Boat Upgrade

    Well I bit the bullet and went new. Got a 2021 FI23. Just love it so far. Quite the upgrade from a 2005 Avy, but that boat never missed a beat and never let us down once. Going to miss it but it went a young family that is going to have a lot of fun with it. Trying to change my profile and FI aren't on the list, lots of models I never heard of but no Fi23.
  11. I started with 400 and worked my way up to 2000. Then polished with 3m finess it and buffed with Star brite marine polish.
  12. Still looking for a new one though
  13. I have a 05 Avy, that I have wet sanded and re buffed the entire boat and it came back like new, I also replaced the upholstery which wasn't that bad but I did it anyway. It is basically now a new boat but with old technology.
  14. If you want cheap entertainment, take a lawn chair to a boat ramp

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