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  1. How do i order something from the store? I wanna order a prop but when i click on the photo it says error. Thanks in advance.
  2. Im sure this question has been beaten over and over again but im in the market for a new prop. 04 avalanche. 1600lb custom port ballast and 400lb center ballast. We will add another 500lb bag depending of we have riders along or not. Full throttle and pp set to 11mph i cant reach speed or it takes forever and my pp gauge keeps flashing more throttle but i dont have more to give! So im looking to swap my stock prop out before i destroy the engine. And no engine is not weak. Boat has 118 hrs on it. So ive been told the acme 911 is the prop to use. Is this best for surfing and occasionally pulling a tube around at 20 mph? Thanks in advance guys.
  3. So i ended up getting the skylon 8 pin harness. Does anyone have a tower thats factory wired? Id love to see pics of locations like the plug through the hull and how the wire was routed.
  4. I Checked the tower over again and no wires what so ever. Im adding 4- 6.5" tower speakers and yes they will be driven by a 4 channel amp. Amp will be mounted on the cubby under the observers seat. Probably make a false panel under the heater blower next to the batteries. Just concerned about routing them thru since theres some joints on top of the tower where they obviously wont go through. That why i was hoping someone would have some pics of factory wiring to help out.
  5. Ive had my eye on this for a bit. http://m.ebay.com/itm/SKYLON-8-PIN-TOWER-WIRE-HARNESS-KIT-MARINE-BOAT-/231362484672?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE
  6. Im going through this issue on my 04 avy. The fill pumps were in the transom next to the stock center ballast pumps. I added 2 tsunami 1200's there for fill. The wires were already back there and taped off. Iirc it was brown w/blue stripe and black w/blue stripe for port and brown w/white stripe and black w/white stripe for starboard. Thick tush wires! I ran new drain pump wires since both of my drain pumps were under port seat. Under the switch cluster you will see a group of wires with tags on them. The 2 fat black wire get attached together to complete the ground. One fat brown wire is 12v lead from fuse panel. This goes to center pin on switch. The other fat brown wire to bottom pin. Top pin is for drain pump power. On the other side of the switch is a ground and 2 blue wires. This is for illumination.
  7. Im told by skylon that i have a wiring harness existing in my tower on my 04 avy. I have yet to see evidence of this. So let see some pics or ideas of how you guys did tower speaker installations! I wanna make this as clean as possible and would like some kind of disconnect at the hull for tower removal, which i need to do every winter for storage. Im getting ready to install 4 - 6.5" cans on the tower and could use some ideas.
  8. vinyl cleaner

    Thanks. Yeah that basically what happened to us. Was rain as we put it into the garage.
  9. vinyl cleaner

    Thanks for the info. Is 303 protectant best to use? I want something that keeps the vinyl soft but helps repell stains. So far, ive had good luck with it.
  10. No mine has the walk thru transom. I wanted a C4 but couldnt find one within 300 miles all year. Ended up buying mine last september out of holland michigan. Got a hell of a deal. 04 avy with only 98 hrs on it for 23,5k. Interior was 9 out of 10 just cause i saw a few little spots of mildew. Hull was 7 out of 10 just cause they removed the oem decals and put custom ones on. Some of the fade marks from the old decals can be seen yet. Im going to have that fixed this fall. Im ok with the walk thru. Everyone that goes out with us is regular footed except one guy and he can ride switch. It saves my rear locker and sundeck from people walking on it.
  11. Found the mushroom strainers. Their made by attwood to fit the tsunami t1200 pumps. And i was going to drill by the v drive but decided to try and keep a factory appearence as much as i can. So im going thru the transom right next to where my stock center ballast pump is. Im even going as far as to order the factory oem rocker switches for the rear ballast also. Ive found with boats if you dont spare expenses and do everything correctly, it doesnt hurt resale value. We are all pricks when it comes to buying a boat! I know i was when i got mine. Talked down from 25k to 23,5k just from nit picking.
  12. vinyl cleaner

    Thanks guys. Ill give the starbrite a try. Im using 303 aerospace protectant directly after everythings dry. Ive heard that stuff is the best for vinyl conditioner. And yes i do try to let it get as much air as possible when we have dry days. I noticed some very small spotting when we purchased the boat last fall. Then after putting it in storage there must have been moisture in there yet.
  13. So over fall and winter we had some spots of mold and mildew on the vinyl. Gave our avy a good cleaning yesterday with simple green cleaner. It worked pretty good but some of the mold stains didnt come out of the white vinyl. Anybody have any reccomendations? Picked up this stuff recommended by local boat guys called armada mighty brite but doesnt work very well. And i'm going be very picky on what goes on my vinyl. Its an 04 avy with 101 hours and in vinyl is soft and perfect condition minus these few spots. Ive been told stay away from bleach and harsh chemicals.
  14. So i ordered a custom bag from flyhigh to fit the rear locker and inder the seat of my 04 avy. Im gonna be using dual tsunami 1200's for fill and dual 1200's for drain. Im looking at putting the fill pumps in my transom next to where the factory center ballast pump is. Does anyone know if they make a 1-1/8 mushroom strainer? Id like to just run the pump inlets through the transom and add a mushroom strainer on the outside like the factory one. Otherwise any other suggestions? Thanks in advance guys. Can wait to start surfing again but water is still cold as hell here in wisconsin so ive got a few weeks to get this ballast install done.
  15. I have an 03 avalanche in Sheboygan, but ill be heading up to Crivitz with it this evening to store it. Stay away from that elite v that skipper buds in Madison has. Its in rough shape and they want too much for it in the condition its in. I saw a 02 avalanche post on craigslist in the rice lake area. Dont know if it sold yet but looked like a nice boat. We were gonna go look at it but i found a way better deal in Michigan. We upgraded from a moomba mobius to a avalanche and couldnt be happier!

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