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  1. Hard Water Spots

    Hot Sauce by Boat Bling. Use it every time you get out of the water. Won’t see a spot any place.
  2. Another s238 surf set-up question

    Do you guys still need help?
  3. Service Required

    If you look in your manual it should show three reason the warning would come on? When mine came on it had nothing to do with the oil change timer. It was low on oil. I have a 2016 238. The alarm should only come on for three reasons for mine. Coolant temp is too high or exhaust manifold water temp sensors or low oil pressue.
  4. Fi21 or Supra SR

    If you are close to Canada. Extreme Boat Sports has a smoking deal on a 2017 RI 217. Has only a few hours on it
  5. So I don’t move the lead at all. I trailer the boat about 300 miles every weekend. I go back and forth to shasta lake literally every weekend in the summer. I just watch the air pressure on the tires ALWAYS! If I had to move it. I wouldn’t bother with it. I do have a diesel so tow capacity isn’t an issue. But my buddy pulled my boat before with a hemi dodge and we had no issues there.
  6. What "mfenton" said is 100% accurate. When I bought my 238 I was super bummed and pissed honestly, because it wasn't ready to surf right out of the gate. My dealer worked with me and gave me some lead and I received a lot of tips from people on this forum. I had the extra ballast bags that went under the side seats, but I got rid of them because I like as much storage as possible. I put some lead under each side seat instead and have all the storage room available. My experience has been a slight list on the regular side and a pretty significant list on the goofy side. Its not an out of hand list, but defiantly a lot more than the regular side. This is only my second surf style boat, my last was an Axis, but I think my wave is pretty impressive. Everyone that rides my boat also says it is the best they have every used. However, I don't have super rich friends, so none of us have rode a new Centurion.... yet :-)
  7. Yes what he said...... however, my panels came with supports from the factory This is how I have my lead..... I have about 240 pounds in the center of the boat. 200 in each locker. 200 under each side seat.
  8. Even more lead for starters. I run the bigger bags and 1040 pounds of lead. You shouldn’t need too much surf tab. Just enough to clean up the wave.
  9. I would never use acetone to touch any of boat. Use car or boat wax. Takes a little more effort. Normally take two or three coats. But it will take the goo off and then you have a nice cleaned and waxed area.
  10. I am not knocking anyone. But it’s funny we worry about saving money on camera to put on our 70k and higher boats. But we will drop a grand on a surfboard. Etc. Once again, not knocking anyone cuz I am a cheap skate on certain things and way over spend on others. Lol
  11. S238 tow vehicles

    Here’s my two cents. All the new 1500s or 150s can pull these big boats. They have the power. I personally have a diesel and it pulls my boat like it’s not even there. Doesn’t down shift and rev out on hills. I take my boat back and forth to Shasta every weekend, which is a little over 2 hours each way. I can go there and back and still have diesel for the rest of my week. My friend has a new 1500. Pulled my boat fine. But he went through almost a full tank of gas just getting to the lake. I have a 238 with 1000 pounds of lead in it. I don’t use my air bags or anything and my truck is bone stock. My thoughts are if you have a big boy boat. Get a big boy truck :-)
  12. 2016 RI 237 vs 2017 RI 237

    Alright. That’s good to know. Thank you Sir :-)
  13. 2016 RI 237 vs 2017 RI 237

    So overall interior and what not is the same? so is the wave pretty similar?
  14. I don’t know how serious I really am about a new boat, but...... I currently have a 2016 Supreme S238, which I am very happy with. I have seen some decent deals on 2016 RI 237s and of course there are the closeout 2017s. Is there much a difference between the two years?
  15. 18 Ri 237 VS 17 Ri 237

    Not to steal your thread..... what is the difference between a 2016 RI 237 and 2017 RI 237?

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