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  1. Well we got the ACME 2571 14x12 installed and now putting 91 octane in. It seems to be helping. Hopefully get some pics sometime. Thanks for the help. Ill be keeping the 2079 in mind for future ref.
  2. I was told that the G23 has the same motor and I know they load them down pretty heavy too, i just curious to why this one wont get where I want it too. I'd think the 450 would have plenty of power.
  3. So I have a 2015 FS44. I am having issues with the boat getting up to the speed set in Perfect Pass which is 11.1 but wont get past like 10 ish. I'm thinking it might be the prop (ACME 1847) since I bought the boat in Lake Havasu and live in Colorado, so about 4000-6000ft of elevation difference of where well be riding. We have been using stock RAMFILL ballast with bow and just added the PNP. It has the PCM 450. Itll run great without ballast and with ballast itll get out of the water till it hits 10mph (3300rpm). Did the custom prop deal on ACME's website and came up with the 2571 or 3039 so we ordered the 2571. Better whole shot but still wont get to speed. Wondering if it could be something with the GPS, software, or throttle. Any ideas, questions or anything to figure this out???
  4. I'm new here so hopefully I dont completely mess up this thread. I have pretty close to the same setup on my 2015 FS44 but I'm having issues getting it to the requested speed of 11, it wont go past 10-10.4ish. I live in Colorado, just put the ACME 2571 prop on it and it has the PCM450 motor. Any direction would be awesome.

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