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  1. Still in the market? I have an 06 avy c4 possibly for sale. 5025458132
  2. I have an 06 avy C4. I have factory tanks full, and a 750# in each locker, with a device stuck on the opposite side of the wave. Works like a charm, my speed is 10.7. Last weekend the device ripped off, so we improvised, emptied all water out of hard tank, put everyone on one side (large crew) for a good list (rub rail wet), and sped up to 11.2. still worked well, I just don't like listing that much.
  3. I have an 06 Avalance on it's original boatmate trailer with disk brakes that are surge. I'm wanting to convert them to electric over hydraulic and possible using levelers and sway bar like a camper. Anyone have a clue where to start?
  4. Kentucky

    I live in Frankfort. Boats stored in Lex. You’re welcome to crawl. 06 avalanche c4.
  5. I have an 06 avy looking to upgrade. Give me a text 502-545-8132
  6. I'm not near you as I'm in KY but I have an 06 avy C4. I use a wake shaper, two factory hard tanks and two bags on top, with that it makes a great wake for surfing, not incredibly tall because I don't slam it as much as sum, but plenty of push and I love it. Wakeboarding wake is a lot more finicky and I do factory hard tanks only and have to position people just right to get even waves but they have a lot of pop and good length. Mine has black scorpion motor which performs flawlessly. Great boat overall. I'll even sell you mine if the price is right, as I'm looking to get a newer Fi myself. 502-545-8132.
  7. Thanks everyone for the responses. Looks like I'll be doing the adulting thing and paying off debt.
  8. Oh I would for sure keep my truck. But I'd have the Car also. Let's not make this a brand war but what's your reasoning with your decision on car or no car?
  9. I'll ask an off topic question because I get great advice and information from you all. I tow my boat with a F-250 diesel. It's currently my only vehicle and has 98K mileage and growing. Average 17mpg. My work commute is 70 miles round trip and on top of that I drive all over God's green earth and drive on average 30,000 a year. I'm considering a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid that gets 28MPG for $7500. I recently got a heck of a check from the VA for back pay they should've been paying me all along for when I was in school and that would pay the majority of the car, and with some cash out of my account, I'd have the car paid off when it rolled off the lot. My question. Is this sensible? Or should I put all that money into debt and/or savings (I know there will be someone say blow it on the boat.... )? The way I calculate is as follows 20K miles (I still will drive the truck) Truck @ $2.49 a gallon - $2929 Car @ $2.19 a gallon - $1152 This means a yearly savings of $1,777 . I know i'll have minimal maintenance and insurance. But is this worth it? I'll probably trade the truck in a few years anyway (I don't keep cars very long).
  10. Thanks! This is what I was expecting ~ 6800-7000 pounds total with tongue weight.
  11. Is that counting tongue weight? Or was the trailer by itself on the scale?
  12. Is that on the trailer? How did you weigh it?
  13. Towing Avalanche with F-150

    Great point. I hate not having that control. That is a hefty purchase, but it's a small drop for peace of mind and control.
  14. Towing Avalanche with F-150

    What was the biggest plus you saw out it more than peace of mind?
  15. Towing Avalanche with F-150

    You've peaked my interest. Do you have a link/info on setting that up? I really dislike not being able to control the gain.

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