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Found 2 results

  1. I wanted to get some opinions and possibly experience of others concerning my past year with an Ri257 (purchased June 2017 new from dealer). In general, I've really liked the layout and design of the boat. It wasn't hard to see, after only a short time, that the fit & finish wasn't quite up there with a couple other 'top brands'. However, in general, like the look, layout, driveability, wave, and other obvious traits of the Ri257. That said, this has been my experience. I'll just list the issues I've had here and keep it short and not offer my opinion at this point. It would really be great to hear what others on here would think and do at this point and what your experiences have been with YOUR Ri 237/257.. - Stereo - System not properly designed to handle the speaker output (too many speakers / ohm load issues). System would cut out until dealer paid for stereo shop to redesign amp connections - Pully wheel failure on serpentine belt-- belt came off while on the water. (Eventually heard it was a "common issue with pully bearings"). - Wouldn't start intermittently-- this eventually caused us to be stranded on the lake a far distance from marina. After months of troubleshooting (and me as the trial & error), found that main umbilical not crimped properly causing "arc'ing" and inability to start engine. [This one caused nearly an entire summer with low-confidence to go on the water and $ spent for nothing] - Sensor beeping constantly for (5+) boating sessions; dealer unable to figure it out-- even after replacing the sensor itself... -- Turned out to be exhaust temperature sensor alerting us for a reason! Exhaust manifold missing bolts from the factory. One year later, exhaust manifold came apart enough to burn through the manifold gasket and shutting the engine down (stranded on the lake again). And...The Last / Current Situation (August 2018)... - After spending another couple grand on AirBnB, fuel, food, and time off of work, after a few hours on the lake after repairing exhaust manifold gasket, started smelling strong fuel smell which only got stronger until it was obvious the entire bilge was filled with fuel. Long story short, fuel tank brackets had NO bolts in them from the factory(?) so the fuel tank (all 92 gallons of weight) slid back-- eventually making contact with the top of the drive shaft which drilled a hole through the tank = fuel pouring into the bottom of the boat. We made it back to the dock with the boat sputtering (most likely due to loss of fuel line pressure). We didn't realize how lucky we were. I'm sure the chances would be slim, but we were traveling on a bomb for 20 minutes or more to get to the dock. These have been the main issues (of course, coupled with several quality issues such as screws sticking-out, wires not properly tucked and in their proper channels along the trim, etc. The question I'm asking is, does anyone have an opinion on whether this would taint or skew your opinion and confidence in another Centurion boat? Has anyone else had these quality issues or is this just a "Friday Afternoon Build"? (I'll leave the result of my situation with the dealer out of this discussion for now in order to create an open response from others. Although, I will say that I feel I have been extremely patient, kind, and understanding throughout the entire adventure -- which I'm not sure I should have?) Thanks in advance for any (respectful / pragmatic) responses..
  2. some of you have read my post of the trouble ive been having with my new sv233. we will recap bfore i ask my questions. 1 month late due to ramfill recall ramfill has not worked yet. taking it back today for the third time. paint defect. pAINT is coming off in 5 spots. they said they would compound wax it, but that doesnt sound like a good plan. 343 does not cut it. it will barely pull you out of water with boat loaded with people. those are the major issues radio volume spontaniously goes up until it overloads and shuts off paid for all sound system upgrades and it sounds like crap for the money i spent. i did not know that you loose 2 cabin speakers by going with ramfill. you really need those speakers. all i can hear is the tower speakers. glove box will not stay closed. have adjusted twice. upgraded board racks will not hold wakeboards. they fall out. something wrong with bimini. i think dealer asssembled it wrong, but he says he didnt. loose, crooked, andwont stay expanded. it flaps in the wind. boat was shipped without t handles for e shut offs. shipped without motor compartment lug to secure it. it rattles fiercely shipped without one of the dive platform bolts. first time i used it i thought the boat was falling apart it shook so bad. guys, im trying real hard not to get angry over all this,but it is had. i know what i want, but dont know if im justified in asking. i paid over 80k for a boat that has serious problems. my confidence is low that this will be fixed. i think this will be reacuriing problems. ive got a 5 year warranty, but i dont want to take it to the dealer every 2 weeks and not enjoy my investment. ive got 50 hr on boat and have only enjoyed 6 of them. thats a lot of wasted fuel and time. what do you think? i want my boat replaced with one without ramfill with a quality paint job and a bigger motor. my dealer has been very good but im ready to take this to the next step. he doesnt know that i want it repleced yet. he just keeps telling me he will take care of the problems. ???????

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