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  1. May....picture thread

    Awesome boat man. We looked at that when she was still for sale there. She's in great shape and will throw a mean wave for years to come. Let us know if you're ever out on Lake Gaston again!
  2. March Video - Picture Thread!

    A little cold here at LKG. Air temp was 68 so I had to at least get out there for a quick set. Weatherman is calling for 80 this weekend so we will probably be out there again.
  3. February pic/video thread

    Nice! Definitely jealous that you are out there already. We may be down at the lake this weekend, but I'm not sure if we will de-winterize just yet. Still getting pretty cold at night in North Carolina.
  4. Hey guys, I am currently in the process of throwing some Rev 8's on our sv233. The tower is prewired and there are four wires per each hole, two black (one with white text, one without), and then two colored wires. I imagine one set is for the speakers and the other is for tower lights. Does anyone know which is which? Also, I image the longer wires labeled PORT 95, PORT 97, STBD 95 and STBD 97 are the ends that I hook up to the amplifier, but is there a way to know which set is for the inner speakers and which one are for the outside? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. It's priced well for what it is, a little high being off season. Although, you get what you pay for and you would be extremely happy with it. Definitely a surf machine.
  6. Our new 2013 Sv233

    After the first weekend with her, all I have to say is, this thing is AWESOME. Drives like a dream and the wave is amazing. My favorite configuration was 100% Quickfill both sides, 100% plug and play both sides, and 100% pro on both sides along with approx. 70% in the bow, A-plate at 30-35%. Mission delta on the side at 10.6mph.
  7. Sold our Avalanche a lot faster that we thought and picked up a 2013 Sv233 for a great deal. Perfect inside and out and surf ready with quickfill, plug and play, pro ballast, and the bow bag. Asymmetrical wake plate on the rear. Below are a few pictures we took today, but we will be messing around with different ballast configurations this weekend along with a Mission Delta. Pics to follow!
  8. Elite c4 surf and value?

    DrNate threw some good information your way. They can put out a great wave and will be good overall for wakeboarding and even skiing. My advice is to ask if the hours are low just due to low use, or because the block has been replaced and these are the hours on the new motor just to know what you are getting yourself into (not that a replacement motor is a bad thing). Also, that price range will get you into a gently used Avalanche, which is a little bigger and I can tell you from personal experience owning two that they will throw great waves, wakeboard wakes, and are solid boats all around. However, that is a great clean slate and will make for a great first boat!
  9. Got to demo a 257! (video)

    Nicely done! Next time you're at Lake Gaston let me know and we can get up and surf!
  10. 06 Avalanche C4 storm

    We installed a Perfect Pass on our last 06 Avalanche (which we just sold Monday) and it was an easy job. All of the instructions are very detailed and theres even a few DIY videos I found after some googling. I think you can handle it!
  11. Our family has owned two avalanches in our lifetime. We love the boats. We replaced the two stock rear tanks with Fly High V-drive sacs that weigh 450lbs each, and they are on the switches. I fill both of these along with the stock center tank and use a mission delta for the shape. Pic below along with my dads big tush on the rear for further reference. Wakeboarding wise this throws a mean wake. I grew up riding behind an avalanche with Adam Fields on Lake Gaston, and trusted the wake ever since. Because of the prop rotation, the port side can wash out when evenly weighted. You can either "massage" the tracking fins on the bottom of the boat (I personally would not) or you can add some lead on the port side to take care of this. I also plumbed two 350lbs tube sacs in the bow that fill off the center tank once that is filled and use these when we wakeboard. Ours has the Scorpion 330 and has plenty of power with all the weight. I don't have any pictures of the wakeboard wake isolated, but I have a few shots of me behind our boat. You will not be disappointed! Also included a pic of our current boat.
  12. Hey Crew, Looking into buying an '07 Enzo 240. It has the 6.2 Black Scorpion Engine with 350 hours on it. Evolution tower, four tower speakers (skylon), switchblade, perfect pass, stock ballast. Exterior and interior are in good shape, no major tears or dings. Comes with bimini, full cover, and trailer as well. What's a good price to pick up this boat for?
  13. That's an awesome pick up! Beautiful boat and like many have said, you have a perfect blank canvas to do whatever you'd like with it! I'll throw another option out there for your consideration. Greatlakesskipper.com always has OEM parts including towers that you could put on your radar. Post pictures during the process, I'd love to see the final product!
  14. Boat Value

    She's gorgeous. Definitely an excellent price for the boat considering the pictures. Sideswipe exhaust too is a nice addition as well! Kick those stock tanks to the curb and plumb in some new fat sacs and you'll have a killer wave in no time.
  15. That looks about right!

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