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  1. How did you go about ordering your swim platform cover? Definitely something I'd like to get for our boat as well.
  2. I absolutely love reading these threads. There are great arguments for both sides and either one makes for a compelling argument. I'm a huge advocate for the refinishing of the boat you currently own. Remove those stock tanks, plumb in some 1100lb sacs in the v drive lockers, grab a suck gate, and make an appointment for the dentist because your jaw will drop. Seeing an old beauty throw a nasty curl in my opinion is a force to be reckoned with with all the new boats out there. That being said, who doesn't like new? Flashy, new tech, easy wave set up. They are incredible machines and make setting up a great wave a breeze. Plus they look amazing in the water. However with your situation (riding 10 times a year) I'd keep what you have, throw on some upgrades, and watch how far that gets you. Lots of awesome people on this site have solid DIY projects on their boats and their results speak for themselves. But at the end of the day, it's your cash so you do what ever makes you happy my friend! Just threw some pictures of our old 06 avys wave for giggles. Viva la shred.
  3. Typhoon vs Enzo 240

    I know exactly which boats you are referring to. Thats the same Enzo we went and looked at. Did you check it out in person? Just curious. It does have the Evolution tower which is a bonus and the bigger 6.2L engine. You can always add racks too easily. The Typhoon does have the older Skylon tower, but it is still nice and if you add 1100lbs v-drive sacs it will throw a great wave. I don't think you can go wrong with either boat, it just comes down to what you're looking for in an upgrade. Both with surf significantly better than the older X-star hull. Let me know if you ever want to link up at LKG as well and surf! I'll be down there this weekend if you want to get behind our SV233.
  4. Typhoon vs Enzo 240

    Where are you located? Just curious as I've seen some 07 enzos and typhoons for sale in the area and am curious if you're nearby. Both boats have great capabilities to be awesome surf boats. Size wise they are extremely comparable and the waves are solid. I think what it comes down to is certain other factors like sideswipe, tower, condition of interior, etc. We looked at an '07 240 and I was impressed with the boat as a whole and would have gone with that over a Typhoon being that we came from an Avalanche and wanted to mix it up a bit. Give some more details on the boats! Hours, pictures, interior shape and everyone can give you some more detailed remarks.
  5. July pic video thread

    A goofy edit my buddy put together after we threw our FAE on two weeks ago. Highly recommend the upgrade!
  6. We were able to install our FAE on our 2013 SV233 the other weekend. Install was a breeze and the results were incredible. Cut down on the noise and exhaust fumes/steam/CO was remarkably less. Buddy of mine made a goofy edit right after we threw it on there and theres an older video before the FAE for comparison.
  7. Buying first surf/board boat

    If that's a real deal and its in good shape, that is fantastic. We just sold our 2006 C4 Avy for about what your book value estimate is, and it is worth every penny. We ran 750 fat sacs along with the stock center tank with a Mission Delta shaper and the wave was awesome. You can fit the 1100lbs bags in each locker, but when they are filled all the way you won't be able to fit vests or other storage in there comfortably (you may be able to but in my experience it was too tight of a fit). Then again, you can throw those in there and only fill them up a certain amount and it will work fine! Add a few extra people or some lead and it gets even better. That has the pro flight tower with the higher bimini too which is a great. I see side swipe exhaust which can be loud, but you can blow the exhaust to the other side if you like it OR there are ways to get rid of it all together. Fresh Air Exhaust makes a kit to eliminate it and convert to FAE, which is awesome. Great entry level surf boat into the sport!
  8. Wake Shaper

    A number of factors could play into your current situation. The board you are riding could be the culprit. The board that is fitting for your lightweight daughter will more than likely not be the most suitable board for an adult. Wake shapers are great in my opinion! I'm a fan of them and there are a ton on the market. I've used a Mission Delta on an Avalanche, a SV233, and even a older nautique 210 with good outcomes. Different boats put out different waves and the "push" of the wave will differ, but with the right equipment, every boat is surfable. I also can argue that the shape is more important than the size, but thats a discussion for another day. If you just have the stock ballast hard tanks, replace them with larger fat sacs. Add more weight, grab the right board for your size, and I can almost guarantee you will be throwing rope in no time. Also, welcome to the site and congrats on owning a Centurion!
  9. 2016 SV244 pricing

    That is a lot of boat for the money. The SV244 is a mean wake throwing machine and that being brand new as a '16 is hard to come by being that we are almost halfway through 2018. We have the 343 in our 2013 SV233 and fully loaded down with people it does a fine job, but the 409 would be a nicer option if you do plan on heavily loading the boat and taking out large crews often. Being that this is your first tow boat purchase, I will echo with what InfinitySurf said; DEMO. See what you like, see what you don't like. There may be options on that boat you may not necessarily utilize/need for what you want out of the boat. There are a ton of other great boats on the market that will throw a great wave for a little less, but again it depends on what you want your boat to be capable of doing. You get what you pay for of course, and that boat will give you years of smiles and shakas thrown behind it!
  10. We are actually about to order one of these as well for our 13 SV233. Keep us in the loop how it goes! I'll update if we end up ordering one too of course.
  11. May....picture thread

    Awesome boat man. We looked at that when she was still for sale there. She's in great shape and will throw a mean wave for years to come. Let us know if you're ever out on Lake Gaston again!
  12. March Video - Picture Thread!

    A little cold here at LKG. Air temp was 68 so I had to at least get out there for a quick set. Weatherman is calling for 80 this weekend so we will probably be out there again.
  13. February pic/video thread

    Nice! Definitely jealous that you are out there already. We may be down at the lake this weekend, but I'm not sure if we will de-winterize just yet. Still getting pretty cold at night in North Carolina.
  14. Hey guys, I am currently in the process of throwing some Rev 8's on our sv233. The tower is prewired and there are four wires per each hole, two black (one with white text, one without), and then two colored wires. I imagine one set is for the speakers and the other is for tower lights. Does anyone know which is which? Also, I image the longer wires labeled PORT 95, PORT 97, STBD 95 and STBD 97 are the ends that I hook up to the amplifier, but is there a way to know which set is for the inner speakers and which one are for the outside? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. It's priced well for what it is, a little high being off season. Although, you get what you pay for and you would be extremely happy with it. Definitely a surf machine.

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