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  1. When carrying around all that weight do you leave it all in the boat when you trailer it? Or do you have to move it back and forth between the truck and boat? That’s one of the reason I wanted to go with the larger bags is not really wanting to have that much weight always in the boat especially if I have to constantly move It back and forth. Not saying I won’t do it just not really wanting to. Not to mention I’m pulling it with a Ford Raptor rhatvalready has a reduced towing capacity due to suspension
  2. When you added the bigger bags did you have to modify the plumbing to connect them? im thinking of adding an additional 100-200lbs per side of lead too
  3. I just recently as in last week traded in my ‘17 Axis A22 for a ‘18 S238 and have loved every bit of it and feel it is a far better setup. However I’m having a hard time dialing the wave in. It looks great but has no push and I can’t stay in it. So any thoughts on settings would be greatly appreciated. I’m also looking at upgrading my rear plug and play to the Fly high 1100# fat sacks. I was wondering for those of you who have done it, can they just connect to where the existing pnp are or are there modifications to the plumbing necessary? My current set up was - stock tanks with PnP at 100% 150# lead in each locker quick surf @80% trim tab at 30

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