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Found 10 results

  1. Launched for the summer and the factory preset "surf left" is no longer in the riders profiles. I'm trying to manually re-enter it but can't find the all the details online and of course I only remember that is different from "surf right." Anyone with a 2020 Ri257 care to look at their dash tell me what they see? Any help is very appreciated!
  2. I wanted to get some opinions and possibly experience of others concerning my past year with an Ri257 (purchased June 2017 new from dealer). In general, I've really liked the layout and design of the boat. It wasn't hard to see, after only a short time, that the fit & finish wasn't quite up there with a couple other 'top brands'. However, in general, like the look, layout, driveability, wave, and other obvious traits of the Ri257. That said, this has been my experience. I'll just list the issues I've had here and keep it short and not offer my opinion at this point. It would really be great to hear what others on here would think and do at this point and what your experiences have been with YOUR Ri 237/257.. - Stereo - System not properly designed to handle the speaker output (too many speakers / ohm load issues). System would cut out until dealer paid for stereo shop to redesign amp connections - Pully wheel failure on serpentine belt-- belt came off while on the water. (Eventually heard it was a "common issue with pully bearings"). - Wouldn't start intermittently-- this eventually caused us to be stranded on the lake a far distance from marina. After months of troubleshooting (and me as the trial & error), found that main umbilical not crimped properly causing "arc'ing" and inability to start engine. [This one caused nearly an entire summer with low-confidence to go on the water and $ spent for nothing] - Sensor beeping constantly for (5+) boating sessions; dealer unable to figure it out-- even after replacing the sensor itself... -- Turned out to be exhaust temperature sensor alerting us for a reason! Exhaust manifold missing bolts from the factory. One year later, exhaust manifold came apart enough to burn through the manifold gasket and shutting the engine down (stranded on the lake again). And...The Last / Current Situation (August 2018)... - After spending another couple grand on AirBnB, fuel, food, and time off of work, after a few hours on the lake after repairing exhaust manifold gasket, started smelling strong fuel smell which only got stronger until it was obvious the entire bilge was filled with fuel. Long story short, fuel tank brackets had NO bolts in them from the factory(?) so the fuel tank (all 92 gallons of weight) slid back-- eventually making contact with the top of the drive shaft which drilled a hole through the tank = fuel pouring into the bottom of the boat. We made it back to the dock with the boat sputtering (most likely due to loss of fuel line pressure). We didn't realize how lucky we were. I'm sure the chances would be slim, but we were traveling on a bomb for 20 minutes or more to get to the dock. These have been the main issues (of course, coupled with several quality issues such as screws sticking-out, wires not properly tucked and in their proper channels along the trim, etc. The question I'm asking is, does anyone have an opinion on whether this would taint or skew your opinion and confidence in another Centurion boat? Has anyone else had these quality issues or is this just a "Friday Afternoon Build"? (I'll leave the result of my situation with the dealer out of this discussion for now in order to create an open response from others. Although, I will say that I feel I have been extremely patient, kind, and understanding throughout the entire adventure -- which I'm not sure I should have?) Thanks in advance for any (respectful / pragmatic) responses..
  3. Hey guys, new here. I have a 2017 RI257 and having an issue with the radio. Everything on the stereo will show it is playing a song on Bluetooth or connected via aux cord but nothing will play until the engine is on. I can turn the engine off with music playing but will only play for 30 seconds until and the sound will quit but the song will continue to go on the stereo and my phone. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Hello Everyone! I just purchased a 2019 Ri257... picking up next week. I'm looking at boat lifts, and am not sure on sizing... looking for advice. I'm deciding between the Floe VSD-8000 and VSD-10000. The dry weight of the boat is 6150 lbs. I called the maufacturer and they stated that includes everything dry (including tower) except the oil/gas. I'm not sure if ballast bags/stereo equipment, etc is included. This seems to me, final weight might be pushing 7500-8000 lbs with everything, and Floe says to size with 85% capacity on the lift. There's some options on the 8000 lb lift like AC winch and full length bunks (and maybe canopy extensions for 34' canopy?) that I do'n't believe are available on the 10k lift. Dealer says I could get away with a 8000 lb lift. There's > $10,000 difference between the 8 and 10k lb lift. I want it to be reliable enough though, and not have to worry about it. Recommendations from all of you on whether to get a 8000 or 10000 lb lift, (if 8000, whether to get full-length bunks or cradle bunks) and experience with weights of the Ri257? Thanks,
  5. Hey crew, anyone got their 2018 ri257 wave dialed in? If so share your settings please. Asking for a friend, thank you
  6. So has anybody made it out surfing yet this winter, these pics were took 20 days ago my buddy and I went out on February 7, i invited everybody I knew but he was the one crazy enough to go, the air temp is 50° the water temp is 47, we had a great time the only problem is the following week the weather dropped again then I had to re-winterize my whole boat so I wouldn’t have to be have any concerns about freeze up but it was worth it.
  7. We got a chance to take out a Centurion Ri257, Nautique G23 and Malibu 24MXZ so we decided to hook a diagnostic computer up to them and see how they compare when it comes to fuel consumption. Does the Opti-V hull live up to the hype? http://www.mmwatersports.com/boat-performance/centurion-vs-malibu-vs-nautique-wakesurf-fuel-economy/
  8. Part 2 of our video series comparing a Centurion Ri25, Nautique G23 and Malibu 24MXZ - this time we hit on fuel economy for wakeboarding, 0-23mph speed when loaded and the difference between a Centurion Ri257 w/ a H6 and a Nautique G23 w/ XR7 when it comes to power. Hope you fellas enjoy! http://www.mmwatersports.com/boat-performance/centurion-vs-malibu-vs-nautique-power-and-performance/
  9. Could you guys please share your RPM's you guys are running at surf speeds, boat, year, model, ballast. Trying to get a feel of what is good. Currently on my 2015 FS44, listed, PnP rear full, PNP front 70%, RAM 100%x20%, surf 11mph up river and 12 down, I'll run 3300 to 3800 depending on how many peeps even weighted with mission delta WS, rear PnP full, front PNP 70%, both RAM 40% to 65% depending on peeps, RPM's 4100 to 4300.. on both boat will stuggle to keep speed after 8 to 9 peeps. What you are guys at, and what's your thoughts on mine. This may not matter much soon since looking at getting a 2018 Fi or Ri ? this year but I'd like to know what normal is.
  10. Please share your surf settings with 3-4 people on board with UPDATED ballast bags. Water depth should be at least 20ft and stock prop. Just note if you have a modified prop or something else modified

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